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Megan Viscardi (née Dennison) was a fictional character in the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, portrayed by actress Ashley Jones from 1997 to 2000, returning briefly on July 18 and August 8, 2001.


Megan, the youngest daughter of Keith Dennison (Granville Van Dussen) and the younger sister of Tricia McNeil (Sabryn Genet), was a college student before getting an apprenticeship at the Genoa Citymarker Chronicle. Megan had been dating Alec Moretti (Andre Khabbazi) for a while, but he wanted their relationship to be more serious than Megan did, so she broke it off with him. Megan then met the older mechanic Tony Viscardi (Nick Scotti) at Crimson Lights Coffee House and was instantly attracted to him. Tony, who had just broken up with manipulative Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis), thought Megan was a breath of fresh air. Megan's uptight father and sister, Keith and Tricia, both disapproved of Tony, believing him to be unworthy of Megan. A defiant Megan told them that she didn't care what they thought of Tony and moved in with him.

When Tony (now played by Jay Bontatibus) and Megan were arrested for (unbeknown to them) driving a stolen car, Tony begged the District Attorney, Glenn Richards (Brendan Burns), to get Megan off. He did, and eventually Grace posted Tony's bail and Tony moved back in with her. Tony soon admitted his feelings to Megan and they got back together. At Keith's request before he left town, Tricia vowed to break Tony and Megan up. She teamed up with Grace to try to make that happen, but that didn't work. Tricia then began to pretend to accept Tony. Everyone except Megan saw through the charade. The tension between Tricia and Tony finally erupted on New Years Eve, when during a physical fight between the two of them, Tricia stopped and violently kissed him.

As Tricia became increasingly psychotic, Tony resolved to marry Megan quickly. A small group of the couple's friends congregated with the Justice of the Peace for the wedding, with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and Nina Webster (Tricia Cast) standing up for Tony and Megan and Sharon's daughter Cassie (Camryn Grimes) as the flower girl. Megan arrived, but was horrified when Tony didn't show up; Tony had been run down on his motorcycle by Tricia, as she blindly backed out of the Dennison driveway in a desperate rush to stop the wedding.

Tony was rushed to hospital, and married Megan moments before he died. Megan, furious with Tricia for killing her husband, left town.

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