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Millie Perkins (born May 12 1938) is an Americanmarker film and television actress.

Life and career

Born in Passaic, New Jerseymarker, Perkins grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jerseymarker, and began her career as a model in New York City and by 1958 was an international cover girl. However, in 1958 she was vigorously pursued and then selected to appear in her first film, in the title role of The Diary of Anne Frank. Perkins had never studied nor sought to be an actress, but George Stevens saw her on the cover of several magazines and tried to convince her to read for the part. Finally, she flew to Hollywood for a screen test and with much fanfare, landed the role of Anne Frank in George Stevens 1959 film, "The Diary of Anne Frank." Millie Perkins received almost universally excellent reviews for her portrayal of Anne Frank. After her work with George Stevens, Perkins was under contract to Universal Studios and was given little choice in what movies or roles in which she could appear. She was cast in the 1961 Elvis Presley film, Wild in the Country, in which she played the girlfriend of Presley's character. She was one of the bright young stars of Hollywoodmarker, but broke her contract with Universal because the studio system did not allow for any experimentation in roles. Subsequently, she worked with Jack Nicholson in several movies that he directed, taking a hiatus from film-making in the latter part of the 1960s to raise her children and teach acting in Jacksonville, Oregon. She returned to acting only years later when she was in her 40s. The studio contract system, which was coming to an end just as the young Millie Perkins was signed into it, did not fit well with this young star, who had come of age with the Beat Generation in 1950s New York City. As George Stevens said, Millie did not fit in. She was 10 years too early.

On April 15, 1960, she married actor Dean Stockwell. They divorced on July 30, 1962. She later married writer and director Robert Thom, who wrote the script for the popular 1968 movie Wild in the Streets, in which she appeared. Thom died in 1979.

In 1983, Perkins returned to features to play Jon Voight's ex-wife in "Table for Five," subsequently, she was firmly type-cast in the mother role, playing Sean Penn's mother in the fact-based film At Close Range which starred Christopher Walken. She played the mother of Charlie Sheen's character in the 1987 movie Wall Street, and in John Grisham's The Chamber, she played the bereft Jewish mother. She was also cast as Andy Garcia's mother in The Lost City (2005).

She has worked on a variety of television shows, including seven episodes of Knots Landing (over the period 1983-1990) and four episodes of Any Day Now (from 1998-2002).

Perkins continues to perform both in film and on television.



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