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Mustafa Balel, Turkish short story writer and novelist (born 1 September in 1945, Sivasmarker).

After he graduated from Ankaramarker Gazi Institute of Education, Department of French philology (1968), he did his master's at the University of Poitiers in France (1971-1972). Returned to Turkeymarker, he worked as a teacher at high schools in Ardahanmarker (1968-1970), Sivasmarker (1972-1975) and Istanbulmarker, and at the Atatürk Education Institute (1978-1980). He was a member of publication committee of Larousse Encyclopedia (1986-1992); Axis Encyclopedia (1997-2001) and published a story journal Öykü (1975-1976, 8 issues).

He had his stories, articles and translations published in the journals and in publications published in Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, France and Brazil. He translated several novels and short stories of the French language (Michel Tournier, Yann Queffélec, Pascal Bruckner, Jorge Semprún, Panait Istrati, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Dragan Babic, Marlène Amar etc.)

In his stories, he attracted attention with his ability to combine contemporary story technique with his mastery of traditional narration along with a successful psychological analysis.In his works, one notes that he indicates a structure conventionally matriarchal exist surreptitiously in a strictly patriarchal known society.

Mustafa Balel won the "Story Achievement Award" at the 12th Antalyamarker Festival with his story Can Eriği (Plum, 1975) and the achievement award in the play competition held by the Turkish Opera and Ballet Foundation with his play Gün Vurgunu (The Day Hit, 1984).


Short Story :
  • Kurtboğan (Monkshood, 1974),
  • Kiraz Küpeler (Cherry Earrings, 1977),
  • Gurbet Kaçtı Gözüme (Foreign Lands Get In My Eyes, 1983),
  • Le Transanatolien (Transanatolia, 1988, French, Paris ),
  • Turuncu Eleni (Eleni, the Orange Color, 1992 ).
  • Karanfilli Ahmet Güzellemesi (Praise for Ahmet With Carnation, 2005)

Novel :
  • Peygamber Çiçeği (Cornflower, 1981),
  • Asmalı Pencere (Window With the Grapevine, 1984).

Children's Novel :
  • Bizim Sinemamız Var (We Have Cinema, 1979),
  • Cumartesiye Çok Var mı? (Is it Long to Saturday?, 1981).
  • Nöbetçi Ayakkabıcı Dükkânı (Shoemaker's Store Open 24 hours, 2005).

Children's Short Stories (Bilingual Books):
  • Berke'nin Badem Şekerleri / Berke's Almond Candies (2007)
  • Sincaplı Kalemtıraş / The Squirrel Pencil Sharpener (2007)
  • Renkli Tebeşirler / Colored Chalk (2007)
  • Kiraz Tokalı Kız / The Girl with the Cherry Barette (2007)
  • Piknikte / The Picnic (2007)

Travel Literature :
  • Bükreş Günleri (Days of Bucharestmarker, 1985)
  • İstanbul Mektupları/Avrupa Yakası (Letters from İstanbul, 2009)

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