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Mexticacán is a town and municipality in the Southern Region of the Mexican state of Jaliscomarker. Mexticacán comes from the Nahuatl and means "place where the temple for the worship of the moon."


A large number of Mexticacán's former inhabitants were engaged in the manufacture of earthenware clay and when they did not have enough work for the day. This is the explanation of his name "Men who work in the moonlight." The place was already populated with the arrival of the Spaniards. Its first settlers were Tecuexe, which placed their villages at the foot of the mountains, where they were real strengths to fend off the Chichimecas. By the early seventh century was a sweeping immigration throughout the region and particularly in villages Tecuexe; Caxcan peregrinante home nahuatlaca fought bravely against the bellicose Tecuexe against Zacatecasmarker, huachichiles and others without rest or respite, continued to widen the field many of their conquests founding populations, including Mexticacán. Before the conquest this place was the cacicazgo of Mexticacán.

Nuno Beltran de Guzman expedition through this area trying to bring the Aboriginal Nochistlán Zacatecas, where he was about to perish in an ambush that he tended in the rock of Nochistlán. At Christmas of 1531 this population was conquered by the Spanish master Cristobal de Oñate, sent by Nuno de Guzman, as a leading official Miguel Ibarra, who took his surname from the deep gully and over Santiago Rivermarker Tolotlán for being the first in Vader. In 1825 Mexticacán has council; January 12, 1836 is as Section municipal and March 13, 1837 is header match lakes district, belonging to the party of Teocaltiche. Subsequently, from 1869 to 1895 belonged to 11 th canton of Teocaltiche. On April 19, 1879 he was awarded the title of village people of Mexticacán.

Events Shaping Mexticacan

Recently Club Mexticacan was established as a non-profit organization in Northern California to help those in need, such as children and the elderly. In a little less than a year, major accomplishments have been achieve; two vehicles have been purchased to transport the disabled children to special education classes. Hundreds of toys, blankets, and shoes have been handed out.

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