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Nagahama Castle

 is a city located in Shiga Prefecturemarker, Japanmarker on the eastern shore of Lake Biwamarker. Prior to 1576 it had been known as Kunitomo. The name was changed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in tribute to Oda Nobunaga when Hideyoshi moved his center of administration from Odani to Kunitomo.

On February 13, 2006, the towns of Azai and Biwa from Higashiazai District merged with the city to create the current city of Nagahama, which replaced all municipal organizations—including the old city of Nagahama itself. The current city is now historically located within both Sakatamarker and Higashiazai Districts.

The naming

Nagahama used to be known as Imahama (今濱), but Toyotomi Hideyoshi renamed it Nagahama for Oda Nobunaga.


New city of Nagahama

On February 13, 2006, the towns of Azai and Biwa from Higashiazai District merged with the city to create the current city of Nagahama.

A planned merger of municipalities will be implemented around March 31, 2010; several municipalities are merging into the city of Nagahama. Kohokumarker and Torahimemarker in Higashiazai District and Kinomotomarker, Nishiazaimarker, Takatsukimarker, and Yogomarker in Ika District and will merge into Nagahama. This will result in the dissolution of the Higashiazai and Ika districts.

Former city of Nagahama

This section talks about the city of Nagahama as it existed until February 12, 2006.

Municipal Timeline

On April 1, 1943, the town of Nagahama from Sakata Districtmarker merged with other 6 towns to gain city status. The current Nagahama City Hall was used as their city hall.

Population Count (final)

The last population count was held on December 1, 2005 and the city had the population of 63,057. The total area was 45.50km². As a result of the city's annexation of Azai and Biwa in 2006, the total population stands at 84,410 as of 2006.


Attractions to be found in the city include:

Sister cities

The following cities were once sister cities of the former city of Nagahama.

Within Japan

Outside Japan


Image:Kurokabe square04s3200.jpg|Kurokabe SquareImage:Kaiyodo kurokabe01s3200.jpg|Kaiyodo Figure Museum KurokabeImage:Nagahama tetudo square07s3200.jpg|Old Nagahama StationImage:Chikubu island03s3200.jpg|Chikubu Islandmarker



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