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, known in the United Statesmarker as Boobalicious, is a series of hentai games and anime OVAs. Each individual series features two busty female characters (usually one of them young, and the other older) who use their large breasts to pleasure the male protagonist.




The story is about a man named Yusuke Mizuhara that was asked to be the "Private Tutor" of a big-breasted girl named Reina Toyohara. It ends up with Yusuke letting out his perverted side and seducing Reina the same night that he started his job. Then the next night, Reina's mother, Mitsuki Toyohara, who is even bustier than her daughter, seduced Yusuke with knowing that her daughter, Reina is in love with Yusuke. She forbids him to have sex with Reina, only her. Some moments later, she finds Reina and Yusuke in the middle of having sex which sparks a feud between mother and daughter that has an unfortunate Yusuke stuck in the middle. The two fight over him, and end up having a competition to see which of them Yusuke likes better through sexual means. After going through this once, they 'chase' him back to his apartment and have a final contest, with the end result being that they will share him.


Reina Toyohara: Reina Toyohara is a big breasted schoolgirl that wanted Yusuke Mizuhara as her "Private Tutor". She ends up getting seduced by Yusuke on the first night he starts to be her tutor. She starts a feud with her mother, after her mother sees her and Yusuke having sex.

Mitsuki Toyohara: Mitsuki Toyohara is the mother of Reina, and starts to make her move on Yusuke the day after Yusuke made his move on Reina. She was the first woman of the two to have sex with Yusuke. After she sees Reina having sex with Yusuke, a feud over Yusuke breaks out. The main character Yusuke refers to her breasts as the "torpedo tits".

Yusuke Mizuhara: Yusuke Mizuhara is the "Private Tutor" for Reina. He had sex with Reina on the first day of tutoring her. He calls himself a "boobie-loving alien. He also had sex with Mitsuki Toyohara on the second day. He calls her a "H-Cup" and Reina Toyohara a "F-Cup"

Sexual interaction

As the 'Milk Junkies' series falls under the Bakunyƫ category of hentai, most of the "action" is based on the breasts of the female characters. The "action" usually includes Mammary intercourse or sometimes oral sex, foreplay is also very prevalent in this OVA. Moreover, the OVA contains a lot of lactation as well. There is also a slight amount of incest during the threesomes.


This Ova is based on the Milk Junky 2 Game.


A young boy named Wataru is sent to live with his buxom neighbors when his father moves. The story is about the shy Wataru coming of age. The series involves many sexual acts between Wataru and his friends the Fusanos. Wataru and the Fusanos are old friends. When he moves in with them they all discover that their feelings towards each other have not changed. Because they are all so close Wataru is unable to choose a single partner and he is not locked into one single relationship.


Known as a crybaby around school after his mother died. However, he is looked after, loved and protected by the Fusano sisters. When his father moves because of business he arranges for Wataru to live with the Fusano sisters.

Fumie Fusano
The older of the two sisters. She is Wataru's friend and also happens to be his teacher at school. She is very prominent at breastfeeding Wataru as shown by both the game and the movie. Her breasts are larger than her sister's, and she has a mole on her left breast. Her measurements are 106/58/88 which is a J-cup.

Tomoka Fusano
The younger sister. She is Wataru's friend. She helps him with his studies as she is closer to his age. She is also able to lactate. She has smaller breasts than Fumie and is quite jealous of it, but is more adventurous. Her measurements are 95/57/86 which is an H-cup.

Sexual interaction

The women usually either perform mammary intercourse or oral sex. Sometimes both women can be seen involved in lesbian or group sex. Another act that is prevalent in the series is lactation. Many times the man will squeeze the breasts so hard that the nipples will release the breast milk. The man is also shown to expel copious amounts of semen. Occasional penetration is also seen but is largely censored due to Japanese censorship laws.

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