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Missouri Valley Conference
Established 1907
Members 10
Sports fielded 19 (9 men's, 10 women's)
Country United Statesmarker
Region Midwest
States 6 - Illinoismarker, Indianamarker, Iowamarker,
Kansasmarker, Missourimarker, Nebraskamarker
Headquarters St. Louis, Missourimarker
Commissioner Doug Elgin

Former Missouri Valley Conference logo

The Missouri Valley Conference (also called MVC or simply "The Valley") is a college athletic conference whose members are located in the midwestern United Statesmarker. The conference participates in the NCAA's Division I.

Founded in 1907 as the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MVIAA), the MVC is the nation's second oldest Division I collegiate athletic conference. However, some consider the MVC to have been formed from a split of the MVIAA in 1928. Most of the larger MVIAA schools formed a conference that retained the MVIAA name and would ultimately become the Big Eight Conference. The smaller schools, plus Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State Universitymarker, which ultimately [re]joined the Big Eight in 1957), formed the MVC. During the Big Eight's existence, both conferences claimed 1907 as their founding date, as well as the same history through 1927. It has never been definitively established which conference is the original and which is the spin-off.

During the 2006-2007 college basketball season, MVC teams held a 74-27 non-conference record, including a record of 44-1 at home. The Valley finished in the Top 6 of the RPI and ahead of a BCS conference for the second consecutive year, while also garnering multiple NCAA bids for the ninth straight year and 12th of 14.

The MVC has not sponsored football since 1985, when it was classified as a I-A (now FBS) conference, but five members have football programs in the Missouri Valley Football Conference (known as the Gateway from 1985-2008) of Division I FCS (formerly I-AA), and a sixth competes in another FCS conference, the Pioneer Football League. The Missouri Valley Conference shares its name with the Missouri Valley Football Conference, and the two also operate from the same headquarters complex in St. Louismarker. However, the two are separate administratively.


Institution Location - City Location - State Founded Affiliation Enrollment Nickname
Bradley Universitymarker Peoriamarker Illinoismarker 1897 Private/Non-sectarian 6,105 Braves
Creighton Universitymarker Omahamarker Nebraskamarker 1878 Private/Catholic(Jesuit) 6,716 Bluejays
Drake Universitymarker Des Moinesmarker Iowamarker 1881 Private/Non-sectarian 5,221 Bulldogs
University of Evansvillemarker Evansvillemarker Indianamarker 1854 Private/Methodist 3,050 Purple Aces & Lady Aces
Illinois State Universitymarker Normalmarker Illinoismarker 1857 Public 20,859 Redbirds
Indiana State Universitymarker Terre Hautemarker Indianamarker 1865 Public 10,760 Sycamores
Missouri State Universitymarker Springfieldmarker Missourimarker 1905 Public 22,785 Bears & Lady Bears
University of Northern Iowamarker Cedar Fallsmarker Iowamarker 1876 Public 14,070 Panthers
Southern Illinois Universitymarker Carbondalemarker Illinoismarker 1869 Public 20,983 Salukis
Wichita State Universitymarker Wichitamarker Kansasmarker 1895 Public 15,000 Shockers
Locations of current Missouri Valley Conference full member institutions.

Affiliate members

Former members

Basketball tournament champions by year

The Missouri Valley Conference Men's Basketball Championship is often referred to as Arch Madness, in reference to the Gateway Archmarker at the tournament's present location of St. Louis, Missourimarker, and a play on "March Madness".
Season Men's Champion Women's Champion
1977 Southern Illinois No Tournament
1978 Creighton No Tournament
1979 Indiana State No Tournament
1980 Bradley No Tournament
1981 Creighton No Tournament
1982 Tulsa No Tournament
1983 Illinois State Illinois State
1984 Tulsa No Tournament
1985 Wichita State No Tournament
1986 Tulsa No Tournament
1987 Wichita State Southern Illinois
1988 Bradley Eastern Illinois
1989 Creighton Illinois State
1990 Illinois State Southern Illinois
1991 Creighton Missouri State
1992 Missouri State Missouri State
1993 Southern Illinois Missouri State
1994 Southern Illinois Missouri State
1995 Southern Illinois Drake
1996 Tulsa Missouri State
1997 Illinois State Drake
1998 Illinois State Drake
1999 Creighton Evansville
2000 Creighton Drake
2001 Indiana State Missouri State
2002 Creighton Creighton
2003 Creighton Missouri State
2004 Northern Iowa Missouri State
2005 Creighton Illinois State
2006 Southern Illinois Missouri State
2007 Creighton Drake
2008 Drake Illinois State
2009 Northern Iowa Evansville

NB: Missouri State was known as Southwest Missouri State until August 2005.

