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 is a manga about Megumi Yokota, a Japanese girl who was abducted when she was 13 years old by North Koreanmarker spies in 1977. The manga concept was conceived by her mother and father and was penned by Souichi Moto under their supervision.


The manga follows Megumi's final days in her home town before her abduction.


As of 2008 the Government of Japan announced an Anime adaption will be created from the manga. The series is dubbed in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, Russian. In addition there are Japanese dubbed versions with subtitles in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The Government authorized a free downloadable version from online, as well as a DVD release. The anime consists of nine episodes at 30 minutes each.


All Japanese casts were asked by Kōichi Yamadera for participation through the Japan Actors Union (Nippairen). Yamadera said, "The abduction is an act of disregarding human rights, not accepted. We, Japanese people should emphasize our anger."

Character Voice Actor
Japanese English Chinese Korean
Megumi Yokota Minami Takayama Soness Stevens Li Liang Jin Dal-rae
Shigeru Yokota Kōichi Yamadera Walter Roberts Qi Zhongling Park Kyong-wan
Sakie Yokota Rika Fukami Sally Koshinaka Piao Zhenlin Lee Mi-sung
Takuya Yokota (boy) Megumi Tano Stacy Powell Li Xiangning Kim Eui-jung
Takuya Yokota (adult) Bin Shimada David Shufle Wang Wanzhou Cheon Kui-uk
Colleague Shin-ichiro Miki David Shufle Chang Yuxing Chang Sung-hee
Nurse Yumiko Akaike Stacy Powell
Clerk Masahito Kawanago David Shufle
Administration official Aruno Tahara David Shufle
Tsubo Junko Shimakata Stacy Powell
Narrator Michio Hazama Walter Roberts

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