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Perumarker's Movimiento Etnocacerista (aka Movimiento Nacionalista Peruano or "Peruvian Nationalist Movement") is a group of ethnic nationalists.The name etnocacerista is composed of two parts:the first evokes Peru's ethnic identity (specifically, its origins with theQuechua a Native American people often identified in the popular imagination with the Inca, a pre-Columbian royal group);the second indicates the group's veneration of 19th century president and war hero Andrés Avelino Cáceres, who led a guerrilla resistance campaign against occupying Chileanmarker troops during the War of the Pacific.

The movement's leaders are two former army officers, the brothers Antauro Humala (major, retired) and Ollanta Humala (lieutenant colonel, retired; most recently a military attaché at the Peruvian embassy in South Koreamarker). Most of its members are also current members of the military or reservists, veterans of Peru's internal war with the Shining Path and Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement as well as the border disputes with Ecuadormarker and Chilemarker in the 1980s and 1990s.

In October 2000 the two led 50 followers in a brief and unsuccessful uprising against President Alberto Fujimori.

On 1 January 2005, demanding the resignation of President Alejandro Toledo, Antauro Humala led a detachment of anywhere between 70 and 300 of the movement's supporters in an assault on a police station in the remote town of Andahuaylasmarker, Apurímac Region. Ten police officers were taken hostage, four others were shot and killed, and a standoff ensued. Humala eventually surrendered, and was taken to Limamarker on 4 January 2005.

The movement's aims include reclaiming Peru's Inca heritage and reasserting it within contemporary society; specifically, this entails replacing the current élite of Europeans, Asians, and Creoles with one composed of the currently marginalised indigenous masses.

The etnocaceristas also firmly oppose foreign involvement in the economy, particularly from traditional rival Chilemarker. They support the nationalisation of the country's industry (starting with the reversion of recent privatisations), the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason in war time, and the legalisation of coca cultivation. Antauro Humala has also claimed to be a follower of Venezuelanmarker President Hugo Chávez's "Bolivarian" political philosophy.

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