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Moon Hee-Joon ( ) is a South Koreanmarker musician formerly of the group H.O.T. "Alone" is the debut album of H.O.T.’s former member Moon Hee Jun. The music and the words of all the tracks in the album, except for "Ibyeori Animeul (이별이 아님을)," which was an adaptation of Auld Lang Syne, were written by Moon. He also created PS Entertainment after leaving SM Entertainment.


Before H.O.T. was disband in 2001, there were many detractors of Moon. It appeared that some overacting fanatics of H.O.T. made other people uncomfortable with the group. This became a significant social phenomenon in South Korea after Moon became a solo rock artist; uncountable parody pictures, texts, and musics of him flooded over the internet. Feeling that these were unfair insults, Moon once appealed for people to stop this in a newspaper interview, and the article about it on the web recorded more than 320,000 comments because of his detractors swarming on it, called seongjisullye(성지순례; literally means 'pilgrimage'). .In 2008, Moon Hee Jun returned from military duties, and in March 2008, he released his single Obsession .



Fans Club

  • 2001-2004: H.I.T (SM ENTERTAINMENT)
  • 2005-Current/On-going: JUNIST(SidusHQ)


Album # Album Information Track listing
1st Alone
  1. Electric H.I.T World
  2. Muse Over the Sunset
  3. Our Story
  4. Alone
  5. The Loss of Sadness
  6. T.N.T
  7. Red & White
  8. Aria of the Will
  9. Persia Black Hole
  10. Devil of Angel
  11. I Still Believe
  12. Unexpected Farewell
2nd Messiah
  1. My Life is... and My Way
  2. I (Human Individual Cloning)
  3. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous)
  4. 상자 속의 그댄 (Falling in to You)
  5. 몇 년이 지나도 (Longing for You)
  6. 사랑이란건 (Love Theme1)
  7. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous...Ballad Version)
  8. 나의 고물 Radio (My Old Radio)
  9. MEDIA
  10. 눈물이 마른 뒤 (Love Theme2)
  11. White Angels
  12. 내일이 찾아오면 (New Mix-Down)
3rd Live Revolution
  1. Present: love in my pocket
  2. Love in my Pocket
4th Legend
  1. I Don't Care For Anything But Music
  2. 전설 (Legend)
  3. 내님 (I'll always wait for you)
  4. G. 선상의 아리아 (Silent Conflict)
  5. 우린 너무 닮았죠 (To my Parents)
  6. 서툰 고백 (Confession)
  7. Gin-O-Gi
  8. The Rome
  9. 웃어요 (Smile)
  10. To Be Continued...
5th The Best: Soaring for a Dream
  1. 종이 비행기 (A Soaring for Dream)
  2. To Live is to Fight
  3. Puppy
  4. Virus
  5. Alone
  6. Red & White
  7. 천상의 아리아 (Aria of the Will)
  8. Devil Of Angel
  9. I (Human Individual Cloning)
  10. 아낌없이 주는 나무 (Generous...)
  11. My Life Is...And My Way
  12. 전설 (Legend)
  13. G선상의 아리아 (Silent Conflict)
  14. To Be Continued...
  15. Drug
6th Triple X
  1. MayFly
  2. Easy 罵 (Intro)
  3. Easy 罵
  4. [Sure:side]
  5. 기억이란 작은 마을 (A Small Village Called Memory)
  6. Happy Ending
  7. A.D. 2050
  8. 잊으려... (*Composed by Miyazaki Hayao, Lyrics & Arranged by MoonHeeJun)
  9. 우린...
7th Special Album
  1. Obsession
  2. WISH
  3. Soul
  4. git it up
  5. G선상의 아리아 (Gseonsangui Aria - G Line's Aria)
  6. 포켓 속의 그댄 (Poketssogui Geudaen - You In My Pocket)
  7. To Live is To Fight
  8. 종이 비행기 (Jongi Bihaenggi - Paper Plane)
  9. 기억이란 작은 마을 (Gieogiran Jageun Maeul - A Village Called Memory)
8th Last Cry
  1. Because there’s two of me…Because You’re Alone
  2. Toy (New Version)
  3. Why
  4. Toy (Original Version)
  5. Because there’s two of me…Because You’re Alone (Instrumental)


  • 2004 Winter Letter

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