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Mestis is the second-highest ice hockey league in Finlandmarker.

The league was established in 2000 to replace the first division. Since 2000, Mestis has been the highest hockey league in Finland that can be reached with playing merits only; the SM-liiga was closed (to teams being relegated or promoted) in 2000. After the 2004-05 season, KalPa was promoted to the SM-liiga, and the league was re-opened in the 2008-09 season.

In the 2009-10 season, 12 teams play in Mestis:

Name Registered name Location Home venue, capacity
D Team D-Kiekko ry Jyväskylämarker Hippos-areenamarker, 4500
HeKi Heinolan Edustuskiekko ry. Heinolamarker Heinolan jäähalli, 2975
Hokki Kajaanin Edustushokki ry Kajaanimarker Kajaanin jäähalli, 1600
Jokipojat Joensuun Kiekko ry. Joensuumarker Joensuun jäähalli, 4800
Jukurit Jukurit ry Mikkelimarker Kalevankankaan jäähalli, 4487
Kiekko-Vantaa Kiekko-Vantaa ry Vantaamarker Tikkurilan jäähalli, 2004
LeKi Lempäälän Kisa ry Lempäälämarker Lempäälän Jäähalli, 900
KooKoo Kouvolan Edustuskiekko ry Kouvolamarker Kouvolan jäähalli, 6000
Roki RoKi-79 Hockey Oy Rovaniemimarker Lappi areena, 3500
SaPKo Savonlinnan Jääkiekon Tuki Oy Savonlinnamarker Talvisalon jäähalli, 3175
Vaasan Sport Hockey Team Vaasan Sport Oy Vaasamarker Vaasa Arenamarker, 5000
TuTo TuTo Hockey Oy Turkumarker Kupittaan jäähallimarker, 3000


Year Champion Silver Bronze
2001 Jukurit TuTo Hermes
2002 Jukurit KooKoo KalPa
2003 Jukurit K-Vantaa KooKoo
2004 KalPa Jukurit Hermes
2005 KalPa Sport TuTo
2006 Jukurit Sport TuTo
2007 Hokki Jukurit Sport
2008 TuTo Hokki Jukurit
2009 Sport Jokipojat Hokki

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  • Mestis Official website, in Finnish

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