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Mix, mixture or mixing may refer to:

Science and mathematics

  • Crossbreeding, also called mixing, a genetic concept
  • Mixing , a concept in ergodic theory
  • Mixing , a descriptive condition of a dynamical system
  • Mixing , a unit operation for manipulating physical systems
  • Mixture, a kind of chemical substance
  • Mixture , a set of probability distributions often used for statistical classification

Music and radio

  • A Musical Performance show created by James Mason the creator of Blast!
  • Audio mixing, the process of combining and balancing multiple sound sources
  • DJ mix, a sequence of musical tracks mixed together to appear as one continuous track
  • Mix FM, a station name used by many different radio stations
  • Mix , a periodical for the professional recording and sound production technology industry
  • Mix
  • Mix tape, a compilation of songs or tracks
  • MIX , a channel on XM satellite radio
  • Mixture , part of a pipe organ
  • Remix, a variation of a song


  • Tom Mix (1880-1940), American film actor
  • Erich Mix (1898–1971), German politician


In the United States:


  • Malta Internet Exchange, an Internet backbone for the country of Malta
  • Milan Internet eXchange, in Milan, Italy
  • MIX, a mythical computer used in the textbook The Art of Computer Programming by Donald Knuth
  • MIX , a high performance email storage system for use with IMAP
  • MIX , an annual conference
  • MIX NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to queer experimental film
  • MIX (Z39.87): NISO Metadata for Images in XML, a standard for encoding metatdata about digital images and image collections
  • Roman numeral for 1009

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