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Nagari is a village situated 18 km north of Chittorgarhmarker in Rajasthanmarker state in India. Its ancient name was Madhyamika. It was a flourishing town from the Mauryan period up to Gupta period. The old remains discovered in the excavations prove that. A large number of punch marked and other old coins have been discovered here.

In the second century BC Nagari was probably attacked by the Greeks who were ruling North-Western of India. As per Patanjali ( 150 BC ) the great grammarian Madhyamika was besieged by a Yavana king in 150 BC.

In the first century BC Nagari was probably occupied by the Sibismarker. Coins of Sibi tribe found here have the legend ‘majhamikaya sibi-janapadasa’.

Nagari came under the influence of Western Kshatrapas in the second century. In the third century Nagari was ruled by Malavas. Later Huna king conquered it.

One stupa has been discovered at Nagari. It is constructed of moulded bricks and decorated with terracotta tiles of high artistic merit.


This village has one old small temple ( Chabutara ) of Mataji who is Mata Ji of Joshi's ( Joshi subcaste of Brahmins )

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