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Minuscule 33 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), δ 48 (Soden), formerly it was called Codex Colbertinus 2844, is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, on 143 parchment leaves (37.5 x 24.8 cm), dated paleographically to the 9th century.


The codex contains part of the Prophets of the Old Testament, and all the books of the New Testament (except Revelation of John), with three lacunae in Gospel of Mark, and Gospel of Luke (Mark 9:31-11:11; 13:11-14:60; Luke 21:38-23:26). It contains Prolegomena, κεφαλαια, τιτλοι, Euthalian apparatus.

Written on a parchment in minuscule, in 1 column per page, 48-52 lines per page. Part of almost of every leaf has been destroyed by dampness. The leaves were joined so firmly to each other — especially in Book of Acts — that when separated, a part of the ink has adhered to the opposite page. Text is with errors of iotacism.The ends of the leaves are much damaged.

The order of books: Gospels, Acts, Catholic epistles, Pauline epistles (Hebrews before 1 Timothy).Ending of the Epistle to the Romans has the order of verses: 16:23; 16:25-27; 16:24 (as in codices P 104 256 263 365 436 459 1319 1573 1852 arm).


Verse Matthew 21:44 omitted, as in manuscripts:

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