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Molly Cosette Dobbs (née Compton) is a fictional character in the UK television ITV soap opera, Coronation Streetmarker. Portrayed by actress Vicky Binns, the character first appeared onscreen during the episode airing on 5 September 2005.

After entering into an affair with Kevin Webster, Molly underwent a significant and tiresome change in character.



The character of Molly was brought into the soap opera as the daughter of local baker Diggory Compton to give the character more links in the street, although the character eventually left Coronation Street in 2006. She was former class mate of character Fiz Brown who used to bully her and once arrived in the street decided to take revenge. She originally worked in the bakery until her fathers departure when she began working at Dev Alahan's shop where she has remained.


Vicky Binns was selected to join Coronation Street as a rival for at-the-time already established character Fiz Brown. Vicky found it really hard to play the part because she was required to bully the character even though she is real-life best friend of actress Jennie McAlpine. As she told the Manchester Evening News: "They brought me in to play her rival, which is ridiculous. It really requires some acting."


Personality and identity

The Coronation Street official website described Molly as a bubbly, optimistic, friendly and outgoing character.She first arrived in Weatherfield after her father bought the bakery in May 2005. There were rumours that she would leave along with her father in July 2006, but she stayed on and has no plans to quit the soap any time soon.
Vicky Binns, who plays Molly, has revealed that she is grateful that her character appears to be "un-trendy".
Molly's look did change a little at the beginning of 2008 after the actress went on a strict weight loss regime. However, the producer of Coronation Street was supportive of the actress and did not mind changing Molly's look slightly. Actress Vicky also stated in another interview that Molly is stubborn and that honesty is the element of a relationship she wants most, which was why she was so stubborn to forgive Tyrone for his deception.

Another focal point of the characters style is her rucksack, which,since her inception she is nearly almost featured with. Binns once stated that she didn't think her character would ever stop wearing it. Gareth McLean of the Radio times even joked that when Molly and Kevin consumated their relationship, he doubted Molly would remove her rucksack.


Molly's relationship with Tyrone Dobbs began . Their relationship has been long term and their relationship was perfect to start off with. After Molly moved into Jack and Vera's to be with Tyrone permanently she wanted to take her relationship to the next level and formed a close bond with Vera. She even turned to her for advice on furthering her relationship with her boyfriend, in scenes which the actress said were really funny. The media called the pairing the next 'Jack and Vera' with the show's bosses even stating their potential. Actress Vicky Binns stated in an interview that she was flattered but didn't think they could ever replace the couple adding that: "You can't really replace anyone like that. The show progresses and changes so much with new characters you don't even know if they'll keep Molly and Tyrone together. But I suppose Molly is quite bossy and, like Vera, will keep Tyrone under her thumb." The characters went onto buy their own home together and eventually got engaged. They hit one of their first real rocky patches when Molly found out that Tyrone had been selling dodgy goods with her Aunty Pam. Vicky Binns also revealed that she and Alan, who plays her onscreen fiance, work so well together and hope that they had many more scenes to come and also told that real life fans approach her in the street to ask where Tyrone is.It may be that Molly is to have an affair with Kevin Webster and possibly even a baby.


Molly Compton is the daughter of former local baker, Diggory Compton.
When she first arrived, it became clear that she was a victim of bullying at school, with one of the bullies being Fiz Brown. Molly used to work for Fiz's boyfriend Kirk Sutherland, whom she flirted with to get revenge on Fiz for the bullying she endured during her school days. Although, she and Fiz have now put their differences aside.

After briefly working in her father's shop and at Kirk's kennels, Molly now works for Dev Alahan at D&S Alahans Corner shop. Molly began dating Tyrone Dobbs and lives with him and their lodger Jack Duckworth, they previously also lived with his wife Vera, before her natural death in January 2008, which left them devastated.

After Vera's death, Molly and Tyrone bought the Duckworths' house and live there with Jack, and also kept Jack and Vera's grandson Paul Clayton in as lodger until he left in May 2008.

In an episode airing in May 2008 Molly decided to make her mark on the Duckworths' house by removing the stone cladding that Vera had got put on the front of the house during the eighties. Jack agreed with this move but Tyrone was not happy as he saw the cladding as a memory to the late Vera. Eventually as the builders proceeded to remove the cladding they informed her that the job would be much more expensive as the cladding was ruining the brick work as it was being removed. The cheapest option was for the cladding to remain on the house.

In July 2008, Tyrone was advised by Jack to propose marriage to her in a fancy restaurant. Tyrone unfortunately did not propose at that moment. Molly later planned a surprise proposal to Tyrone and the two got engaged, also with the help of her Auntie Pam who arrived on the programme during that period.

In episodes airing in August 2008, Tyrone decided that Molly should meet his mother Jackie. Everything was all going to plan, until Molly and Tyrone discovered that Jackie was £1,000 in debt to an old friend of his father's and needed the money to pay this off, much to Molly's despair as Tyrone agreed to help her. They used their wedding savings to pay him off, this put their plans on hold for Molly to afford her dream wedding dress.
Molly and Tyrone Marry (2009).
In December 2008, Molly became suspicious of Tyrone's behaviour. He had secretly been selling dodgy merchandise with Pam, to help pay for their wedding. She mistakenly thought that Tyrone was having an affair with Minnie Chandra after she spotted the pair flirting, when in reality Minnie was buying perfume and T-shirts from Tyrone. When Tyrone confessed that he had been selling with Pam, Molly was furious and left him, saying that she could no longer trust him. She later forgave him, and they got married on 12th January 2009.

In 2009 Molly struck up a friendship with her husband's workmate Kevin Webster. The two, along with Jason Grimshaw, trained hard together for the local fun run. Although Kevin jealously accused Jason of sleeping with Molly, Molly laughed it off and they remained friends. Kevin was the only person to support Molly at the local fun run and, the same night, Kevin looked longingly at photos of Molly at the fun run on his mobile phone.

In June 2009, Molly confronted Kevin to why he was acting so strangely around her; Kevin reluctantly admitted he was in love with her. Molly slapped him and left, but outside the garage she smiled to herself.

They later began an affair which was nearly exposed at Sally's birthday party in July 2009, however Molly smoothed things over.

Molly then ended her affair with Kevin and went on holiday with Tyrone, however when she returned in August 2009 she ran the fun run with Kevin and they celebrated by having sex in a hotel near by.

However Molly and Kevin were caught kissing in his truck by Molly's Auntie Pam. When Pam confronted Molly about her affair, Molly declares that she is in love with Kevin. However Pam disapproves and gives her an ultimatum, either she confesses to Tyrone or she ends her affair. As a result, she had no choice but to pretend to end her affair with Kevin. However when she has a conversation with Tyrone about Kevin and Sally's marriage, Molly discovers that she's not the only liason of Kevin as Tyrone mentions that Kevin had numerous affairs in the past, even with a nurse called Molly, which she felt insulted to.


Ian Wylie of The Manchester Evening News praised the character and actress for scenes which aired during the highly publicised death of long-term character Vera Duckworth, stating: "readers will know how impressed I was by the acting of Vicky Binns in scenes immediately following the death of Vera Duckworth"


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