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Mianzhu (Chinese: 绵竹; Pinyin: Miánzhú) is a county-level city in Deyangmarker, Sichuanmarker, Chinamarker.

It has an area of 1245 square kilometers (480.7 square miles) and a population of 510,000 in 2004.The city was heavily damaged during the 2008 Sichuan earthquakemarker. Fuxin No. 2 Primary School collapsed.

Administrative divisions

Mianzhu has 19 towns and 2 townships:

  • Towns:
    • Jiannan (剑南镇)
    • Dongbei (东北镇)
    • Xi'nan (西南镇)
    • Xinglong (兴隆镇)
    • Jiulong (九龙镇)
    • Zhundao (遵道镇)
    • Hanwang(汉旺镇)
    • Gongxing (拱星镇)
    • Tumen (土门镇)
    • Guangji (广济镇)
    • Jinhua (金花镇)
    • Yuquan (玉泉镇)
    • Banqiao (板桥镇)
    • Xinshi (新市镇)
    • Xiaode (孝德镇)
    • Fuxin (富新镇)
    • Qitian (齐天镇)
    • Shidi (什地镇)
    • Mianyuan (绵远镇)
  • Townships:
    • Qingping (清平乡)
    • Tianchi (天池乡)

Sister City

The Community of Mianzhu is a sister city to Greensburg, Kansasmarker.


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