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Metalocalypse is an Americanmarker animated television series, which was created by Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, and premiered on August 4, 2006 on Adult Swim.

The show parodies other "band" and supernatural programs, combining dark comedy and Apocalyptic intrigue in following the exploits of the part-Americanmarker/part-Scandinavian death metal band Dethklok. The episodes follow the band's everyday life, with a Dethklok song being a common feature near the end of many episodes.

The music is written by guitarist/creator Brendon Small, is credited to the band, and is featured in most episodes including actual guitar-fingerings and other band-movements of the characters.

In a bump on June 14, 2009, Adult Swim revealed that the third season would debut on November 8, 2009, and that The Dethalbum II would be released on September 29, 2009. On June 22, 2009, it was announced that the show's third season would have 30-minute episodes.


In the series, Dethklok is a band which enjoys a popularity level unheard of in reality, ranking as the seventh largest economy on Earth by the end of second season, passing Belgium, noted to be the twelfth (Belgium is ranked significantly lower than this in real life), earlier on.

The band's popularity is such that impressionable fans will do anything its songs tell them to, even if that means death, which is usually the case. In "Dethgov", fans of Dethklok murder the governor of Floridamarker after he disrespects lead singer Nathan Explosion, whom they then proceed to elect governor in a landslide write-in victory. If Dethklok endorses a product or service, competitors are quickly driven out of business. Organizations worldwide, ranging from governments to businesses, go out of their way to avoid hindering Dethklok, to the point that the band is allowed to maintain its own police force and can get away with any crime imaginable with virtually no repercussions, although the band is often too ignorant to even notice that they are committing illegal acts.

The members of Dethklok tend to cause disaster wherever they travel, and anything remotely associated with them likewise tends to attract civil unrest simply by existing. Dethklok concerts are so notoriously violent that those attending are required to sign "pain waivers" at the entrance, releasing the band from legal liability in the very likely case they are killed or maimed. For example, in the premiere episode, several fans report with pride having their eyes torn out or their fingers chopped off and smoked by Murderface, as well as Dethklok's concert, which begins with a giant metal box that serves as the band's stage being airlifted and parachuted onto location. It misses the landing area and crushes much of the audience, both by virtue of its landing and subsequent opening. Several searing hot coffee-and-cream pitchers are also deliberately poured on the crowd by the band's special-effects team, burning the crowd's skin off (to fit with the "face-melting" guitar solo in the death metal-styled coffee jingle being played by the band). In another episode ("Dethtroll"), Dethklok accidentally summons a gigantic and extremely destructive Finnish lake troll after taking "lyrics" from a Finnish book of necromantic spells.

The band only functions because it is managed by a clean-cut, ordinary-looking businessman named Charles Foster Ofdensen, who lives with the band in Mordhaus. Ofdensen appears to run every "business" aspect of the band, ranging from legal counsel to finances. He is extremely savvy and competent in his duties as well as other matters. As the brains behind the band, Offdensen operates in an understated, business-like manner. He is remarkably patient and professional when dealing with Dethklok despite their ignorance and frequent rudeness toward him, apparently tolerating their "artistic eccentricity" - as well as indifference to their immense wealth and market-value. In spite of his unassuming appearance, Offdensen is just as inclined to violence as the band, if not more so, since he willfully engages in it rather than merely being indifferent to it. He often gives specific orders to assault, torture, and kill those who threaten Dethklok with no hesitation or remorse.

The band's unnatural popularity and trail of destruction has attracted the attention of an Illuminati-style group, known as "The Tribunal", which is dedicated to monitoring Dethklok's activity and preventing it from becoming too powerful; typically, episodes involve the Tribunal attempting to maintain and perpetuate public ignorance and rampant consumerism whenever Dethklok's antics inadvertently threaten to upset the status quo. The Tribunal, led by a mysterious character named "Mr. Selatcia", works off the premise that Dethklok's unusual powers are the result of an ancient Sumerian prophecy about an "Apocalypse of Metal". General Crozier, the military leader in the group, wants to kill the band, but is constantly held back by Selatcia from doing so. Most episodes show the Tribunal attempting to covertly thwart the band by calling in various "specialists", such as "military pharmaceutical psychotropic drug manufacturers", "celebrity depression experts", or various legally compromised characters who attempt to infiltrate the group.

