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My Secret Identity is a Canadianmarker television series starring Jerry O'Connell and Derek McGrath. Originally broadcast from September 1, 1988 to May 1, 1991 on CTV in Canada, the series also aired in syndication in the United Statesmarker.


O'Connell stars as 14-year-old Andrew Clements, who while looking one day for his friend, Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoat (McGrath), trips and is hit by a photon beam, causing him to develop superpowers. He uses these abilities to fight crime, to solve personal problems and to help others. He hides his powers from his mother, sister and friends with the exception of Jeffcoat. Andrew initially called himself Ultraman, but this was later dropped.


Initially, Clements powers include superhuman speed, invulnerability, and levitation. Super-strength was later formed after being hit by the photon beam a second time.

In the first season, Andrew had to carry around aerosol spray containers and use them in order to move through the air, as his 'flying' ability was not exactly flying—he can make himself near-'weightless', as well as move up without any problems, but he cannot propel himself through the air or move down without some external force. He could, however, jump a bit higher with this, and do flips through the air he could not do without this ability. In the second season, however, and without explanation, Andrew gained the ability to move around in the air without the use of the cans. Later in the season, after being struck by the photon beam a second time while protecting others, Andrew develops superhuman strength, but loses his invulnerability.

Throughout the entire series, being exposed to radiation (as well as certain electromagnetic waves, or, at least, X-rays specifically) makes Andrew lose his powers. Initially, he would lose his powers even after not being around the radiation (though eventually his powers would come back); later on, however, he would regain his superpowers the instant he was not around radiation. Chemicals in "Toxic Time Bomb" did not affect him, however; this may have been because they didn't have the correct properties to affect his powers.

Andrew's personality and "Secret Identity"

Initially, in the first season, Andrew dreamed of being a superhero named "Ultraman." The term "Ultraman" was used by himself quite often when talking to himself or Dr. J. Dr. Jeffcoat also used the term, though usually in reference to his powers in a semi-sarcastic way ("So what did Ultraman do?", etc.). There was also, in a few fantasy scenes Andrew had in the first season, an Ultraman suit that he would wear, though this never appeared in the 'real life' of the show. The Ultraman theme was dropped for season 2/3 and is not even mentioned once; though Andrew continued to use his powers to save people, he stopped trying to be a stereotypical masked superhero.

Andrew managed to keep his secret from almost everyone throughout the entire series, even his family, telling only Dr. J. In "Reluctant Hero", Andrew attempted to tell his best friend, Kirk, about his powers at one point, but failed when X-rays cancelled out his powers, leading to Kirk saving Andrew from being killed. He did, however, succeed in telling a dying boy named David in season 3. He took the boy for a flight after he [David] wasn't able to get a ride in a plane he wanted to.

Setting and Characters

The main-setting in the show is the fictional suburb of Briarwood. Andrew goes to Briarwood High and his sister Erin goes to another school.

Dr. Jeffcoat (supposed to be the fourth smartest man in the world) was a close friend of the family, living next door, and had a thing for Mrs Clements but he never let her know.



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