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The Moesi ( ) were a Daco-Thracian (Thracian with influence from the Getae) tribe who inhabited present day Serbiamarker and Bulgariamarker, part of the then Roman province of Moesia, which was named after them in 29BC by the Romans after the Romans under Crassus defeated them in the 1st century BC.

The Romans chase an army of the Bastarnae and march towards the Moesi, successfully overtaking their Stronghold and subduing the majority of the tribe.

Thracologists suggest that the Moesi may have spoken a language or dialect intermediary between Dacian and Thracian.

Of their language or dialect, only a few items are recorded; their ethnonym (Moesoi, Moesi), some toponyms and anthroponyms, and a phytonym: Mendruta, the Moesian name for the False Helleborine (L. Veratrum nigrum) or the Beet (L. Beta vulgaris).

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