Conference facilities

School Football stadium Capacity Basketball arena Capacity
Bradley Non-Football School N/A Carver Arena 11,433
Creighton Non-Football School N/A Qwest Center Omahamarker 17,560
Drake Drake Stadiummarker 14,557 Knapp Centermarker 7,002
Evansville Formerly Arad McCutchan Stadium N/A Roberts Stadiummarker 13,252
Illinois State Hancock Stadiummarker 15,000 Redbird Arenamarker 10,200
Indiana State Memorial Stadiummarker 12,764 Hulman Centermarker 10,200
Missouri State Robert W. Plaster Sports Complex 16,300 JQH Arenamarker 11,000
Northern Iowa UNI-Domemarker 16,000 McLeod Centermarker 7,000
Southern Illinois McAndrew Stadiummarker 17,000 SIU Arenamarker 9,628
Wichita State Formerly Cessna Stadiummarker 30,000 (still in use for track and field.) N/A Charles Koch Arenamarker 10,572

Men's basketball attendance

2008-2009 Average Men's Basketball Conference Attendance
School Average Attendance
Creighton 16,422
Wichita Statemarker 10,478
Bradleymarker 10,019
Illinois State 8,587
Missouri State 7,207
Evansvillemarker 6,452
Southern Illinois 5,827
Drake 5,195
Northern Iowa 4,730
Indiana Statemarker 4,427

The Valley is well known for having some of the most dedicated fanbases in all of college basketball, with several members regularly selling out their large arenas on a nightly basis throughout the year. One member (Wichita State) sold out every single game for the 2006-07 season, while another member (Creighton) continues to reset the state of Nebraskamarker attendance record for a college basketball game every season.

In 2006-07, the Valley maintained its position as the eighth ranked conference in average attendance.

The Valley made history in March 2007 with record attendance for four days at St. Louis' Scottrade Center as 85,074 fans turned out to watch the five sessions of the tournament. The two sellout crowds of 22,612 for the semifinals and final of the 2007 State Farm Tournament set an all-time attendance record for basketball at the arena and also gave The Valley the distinction of having the largest championship crowd for any of the 30 NCAA conference tournaments in 2007.

Football champions by year

Season Champion
1907 Iowa & Nebraska
1908 Kansas
1909 Missouri
1910 Nebraska
1911 Iowa State & Nebraska
1912 Iowa State & Nebraska
1913 Missouri & Nebraska
1914 Nebraska
1915 Nebraska
1916 Nebraska
1917 Nebraska
1918 No Champion
1919 Missouri
1920 Oklahoma
1921 Nebraska
1922 Nebraska
1923 Nebraska
1924 Missouri
1925 Missouri
1926 Oklahoma A&M
1927 Missouri
1928 Drake
1929 Drake
1930 Drake & Oklahoma A&M
1931 Drake
1932 Oklahoma A&M
1933 Oklahoma A&M
1934 Washington (MO)
1935 Tulsa & Washington (MO)
1936 Creigton & Tulsa
1937 Tulsa
1938 Tulsa
1939 Washington (MO)
1940 Tulsa
1941 Tulsa
1942 Tulsa
1943 Tulsa
1944 Oklahoma A&M
1945 Oklahoma A&M
1946 Tulsa
1947 Tulsa
1948 Oklahoma A&M
1949 Detroit
1950 Tulsa
1951 Tulsa
1952 Houston
1953 Detroit & Oklahoma A&M
1954 Wichita
1955 Detroit & Wichita
1956 Houston
1957 Houston
1958 North Texas State
1959 Houston & North Texas State
1960 Wichita
1961 Wichita
1962 Tulsa
1963 Cincinnati & Wichita
1964 Cincinnati
1965 Tulsa
1966 North Texas State & Tulsa
1967 North Texas State
1968 Memphis State
1969 Memphis State
1970 Louisville
1971 North Texas State
1972 Drake, Louisville, & West Texas State
1973 North Texas State & Tulsa
1974 Tulsa
1975 Tulsa
1976 New Mexico State & Tulsa
1977 West Texas State
1978 New Mexico State
1979 West Texas State
1980 Tulsa
1981 Drake & Tulsa
1982 Tulsa
1983 Tulsa
1984 Tulsa
1985 Tulsa

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  1. Evansville discontinued program in 1997, Arad McCutchan Stadium (2,500) still in use for soccer.

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