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"Naja nigra" redirects here. This taxon was also invalidly established by Smith in 1838 for Wood's Black-necked Spitting Cobra (N. nigricollis woodi).

The Naja atra or the Chinese cobra is a species of cobra that lives in areas of Southeast Asia. The average adult length of a Chinese cobra is about 1.5 meters, or five feet.They are usually dark brown or black, or sometimes grey. Like other cobras, Chinese cobras usually have a marking resembling an eye on the back of the hood.Normally hunts at night, but can be around during the day....sunning itself or hunting.When disturbed will rapidly raise up the body, inflate the hood, hiss loudly and strike out.Often sold in shops in Hong Kong for medicinal purposes and food.Two rigid fangs in front of jaw.Reproduction: Oviparous, 20 or so eggs.

Habitats: found across a varied habitats, grasslands, shrubs, mangroves. often hides under wood or other objects.


The Chinese cobra lives in grasslands, field, and lightly wooded areas in Southeast Chinamarker, Laosmarker, Vietnammarker, and Taiwanmarker.


Chinese cobras eat fish, amphibians, birds, and small mammals as well as other snakes.


The venom of the Chinese cobra is mainly cobratoxin and the LD50 of it is 0.53 mg/kg. It can inject as much as 250 mg of venom in a single bite. However, this species seldom causes death due to the widely available antivenom.

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