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Mr. Meaty is a Canadianmarker children's television series, airing on CBC Television in Canada. It started airing on the Nicktoons Network (in the United States) on March 10, 2007. The show features puppets working at a fast food restaurant called Mr. Meaty (a parody of fast food chains) located inside the Scaunchboro Mall, a name based on the Ontario city of Scarboroughmarker). With a TV rating of TV-PG.

The show began as a series of shorts featured on CBC's The Void and in between Nickelodeon shows. A 15 minute pilot aired on December 30, 2005, which used one of the shorts as part of the episode. On September 22, 2006, the series premiered on American television with two 15 minute episodes, and ended with 13 half hour episodes. The show is no longer in production. The original shorts can still be found on iTunes and TurboNick. Mr. Meaty has been featured in the August and September issues of Nick Magazine. This show is now also on Nicktoons Network. This is the third Nickelodeon/CBC Television co-production, the first being Little Bear and the second being Pelswick.

Mr.Meaty has a number of episodes featuring full 14-minute Director's Cut, Extended Scenes and Deleted Scenes on Turbonick. It began airing on the Canadianmarker channel Teletoon in June 2009 but is no longer in their current lineup.

Mr. Meaty returned in reruns on Nicktoons on October 18, 2009.

Main Characters

Josh Redgrove: Joshua "Josh" Redgrove is the main protagonist of the series. He is Parker's best friend and the cashier at "Mr. Meaty." Most girls that Josh talks to don't like him. Some girls he talks to (like Goth Girl) like him at first, but they always ditch him eventually. He doesn't like his job, and his dream is to make a horror movie (with ninja-zombies) with his friend, Parker. Although he once stated, "Parker isn't exactly the coolest dude in the universe", and frequently seems tired of Parker's "nerdier" tendencies, Josh does seem to have a sincere affection for his friend. He goes as far as to defend him against all the characters in the mall when Parker turns into an insult-wielding monster. Josh gets picked on by his older brother Ken and best friend Darryl and The Tater Tots. Josh enjoys indie-punk music. He is voiced by Jamie Shannon.

Parker Dinkleman: Josh's best friend and the fry cook at "Mr. Meaty." Dim-witted, short, and hygenically challenged, Parker enjoys making movies with Josh and cooking foods. Unfortunately, his gross habits (including farting, nose-picking, snorting, and other bodily noises) scare away girls that Josh is talking to, and for this reason, Parker can be considered as Josh's foil. In almost every episode, his lip quivers when he has an emotion. Parker is overweight, explaining why he is sometimes referred to as "Porker." Parker hates this nickname. Josh describes Parker as having a "farting problem". Parker appears to be something of a sci-fi geek. Unlike Josh, Parker loves his job. Despite his size, Parker can be very strong when he is very angry, and in the episode, "Wedgelor," he managed to defeat Wedgelor with his anger. Parker was a member of the Bear Cub Scouts. He is voiced by Jason Hopley.

Doug the Mall Cop: Doug the Mall Cop is a beefy secuirty guard with a buzz haircut, black shades, and a prominent bottom lip. Doug is responsible for keeping everything safe and legal in the mall. He also has to keep bullies from picking on other people. Doug speaks with a macho attitude, and is very dedicated to his job. He can be friendly to the kids of the mall, or pretty aggressive to trouble-makers. Doug is scared of zombies. He seems to have a liking towards Josh and Parker, and wanted to be a hero of them (to the point of lying by pretend that he fought an army of zombies, as seen in the episode, "Doug of the Dead"). Doug is trained in the martial arts (as revealed in "Ninjam"). Doug is also an occasional customer at "Mr. Meaty." He is voiced by Todd Doldersum.

Mr. Carney: Edward Roger Carney is the main antagonist of the series. Mr. Carney is a blue skinned skeleton-like founder of Mr. Meaty. It is shown he is crippled, ususally traveling in a wheelchair with an I.V. Mr. Carney is very evil and greedy. As in the episode, "Original Sin," he fired Wink. When Carney wanted Wink back, he forced him to work for him by pulling out the contract, that Wink's great-great-great grandfather signed, then he placed an electric chip on the back of Wink's head, which shocks him when he does something that Carney dislikes. His appearance is a parody of Colonel Sanders. He is voiced by Martin Stelnick.

Notable employees

  • Josh Redgrove - Mr.Meaty cashier

  • Parker Dinkleman - Mr. Meaty cook

  • Mr. Edward R. Carney - Mr. Meaty founder

  • Winkelmayer VII - Mr. Meaty manager

  • Ashley - Pantosphere

  • Ashley 2 - Sparkle City movie theater

  • Goth Girl - Sparkle City movie theater

  • Brittany - Pantosphere

  • Doug - Head of security

  • The Tater Tots - Child rappers

  • Tori- Milk Shaker

  • Tyra -Gristle Grater

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