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1st Dáil (1918)
2nd Dáil (1921)
3rd Dáil (1922)

This is a list of the 105 Irish MPs who were elected at the 1918 United Kingdom general election. Sinn Féin emerged as the largest party, but refused to attend the British House of Commonsmarker in Westminstermarker. Instead the Sinn Féin MPs (soon to be known as Teachtaí Dála) vowed to establish their own parliament known as Dáil Éireann, which met for the first time on 21 January 1919 in Mansion Housemarker in Dublinmarker. The other Irish MPs from the Irish Parliamentary Party and the Irish Unionist Party refused to attend. The majority of Sinn Féin's MPs were imprisoned at the time so only 27 elected representatives attended the initial meeting of the First Dáil. The First Dáil lasted 892 days.

Election result (Ireland only)

Party Seats
Sinn Féin 73
Irish Unionist 22
Irish Parliamentary 6
Labour Unionist 3
Independent Unionist 1

Members by constituency

The list is given in alphabetical order by constituency of the MPs who agreed to be members of the First Dáil.

Denotes members who attended the opening session of the First Dáil on 21 January 1919.

Other MPs

The list is given in alphabetical order by constituency of the MPs who refused to be members of the First Dáil.

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  1. Sinn Féin won 73 constituencies but 4 MPs were elected for 2 constituencies, so there were 69 persons elected for Sinn Féin in total.

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