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Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch ( ) is a scholar of the Sindhi, Persian, Arabic, and Urdu languages. He has written many books on Sindh's History, and about 42 volumes on Sindhi Folklore. In addition, he has compiled and published Sindhi dictionary in five volumes—which has lately been revised in three volumes. He has also compiled Sindhi-to-Urdu, Urdu-to-Sindhi dictionaries co-authored with Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan. He has compiled works of Classical Sindhi poets including Shah Inayat, Qadi Qadan, Khalifo Nabibakhsh, Hamal Faqir and compiled works of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai in ten volumes.

Early years

Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch was born on December 16, 1917, in Jaffer Khan Laghari village, Taluka Sinjhoromarker, Sanghar Districtmarker. His father's name was Ali Mohammad Khan Baloch.

Baloch started his education from Nowshera Ferozmarker High School. He obtained his B.A. from Jhuna Gharh College from Bombay University and got his M.A. Arabic First Class First and LL.B from Aligarh Muslim University .

In 1946 AD he went to Columbia University where he did his Master's in Education and got his Doctoral Degree in the same field. His thesis was on Teacher Education in Pakistan.

After completing the Education, he returned to Pakistanmarker. For a short period of time, he worked in Information and Broadcasting Division as Officer on Special Duty and was to join Damascus in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when Allama I. I. Kazi invited him to join the newly established University of Sindh as Professor of Education to establish first Department of Education in Pakistan. Later on he rose to the positions of the first Dean of Education Department and Vice Chancellor of University of Sindh. In 1976, he was called upon to join Ministry of Education in Islamabadmarker where he established first Islamic University Islamabad, initiated the scheme of Great Books of Islamic Civilization under Pakistan National Hijra Council. He also worked as first Chairman of Sindhi Language Authority and Chairman of Allama I.I. Kazi Chair. He is Professor Emeritus. His correspondence in the Sindhi Language has been published by Sindh Moti Manik Tanzeem Hyderabad and Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh. Latest work covering his correspondence with world scholars from 1946 to 2006 has been published under the title WORLD OF WORK: A SCHOLAR'S DILEMMA edited by Muhammad Umar Chand with an introduction covering biographical landmarks of his life, published by Institute of Sindhology, University of Sindh in March 2007.


  • Sindhi Jami'a Lughaat (First edition in 5 volumes 1960-1988 published by Sindhi Adabi Board; 2nd revised edition in 3 volumes, published by Sindhi Language Authority 2004-2006 (third volume in Press))
  • Roshni, Sindhi to Sindhi one volume dictionary, 1998, published by Sindhi Language Authority
  • Sindhi Lok kahaniyoon (7 volumes, a number of editionions)
  • Madahoon Ain Munaajaatoon
  • Munaqibaa
  • Moajiza
  • Molood
  • Teeh Akhriyoon
  • Hafta Deinh Ratyoon Ain Maheena
  • Jang Naama
  • Waqiaati Bait
  • Munazira
  • Sindhi Senghar (Shairy)
  • Paroliyoon, Dunoon, Muamaoon Ain Bol
  • Gujhartoon
  • Door
  • Geech
  • lok Geet
  • Bait
  • Narr Ja Bait
  • Kafiyoon
  • Mashahoor Sindhi Qisa
  • Rasmoon Riwaj Ain Sanwan Saath
  • Sindhi Hunr Shairy
  • Kulyat-e-Hamal
  • Mubeen Shah Jo Kalam
  • Miyeen Shah Inaat [Inaayat] Jo Risalo
  • Khalifay Nabi Bakhsh Laghari Jo Risalo
  • Shah Lutfullah Qadri Jo Kalam
  • Nawab Wali Muhammad LAghari Jo Kalam
  • Kulyat-e-Sangi
  • Beylaain Jaa Bola
  • Laakho Phulani
  • Kazi Qazan Jo Kalam
  • Ragnamo
  • Soomran Jo Daur
  • Sindhi Mosiqee Je Mukhtasir Tarikh
  • Sindhi Boli Ain Adab Jee Tarikh
  • Sindhi Sooratkahti Ain Khatati
  • Gadah
  • Shah Abdul LAtif jo Risalo (10 volumes) , 1989 to 1999, published by various publishers.

and many more books.

Books in Other Languages

  • Sindh Main Urdu Shairy (Urdu)
  • Molana Azad Subhani (Urdu)
  • Deewan-e-Matam (Urdu)
  • Deewan-e-Shuq-e-Afza OR Deewan-e-Shair
  • Talaba Aur Taleem (Urdu)
  • Advent of Islam in Indonesia, 1980
  • Muslim Luminaries: Leaders of Religious, Intellectual and Political Revival in South Asia, 1988
  • Kabul Ki Diary (Memoirs of Mawlana Obaidullah Sindhi during his days of residence in Kabul, compiled by Mawlana Abdullah Laghari, edited by Dr. N. A. Baloch
  • Sindh: Studies Historical[English]
  • Sindh: Studies Cultural(English)
  • Traditional Arts & Crafts of Hyderabad Region (Sindh, 1966, Mehran Arts Council
  • Musical Instruments of the Lower Indus Valley of Sindh, 1966, Mehran Arts Council Hyderabad
  • Gosha-e-Baloch, published by Urdu Department, University of Sindh
  • Chachnama edited and translated into English [Persian, English]
Baqiyaat az Kalhora (Persian)
  • Beglar Naama by Idraki Beglari(text in Persian)]
  • Takmilatul- Takmilah, Addendum to Qania's Maqalatush-Shu'raa and Takmilla of Mohammad Ibrahim Khalil, published by Arts Faculty, Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, Sindh University, 2007 [Text in Persian, Preface in Sindhi]


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