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The first inscriptions on the UNESCOmarker Memory of the World Register were made on 1997. By creating a compendium of the world’s documentary heritage—manuscripts, oral traditions, audio-visual materials, library and archive holdings—the program aims to tap on its networks of experts to exchange information and raise resources for the preservation, digitization, and dissemination of documentary materials. To date, 193 documentary heritages have been included in the Register, among them recordings of folk music, ancient languages and phonetics, aged remnants of religious and secular manuscripts, collective lifetime works of renowned giants of literature, science and music, copies of landmark motion pictures and short films, and accounts documenting changes in the world’s political, economic and social stage. Of these, 42 properties were nominated by countries from the region of Asia and the Pacific.

List by country/territory

Cambodia’s Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum contains photographs of over 5,000 prisoners, as well as "confessions", many extracted under torture, and other biographical records.
The Holy Koran Mushaf of Othman manuscript, held by the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, is the earliest existent written version of the Koran.
Country/Territory Documentary heritage Year
Custodian(s), Location(s) Reference
Australia The Endeavour Journal of James Cook 2001 National Library of Australiamarker, Canberramarker
Australia The Mabo Case Manuscripts 2001 National Library of Australia, Canberra
Australia The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906) 2007 National Film and Sound Archivemarker, Canberra
Australia The Convict Records of Australia 2007 Various locations
Australia Manifesto of the Queensland Labour Party to the people of Queensland 2009 State Library of Queenslandmarker, Brisbanemarker
Cambodiamarker Tuol Sleng Genocide Museummarker Archives 2009 Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom Penhmarker
Chinamarker Traditional Music Sound Archives 1997 Chinese Academy of Arts, Beijing
China Records of the Qingmarker's Grand Secretariat - 'Infiltration of Western Culture in China' 1999 Palace Museummarker, Beijing
China Ancient Naxi Dongba Literature Manuscripts 2003 Lijiang Prefecture Dongba Research Institute, Dayan
China Golden Lists of the Qing Dynasty Imperial Examination 2005 State Archives, Beijing
China Qing Dynasty Yangshi Lei Archives 2007 Various locations
Indiamarker The I.A.S. Tamil Medical Manuscript Collection 1997 Institute of Asian Studies, Tamil Nadumarker
India Saiva Manuscript in Pondicherrymarker 2005 French Institute of Pondicherrymarker, Pondicherry
India Rigveda 2007 Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Punemarker
Iranmarker “Bayasanghori Shâhnâmeh” (Prince Bayasanghor’s Book of the Kings) 2007 Golestan Palacemarker, Tehranmarker
Iran The Deed For Endowment: Rab’ I-Rashidi (Rab I-Rashidi Endowment) 13th Century manuscript 2007 Tabriz Central Library, Tabrizmarker
Iran Administrative Documents of Astan-e Quds Razavi in the Safavid Era 2009 Astan-e Quds Razavi Library, Mashhadmarker
Kazakhstanmarker Collection of manuscripts of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi 2003 National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstanmarker, Almatymarker
Kazakhstan Audiovisual documents of the International antinuclear movement “Nevada-Semipalatinsk 2005 State Archive & State Archive of Film, Almaty
Malaysiamarker Correspondence of the late Sultan of Kedah (1882-1943) 2001 National Archives of Malaysia, Alor Setarmarker
Malaysia Hikayat Hang Tuah 2001 National Library of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpurmarker

Malaysia Sejarah Melayu 2001 Institute of Language and Literature, Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia Batu Bersurat, Terengganumarker (Inscribed Stone of Terengganu) 2009 Terengganu State Museum, Kuala Terengganumarker
New Zealandmarker Treaty of Waitangi 1997 National Archives, Wellingtonmarker
New Zealand The 1893 Women's Suffrage Petition 1997 National Archives, Wellington
Pakistanmarker Jinnah Papers (Quaid-I-Azam) 1999 National Archives, Islamabadmarker
Philippinesmarker Philippine Paleographs (Hanunoo, Buid, Tagbanua and Pala'wan) 1999 National Museum, Manilamarker
Philippines Radio Broadcast of the Philippine People Power Revolution 2003 Radio Veritas Asia, Quezon Citymarker; Raja Broadcasting Network, Makati Citymarker; Personal Archives of Mr. Orly Punzalan, Dasmariñasmarker
Philippines José Maceda Collection 2007 U.P. Center for Ethnomusicology, Quezon City
Republic of Koreamarker The Hunmin Chongum Manuscript 1997 Gansong Art Museummarker, Seoulmarker
Republic of Korea The Annals of the Choson Dynasty 1997 Cheongoksan Sagobon, Seoul
Republic of Korea Seungjeongwon ilgi, the Diaries of the Royal Secretariat 2001 Kyujanggak Librarymarker and Seoul National Universitymarker, Seoul
Republic of Korea Baegun hwasang chorok buljo jikji simche yojeol (vol. II)), the second volume of "Anthology of Great Buddhist Priests’ Zen Teachings" 2001 National Library of France, Paris
Republic of Korea Printing woodblocks of the Tripitaka Koreanamarker and miscellaneous Buddhist scriptures 2007 Haeinsa Monasterymarker, Gyeongsangnam-domarker
Republic of Korea Uigwe: The Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynastymarker 2007 Seoul National University, Seoul
Republic of Korea Donguibogam: Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine 2009 National Library of Korea, Seoul; Academy of Korean Studies, Gyeonggi-domarker
Tajikistanmarker The manuscript of Ubayd Zakoni's Kulliyat and Hafez Sherozi's Gazalliyt (XIV century) 2003 Institute of the Written Heritage of the Academy of Sciences, Dushanbemarker
Thailandmarker The King Ram Khamhaeng Inscription 2003 National Museum, Bangkokmarker
Thailand Archival Documents of King Chulalongkorn's Transformation of Siam (1868-1910) 2009 National Library of Thailand, Bangkok; National Archives of Thailand, Bangkok
Uzbekistanmarker Holy Koran Mushaf of Othman 1997 The Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, Tashkentmarker
Uzbekistan The Collection of the Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies 1997 Academy of Sciences, Tashkent
Vietnammarker Woodblocks of Nguyen Dynastymarker 2009 State Records and Archives Department of Vietnam, Hanoimarker


A. Names and spellings provided are based on the official list released by the Memory of the World Programme.


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