In the third season it was revealed that Dethklok was signed to "Crystal Mountain" Records, the name being a reference to a song written by Death.

Series development

As Home Movies had ended its run in 2004, Brendon Small started hanging out with writer friend Tommy Blacha. They went to metal shows around the same time they were both trying to pitch shows to different networks. This was how they came up with the idea of doing a show about a metal band that was 100 times more popular than The Beatles. They came up with the storyline, wrote a theme song and had friend Jon Schnepp design the characters. The series was originally called Deathclock, but the name could not be used due to an existing trademark. The show and the main characters' band were then renamed Dethklok. The show's title was then extended to Dethklok Metalocalypse, although the starring band still retained the name Dethklok. The title was finally shortened to Metalocalypse because the extended show title was too complicated. They pitched the show to Adult Swim, which greenlighted it in 2005 with a 20-episode contract.

Broadcast history

The show's first season consists of 20 11-minute episodes, the first of which premiered on the Adult Swim Video on August 4, 2006 and on Adult Swim proper the following Sunday. Metalocalypse was renewed for a second season consisting of 20 episodes which began airing September 23, 2007, two days before the CD release of The Dethalbum. An updated version of the Deththeme was featured in the second season as well. The Metalocalypse premiere was the #1 rated show in its time slot among males aged 18–34, and earned the network's best premiere delivery and ratings to date in 2006. Among the top ad-supported basic cable programs of the week, Metalocalypse ranked #12 among men 18-34 and #6 among men 18-24. The series premiere ranked #30 for the week among adults 18-34.

At San Diegomarker Comic Con 2008, Tommy Blacha confirmed that the show would be renewed for a third season which premiered on November 8, 2009.

The episodes of season three are 21 minutes long (30 minute including commercials).


Voice cast

Name Character
Brendon Small Nathan Explosion
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Pickles the Drummer
Charles Foster Ofdensen
Various characters

Tommy Blacha Toki Wartooth
William "Murderface" Murderface

Various characters

Mark Hamill Senator Stampingston

News Anchor
Various characters

Victor Brandt General Crozier
Cardinal Ravenwood
News Anchor
Various characters

Malcolm McDowell Vater Orlaag
News Anchor
Various characters

Guest stars

  • Laraine Newman ("The Curse of Dethklok") – "News Reporter," "Grandma," "GMILF," ("Dethfam") – "Rose Explosion", "Pickles' Mom," "Skwisgaar's Mom" ("Deth Wedding") - "Pickles' Mom" ("P.R. Klok") - "Liz Bane" ("Dethcarraldo") - "Nathan's Grandma" ("Klokblocked") - "Celebrity Gossip Show Host"
  • Jon Schnepp ("Birthdayface) - "Dr. Gibbits," ("Skwisklok") – "Video Director," ("Dethrace") - "Dr. Gibbits"
  • Laura Silverman ("Girlfriendklok") – "Rebecca Nightrod," ("Dethstars")
  • Andy Richter ("Dethstars") – "J.F. Amarth"
  • Brian Posehn ("Dethsources") - "Melmord Fjordslorn"

Musician cameos

Guest of... Episode Character(s)
Michael Amott Arch Enemy
Spiritual Beggars

109: Snakes 'n' Barrels
216/217: Snakes 'n' Barrrels II
Antonio 'Tony' DiMarco Thunderbottom
Emilie Autumn Emilie Autumn (solo artist) 110: Fatklok (Performed all violins)
Richard Christy Iced Earth


The Howard Stern Show
210: Dethgov Monster Truck Driver
Warrel Dane Nevermoreex-Sanctuary 109: Snakes 'n' Barrels
216/217: Snakes n' Barrels II
Sammy 'Candynose' Twinskins
King Diamond King Diamond
Mercyful Fate
111: Skwisklok
112: Murdering Outside the Box
113: Go Forth and Die
114: Bluesklok

Ronald von Monoldburg
Employee 421
Dimmu Burger manager
The Blues Devil

George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher Cannibal Corpse
Paths of Possession

