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Mike Vallely ( ; ), also known as Mike V, is an American professional skateboarder.


Mike Vallely is on the Element Skate team along with fellow Element skater and friend Bam Margera. Vallely has made appearances on Bam's TV show(Bams Unholy Union and Viva La Bam). He has also been featured in the popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video game series. Vallely is also a big fan of the NHL's Anaheim Ducks. He also has his own video game called Mike V - Do or Die coming out soon for the iPhone platform. He is also sponsored by Destructo Trucks.

Personal Life

Mike Vallely was born in Edisonmarker, New Jerseymarker, and attended St. Joseph's High School in Metuchen, New Jerseymarker and currently resides in Long Beachmarker, Californiamarker. Vallely married his longtime girlfriend Ann in 1992 and in December of that year their daughter Emily was born. He has a second daughter Lucy.

Mike Vallely is also known for the fights he gets in, usually with the security guards in the malls and parks on private property. One notable altercation occurred while Vallely and his friends took a break on their way to a skating gig and some guys who were at the same gas station started making fun of Vallely and skaters. That lead Vallely to emphatically take off his shirt and push the antagonists away. The whole incident was recorded by his friend, Bam Margera. Another notable incident where Vallely was involved in an altercation with authority was at a skateboarding competition in Hollywood, which later became popularized as 'The Muska Incident' (known as such due to Chad Muska being the source of the dissent). Despite this, Vallely has openly denounced acts of violence committed by others.

Most recently, Vallely was involved in a fight at the Honda Center in Anaheim during the Anaheim Ducks and Tampa Bay Lightning game on November 19, 2009 after a fan grabbed a stick that was given to his daughter by Ducks defenseman Scott Niedermayer.


Vallely is the singer in the punk rock band Revolution Mother and was also the front man for Mike V & the Rats. At one point He sang for Black Flag on their 2003 reunion shows in Los Angelesmarker, playing the entire My War album.


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