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Mitteleuropa (Central/Middle Europe) is the German term equal to Central Europe.

The word has political, geographic and cultural meaning. While it describes a geographical location, it also is the word describing a German political program that was put into motion during First World War.

The historian Jörg Brechtefeld describes 'Mitteleuropa' as the following:

The St√§ndiger Ausschuss f√ľr geographische Namen refers to the territory covered by the modern states of:

    • partially: , , ,

Mitteleuropa Plan

The Mitteleuropa plan was to achieve a hegemony over Central Europe by the German Empiremarker and subsequent economical exploitation of this region combined with territorial annexations, settlement of German colonists, expulsion of non-Germans from annexed areas and eventual Germanization of puppet states created as buffer between Germany and Russiamarker.

The issue of Central Europe was taken by German thinker Fredrich Neumann in 1915 in his work ‚ÄúMitteleuropa‚ÄĚ. According to his thought, this part of Europe was to become a politically and economically integrated block subjected to German rule. In his program, Neumann also supported programs of Germanization and Hungarization as well. Some parts of the planning included designs on creating a German colony in Crimeamarker and colonization of Baltic States.

The ruling political elites of Germany accepted the Mitteleuropa plan during First World War while drawing out German war aims and plans for the new order of Europe. Mitteleuropa was to be created by establishing a series of puppet states whose political, economic and military aspects would be under the control of German Reich.

The whole region was to serve as economical backyard of Germany whose economical exploitation would enable it to compete with the British Empire and any other competitors for the position of the world's dominant power. Economical organization was to be based on German domination, with unfair economical treaties imposed on countries like Poland and Ukrainemarker. It was believed that the German working classes could be appeased by German politicians through economical benefits of territorial annexations, settlement of Germans in Central and Eastern Europe and economical exploitation of conquered countries for the material benefit of Germany.

The local population was to be subject to expulsions to make room for German settlers, in other places it would be reduced to second class citizens as Germans would become the ruling elite of German run-puppet states.

Additionally, the German Mitteleuropa plan had foreseen expulsion of over 2 million Poles and Jews from 30,000 square kilometers annexed from Congress Polandmarker replaced by German colonists. The puppet state of the Kingdom of Poland was to have its population gradually reduced by the use of artificially created famine.

Partial realization of these plans was reflected in the Brest-Litovsk treaty, where guarantees of economical and military domination over Ukraine by Germany were laid out

The Mitteleuropa plan served as blueprint for the much more expanded, racially-motivated and harsher plans of Nazi Germany during the Second World War such as Generalplan Ost.

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