113: Go Forth and Die
114: Bluesklok
115: Dethkids
120: The Metalocalypse Has Begun
203: Dethvengeance
212: The Revengencers
219/220: Black Fire Upon Us

Dimmu Burger customer
Depressed Fool's Cap Hippie
Football Player
Metal-Masked Assassin

Marty Friedman ex-Cacophony

211: Dethrace Mr. Gojira
Angela Gossow Arch Enemy 213: Klokblocked
219/220: Black Fire Upon Us
Lavona Succuboso
Kirk Hammett Metallica
101: The Curse of Dethklok
103: Birthdayface/Happy Dethday
104: Dethtroll

Two-Fingered Fan
The Queen of Denmark

James Hetfield Metallica 101: The Curse of Dethklok
103: Birthdayface/Happy Dethday
104: Dethtroll
106: Dethkomedy
201: Dethecution

Lorkey the Sailor

Gene Hoglan Death
Dark Angel
Strapping Young Lad
Zimmer's Hole

214: Dethsources Health Inspector
ICS Vortex ex-Dimmu Borgir
Lamented Souls

204: Dethdoubles
207: Dethwedding
209: Dethcarraldo

Nathan's Double
Seth's other friend

Ihsahn Emperor 205: Dethfashion Eric von Weichlinghammer
Mike Keneally Dethklok
Solo Artist
Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins/The Mike Keneally Band
Steve Vai
Frank Zappa
The Mistakes

201: Dethecution Comdemned Prisoners & Barbecue Dad
Jeff Loomis Nevermore 108: Performance Klok Murderface's Dad
Mike Patton Faith No More

The Dillinger Escape Plan
Peeping Tom

216/217 Snakes 'n' Barrels II Rikki Kixx
Samoth Emperor
205: Dethfashion von Weichlinghammer's Assistant
Silenoz Dimmu Borgir 201: Dethecution
207: Dethwedding
209: Dethcarraldo

Aftermath Person with No Arms
Seth's Friend

Steve Smyth ex-Nevermore
109: Snakes 'n' Barrels
216/217: Snakes n' Barrels II
Snizzy 'Snazz' Bullets
Trym Torson Emperor

205: Dethfashion von Weichlinghammer's assistant
Devin Townsend ex-Devin Townsend Band
ex-Steve Vai
ex-Strapping Young Lad

206: Cleanzo
207: Dethwedding
208: P.R.


Bink Bonk Blammymatazz

Milminiman Lanillim Swimwamly
Zit-faced Fan

War (Sam Cuadra) Apocalyptic Visions Metalocalypse TV commercial (Guest vocals)

Confirmed cameos for season 3 include Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Slash, Scott Ian, plus members of Mastodon and In Flames.


The Dethalbum

The Dethalbum was released on September 25, 2007, in both standard and deluxe editions. The album is a combination of full length tracks from the series and completely new songs. The album debuted at #21 on the Billboard 200 chart with 33,741 copies sold in its first week. The Dethalbum was also streamed 45,000 times when it went live on AOL Music during the week of its release.

Dethalbum II

Dethalbum II was released September 29, 2009, in both standard and deluxe editions. The album includes many songs from the second season of the series and completely new songs. The deluxe version includes a DVD containing music videos for all the songs played during Dethklok's 2008 tour with Soilent Green and Chimaira.


Dethklok, the in-show band, also endorses several real-world music products, including Krank Amplification, Gibson guitars, EMG pickups, David Eden Amplification, Universal Audio, M-Audio, Dunlop Manufacturing/MXR, and Line 6 gear. According to the official Dethklok MySpace, the Gibson Guitar Corporation was also planning on making a Dethklok signature guitar. During the 2008 NAMM Convention, a special edition Epiphone Explorer was unveiled to a select few. Pictures of show creator Brendon Small holding the guitar can be seen on the internet. Small later confirmed that Gibson, not Epiphone, would be releasing an affordable Dethklok Explorer. In 2007, Shocker Toys produced a limited run of statues of William Murderface and Nathan Explosion. In 2008, Shocker Toys made a boxed set of vinyl figures with limited articulation of all 5 of the band members . Kid Robot produced unarticulated figures of Murderface and Toki as part of an Adult Swim blind boxed mini figure line. The song "Thunderhorse" is featured in the game Guitar Hero II by Harmonix and Red Octane as a bonus song. In 2009, Brendon Small and Dethklok became endorsed by Marshall Amplification, dropping Krank.

