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The Montana House of Representatives is, with the Montana Senate, one of the two houses of the Montana Legislature. Composed of 100 members, the House elects its leadership every two years.

Composition of the House

61st Legislature - 2009-2011

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Constitution Vacant
End of previous legislature 49 50 1 100 0
Begin 50 50 0 100 0
Latest voting share 50% 50%

In the event that the parties have a tie in number of members, the speaker and other officers are elected from the party who holds the governor's seat.


Position Name Party
Speaker of the House Bob Bergren Democratic
Speaker pro tempore Franke Wilmer Democratic
Majority Leader Margarett Campbell Democratic
Minority Leader Scott Sales Republican

  • Majority Caucus Leader: Mike Phillips (D)
  • Majority Whip: Shannon Augare (D)
  • Majority Whip: Julie French (D)
  • Assistant Minority Leader: Tom McGillvray (R)
  • Minority Floor Leader: Scott Mendenhall (R)
  • Minority Whip: Chas Vincent (R)
  • Minority Whip: Dee Brown (R)
  • Minority Whip: Krayton Kerns (R)
  • Minority Whip: Llew Jones (R)

Members of the Montana House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence
1 Gerald Bennett Republican Libbymarker
2 Chas Vincent Republican Libbymarker
3 Dee Brown Republican Hungry Horsemarker
4 Mike Jopek Democratic Whitefishmarker
5 Keith Regier Republican Kalispellmarker
6 Bill Beck Republican Whitefish
7 Jon Sonju Republican Kalispell
8 Chery Steenson Democratic Kalispell
9 Scott Reichner Republican Bigforkmarker
10 Mark Blasdel Republican Somersmarker
11 Janna Taylor Republican Daytonmarker
12 John Fleming Democratic Saint Ignatiusmarker
13 Pat Ingraham Republican Thompson Fallsmarker
14 Gordon Hendrick Republican Superiormarker
15 Frosty Boss Ribs Democratic Heart Buttemarker
16 Shannon Augare Democratic Browningmarker
17 Russell Bean Republican Augustamarker
18 Jesse O'Hara Republican Great Fallsmarker
19 Mike Milburn Republican Cascademarker
20 Deborah Kottel Democratic Great Falls
21 Anders Blewett Democratic Great Falls
22 Bill Wilson Democratic Great Falls
23 Carlie Boland Democratic Great Falls
24 Brian Hoven Republican Great Falls
25 Sue Dickenson Democratic Great Falls
26 Robert Mehlhoff Democratic Great Falls
27 Llew Jones Republican Conradmarker
28 Roy Hollandsworth Republican Brady
29 Edward Butcher Republican Winifredmarker
30 Dave Kasten Republican Brockwaymarker
31 Margarett Campbell Democratic Poplarmarker
32 Tony Belcourt Democratic Box Eldermarker
33 Bob Bergren Democratic Havremarker
34 Wendy Warburton Republican Havre
35 Wayne Stahl Republican Sacomarker
36 Julie French Democratic Scobeymarker
37 Walter McNutt Republican Sidneymarker
38 Dennis Getz Democratic Glendivemarker
39 Lee Randall Republican Broadusmarker
40 Bill McChesney Democratic Miles Citymarker
41 J. David Roundstone Democratic Busbymarker
42 Carolyn Pease-Lopez Democratic Billingsmarker
43 Duane Ankney Republican Colstripmarker
44 William Glaser Republican Huntleymarker
45 Tom Berry Republican Roundupmarker
46 Ken Peterson Republican Billings
47 Dennis Himmelberger Republican Billings
48 Wanda Grinde Democratic Billings
49 Kendall Van Dyk Democratic Billings
50 Tom McGillvray Republican Billings
51 Robyn Driscoll Democratic Billings
52 Arlene Becker Democratic Billings
53 Elsie Arntzen Republican Billings
54 Margaret MacDonald Democratic Billings
55 Cary Smith Republican Billings
56 Don Roberts Republican Billings
57 Penny Morgan Republican Billings
58 Krayton Kerns Republican Laurelmarker
59 Paul Beck Democratic Red Lodgemarker
60 David Howard Republican Park Citymarker
61 Joel Boniek Republican Livingstonmarker
62 Bob Ebinger Democratic Livingston
63 JP Pomnichowski Democratic Bozemanmarker
64 Franke Wilmer Democratic Bozeman
65 Brady Wiseman Democratic Bozeman
66 Mike Phillips Democratic Bozeman
67 Gordon Vance Republican Bozeman
68 Scott Sales Republican Bozeman
69 Ted Washburn Republican Bozeman
70 Michael More Republican Gallatin Gatewaymarker
71 Bob Wagner Republican Harrisonmarker
72 Jeffrey Welborn Republican Dillonmarker
73 Pat Noonan Democratic Ramsay
74 Art Noonan Democratic Buttemarker
75 Edith McClafferty Democratic Butte
76 Jon Sesso Democratic Butte
77 Scott Mendenhall Republican Clancymarker
78 Jill Cohenour Democratic East Helenamarker
79 Chuck Hunter Democratic Helenamarker
80 Mary Caferro Democratic Helena
81 Galen Hollenbaugh Democratic Helena
82 Mike Menahan Democratic Helena
83 Harry Klock Republican Harlowtonmarker
84 Mike Miller Republican Helmville
85 Cynthia Hiner Democratic Deer Lodgemarker
86 Dan Villa Democratic Anacondamarker
87 Ron Stoker Republican Darbymarker
88 Bob Lake Republican Hamiltonmarker
89 Gary MacLaren Republican Victormarker
90 Ray Hawk Republican Florencemarker
91 Timothy Furey Democratic Milltown
92 Robin Hamilton Democratic Missoulamarker
93 Dick Barrett Democratic Missoula
94 Dave McAlpin Democratic Missoula
95 Diane Sands Democratic Missoula
96 Teresa Henry Democratic Missoula
97 Michele Reinhart Democratic Missoula
98 Sue Malek Democratic Missoula
99 Betsy Hands Democratic Missoula
100 Bill Nooney Republican Missoula

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