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Ashfield Council Administration Building
The Municipality of Ashfield is a Local Government Area of Sydneymarker, New South Walesmarker, Australia. It lies approximately 10 kilometres west of the central business district.


According to the Australian Bureau Statistics , there:

- were 40,262 people as at 30 June 2006, the 54th largest Local Government Area in New South Wales. It was equal to 0.6% of the New South Wales population of 6,827,694

- was an increase of 152 people over the year to 30 June 2006, the 74th largest population growth in a Local Government Area in New South Wales. It was equal to 0.3% of the 58,753 increase in the population of New South Wales

- was, in percentage terms, an increase of 0.4% in the number of people over the year to 30 June 2006, the 109th fastest growth in population of a Local Government Area in New South Wales. In New South Wales the population grew by 0.9%

- was a fall in population over the 10 years to 30 June 2006 of 1,496 people or 3.6% (0.4% in annual average terms). In New South Wales the population grew by 622,966 or 10% (1.0% in annual average terms) over the same period.


The municipality comprises:

It also includes parts of:


Ashfield Municipal Council is composed of twelve councillors elected proportionally; the municipality is divided into four wards, each electing three councillors. The mayor not directly elected. The current makeup of the council is as follows:

Party Councillors
  Australian Labor Party 4
  Independent 3
  The Greens 3
  Liberal Party of Australia 2
Total 12

The Municipality of Ashfield became a "no war zone" following a 2004 motion.

The current council, elected in 2008, is:

Ward Councillor Party Notes
East Ward   Caroline Stott Independent
  Patrick Kelso Greens
  Alex Lofts Labor
North East Ward   Ted Cassidy Independent Mayor
  Lyall Kennedy Greens
  Lucille McKenna Labor
North Ward   Monica Wangmann Independent
  Mei Wang Labor
  Nick Adams Liberal
South Ward   Mark Drury Labor
  Marc Rerceretnam Greens
  Morris Mansour Liberal Deputy Mayor


Housing is characterised equally by a mixture of 'grand Victorian' and Federation-era freestanding homes, and post-war medium-density unit dwellings ('flats' in Australian parlance).


In October 2006, Cr Nick Adams was "formally condemned by fellow councillors after racking up thousands of dollars worth of phone calls and Cabcharges for personal benefit."

In November 2005, the Deputy Mayor, Nick Adams, called for the eradication of pigeons from the municipality as a way of preventing the spread of so-called 'bird flu'. His motion was met with a combination of disbelief, laughter, and subsequent national notoriety. Councillor Marc Rerceretnam was widely quoted in response: "The mind boggles when I think of Ashfield pigeons flying to the border of Ashfield and stopping directly at the border, saying "oh no, that's Canterbury, I can't go into there" and flying back in again. I mean this, this is, what exactly is this motion trying to do?". The motion failed.

In 2006, former Deputy Mayor, Nick Adams, denounced multiculturalism on national television only to be condemned by the community and the Ethnic Communities Council of NSW.


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