Touring history

Dethklok does have a touring band, although there are no actual human counterparts to the characters on the show. The band consists of show co-creator, vocalist/guitarist Brendon Small, who writes and sings most of the music for the show, alongside drummer Gene Hoglan, bassist Bryan Beller, and second guitarist Mike Keneally.

In late 2007, Adult Swim organized a promotional tour featuring Dethklok and …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. The tour comprised performances at twelve college campuses, with tickets available to students only (except for 50 tickets set aside for the UCLA show in the Los Angeles area).

Dethklok toured with Chimaira and Soilent Green during June and July 2008.

Dethklok toured with co-headliner Mastodon, High on Fire, and Converge during October and November 2009.

DVD release

DVDs Release date Ep # Special Features
October 2, 2007

(Region 4: December 5, 2007)
20 Disc One
  • Murderface's Bass Solo [Extended Scene]
  • The Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class Instructional Video
  • Ravenwood learning from Skwisgaar Skwigelf Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class
  • Thunderhorse — Skwisgaar's Music Video Outtakes
  • Nathan's Hamlet Recital [Extended Scene]
  • Murderface Plays "Wheelchair Bound" [Extended Scene]

Disc Two

Main menu
  • 9 Band Interviews
  • Mordhaus Tour
  • Untitled Compilation Music Video [Including an unreleased song and Dethfam]
Episodes menu
  • Episode 05 - Toki's Codpiece [Uncensored Scene]
  • Selatcia Teaser
  • Burzum's Food Menu
  • Episode 18 - Nathan's Groupies [Uncensored Scene]
  • Pickles' "Scourge of Drugs"
December 2, 2008 20 Disc One
  • Dethklok playing band naming game
  • News report on Klokateers
  • Toki playing arcade game [P.R Klok deleted scene]
  • Murderface Goes to the Opera
  • Ofdensen talking about his job
  • Mordhaus things
  • Klokateers clearing Dethboat for landing [Dethcarraldo extended scene]
  • Dethboat being pulled over mountain [Dethcarraldo extended scene]
  • Murmaider music video

Disc Two
  • Nathan's reading of Titus Andronicus
  • Dr. Gibbons editing Murderface Visual
  • Edgar Jomfru swim training
  • The band watching NASCAR [Dethrace deleted scene]
  • Fans on fans [Black Fire Upon Us deleted scene]
  • Ofdensen parties with the band [Dethsources deleted scene]
  • Klokateers: In Memoriam
  • Knubler interviews Murderface and Toki about the song Takin' It Easy
  • Bloodrocuted music video

Video Game

A video game based on the series was revealed at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. The game will be published by Konami and will be available for download on both the PlayStation 3's PSN and Xbox 360's Xbox Live Marketplace. In Metalocalypse: Dethgame, players will be immersed in the world of Dethklok. As a Klokateer, one of the band's loyal roadies, players will be unleashed on a heinous rampage against rabid mutant fans in brutal combat. Fight mutants, explore the rooms and dungeons of Mordhaus and protect the METAL faithful. All of this action set to the music of Dethklok, including tracks from the best-selling Dethklok: The Dethalbum. Additionally, the game will feature three all-new songs from Williams Street Records' Dethalbum II.

Comic Book

On July 23, 2009, Dark Horse Comics released the following statement: "Following the release of the highly anticipated Dethklok vs. The Goon, Dark Horse Comics and Adult Swim announce a brand-new comics series based on the immensely popular animated show Metalocalypse. Dethklok will be featured in a full publishing program created by series co-creator Brendon Small and a collaborative team of Metalocalypse and Dark Horse artists and writers."

It is unknown at this time whether the series will be a limited release or an on-going saga.

Revolver Golden God Awards

Dethklok received the Viking Bloody Dawn Unicorn Killer award during the Revolver Golden God Awards. A clip of the band's acceptance speech was played after they were announced as the recipients.


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