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1888 German map of Montevideo

Montevideo ( ) is the largest city, the capital and chief port of Uruguaymarker. Montevideo is the only city in the country with a population over 1,000,000. According to Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Montevideo provides the highest quality of life in Latin America..


Satellite view of metro area
Montevideo is situated in the south of the country, The geographic coordinates are 34.5° S, 56°W.

18 de Julio is the city's main avenue and extends from the Plaza Independenciamarker, which is the junction between the Ciudad Viejamarker (the historical quarter) and the rest of the city, to the boundary between the neighborhoods of Cordón and Parque Batlle.


Early history

In 1776, Spain made Montevideo its main naval base (Real Apostadero de Marina) for the South Atlantic, with authority over the Argentine coast, Fernando Pomarker, and the Falklandsmarker.

The city fell under heavy Britishmarker influence from the early 19th century until the early 20th century as a way to circumvent Argentinemarker and Brazilianmarker commercial control. It was briefly occupied by Britainmarker in 1807, and it was repeatedly besieged by Blanco leader Manuel Oribe and Argentine dictator Juan Manuel de Rosas between 1838 and 1851. Between 1878 and 1911, British-owned railway companies built an extensive railway network linking the city and its port to the countryside.

20th century

Independence Plaza, c.
Libertador Avenue

During World War II, a famous incident involving the Germanmarker pocket battleship Admiral Graf Speemarker took place in Punta del Este, from Montevideo. After the Battle of the River Platemarker with the Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy on December 13, 1939, the Graf Spee retreated to Montevideo's port, which was considered neutral at the time. To avoid risking the crew in what he thought would be a losing battle, Captain Hans Langsdorff scuttled the ship on December 17. Langsdorff committed suicide two days later.

On 10 February 2006, the eagle figurehead of the Admiral Graf Spee was salvaged. To protect the feelings of those still sensitive to Nazi Germany, the swastika on the figurehead was covered as it was pulled from the water.


The D.N.T. is the office in charge of the organization and development of the transport infrastructure [6475]

  • Sea
    • Port of Montevideo. Cargo and Passengers[6477]
    • Several minor sport ports

  • Land
    • Bus central station[6478]
    • Highway system connecting with the rest of the country
    • Rail system, check A.F.E. (national rail Company)[6479]


  1. Ciudad Viejamarker
  2. Centro
  3. Barrio Sur
  4. Aguada
  5. Villa Muñoz
  6. Cordón
  7. Palermo
  8. Parque Rodó
  9. Tres Cruces
  10. La Comercial
  11. Larrañaga
  12. La Blanqueada
  13. Parque Batlle, Villa Dolores
  14. Pocitosmarker
  15. Punta Carretas
  16. Unión
  17. Buceomarker
  18. Malvín
  19. Malvín Norte
  20. Parque Guaraní, Las Canteras

  1. Punta Gorda
  2. Carrascomarker
  3. Carrasco Norte
  4. Bañados de Carrasco
  5. Flor de Maroñas
  6. Maroñas
  7. Villa Española
  8. Ituzaingó
  9. Pérez Castellanos
  10. Mercado Modelo, Bolivar
  11. Brazo Orientalmarker
  12. Jacinto Vera, La Figurita
  13. Reducto
  14. Capurro, Bella Vista
  15. Prado
  16. Atahualpa
  17. Peñarol
  18. Belvedere
  19. La Teja
  20. Tres Ombúes, Pueblo Victoria

  1. Cerro, La Paloma
  2. Casabó, Pajas Blancas
  3. Paso de la Arena
  4. Nuevo París
  5. Conciliación
  6. Sayago
  7. Piedras Blancas
  8. Colón Centro y Noroeste
  9. Lezica, Melilla
  10. Colón Sudeste, Abayubá
  11. Manga, Toledo Chico
  12. Casavalle
  13. Cerrito
  14. Las Acacias
  15. Jardines del Hipódromo
  16. Lavalleja, 40 Semanas
  17. Manga
  18. Punta de Rieles, Bella Italia
  19. Villa García, Manga Rural


The University of Uruguay Law School
Solis Theatre
Playing golf in Punta Carretas.
Montevideo has a golf course within the city.
Kitesurfing in Ramírez Beach, Mercosur's Pro Tempore Secretariat Building in the background.
Even in winter Montevideo is a great place for water sports.
Pocitos Beach in Montevideo


Montevideo has a very rich architectural heritage and an impressive number of writers, artists, and musicians. Uruguayan tango is a unique form of dance that originated in the neighborhoods of Montevideo towards the end of the 1800s. Tango, candombe and murga are the three main styles of music in this city.


Montevideo hosted all the matches of the 1st FIFA World Cup in 1930. Its Estadio Centenariomarker is considered a major stadium. The city is home to two of the most important South American football clubs: Peñarol and Nacional.

Noted local people

Luis Diego López (Cagliari footbaler)

Gabe Saporta (Musician)

El Cuarteto de Nos (Rock Band)

Sites of interest

International relations

Twin towns — Sister cities

Montevideo is twinned with:


Montevideo enjoys a humid subtropical climate with, mild and dry winters, hot and humid summers and volatile springs with numerous thunderstorms. Tropical cyclones rarely strike the city.


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