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Nancy Drew is a feature film released in the United Statesmarker on June 15, 2007. It is loosely based on the popular series of mystery novels about the titular teen detective. It stars Emma Roberts as Nancy Drew, Max Thieriot as Ned, Kay Panabaker as George, and Amy Bruckner as Bess Marvin. The film was rated PG by the MPAA for "mild violence, thematic elements and brief language." Set in Los Angelesmarker, it was directed by Andrew Fleming.

Critics' reaction to it was mixed, with the film scoring a 49% at Rotten Tomatoes. One reviewer felt that it "caters to an exclusive club whose members are prone to overlook its numerous faults" and it was mocked in The New Yorker. The critics who did like it generally thought it was refreshing. The film grossed $25,612,520 domestically. Actress Emma Roberts and director Andrew Fleming have teamed up for a Nancy Drew 2, which is set to be released around late 2009 to early 2010.


Nancy Drew (Emma Roberts) and her father, Carson (Tate Donovan), move from River Heights for a few months and rent a house in Californiamarker, where Carson Drew has a temporary job. Nancy chose their California house because it was the home of the murdered movie star, Dehlia Draycott, whose case has never been solved. Despite the mystery, Nancy's father has forbidden her from further sleuthing and encourages her to focus on high school and being normal. Nancy struggles to fit in at her new school, only befriending a younger boy named, Corky (Josh Flitter). She realizes that the sleuthing world is the only place she fits and decides to solve the Draycott mystery. She figures out that just before her death, Draycott had a child and gave it up for adoption in privacy, and she learns that the child, "Jane Brighton" (Rachael Leigh Cook), is the sole beneficiary of Draycott's will, which has disappeared. Nancy receives a threatening phone call telling her to get off the case, and contacts her father's business associate, Dashiel Biedermeyer (Barry Bostwick), the lawyer of the Draycott estate, to assist her with the case.

Meanwhile, as an early birthday present, Nancy's father presents her with the blue Roadster she left back at home in River Heights and along with it comes her long-time crush/guyfriend, Ned (Max Thieriot). Ned understands her persistence in sleuthing and finds himself assisting Nancy with the Draycott mystery. Corky becomes jealous of Nancy and Ned's close relationship and tries his best to get Nancy's attention. At one point a bomb is left in Nancy's roadster; Nancy manages to remove it, and though she is knocked unconscious in the blast, she soon comes to. The trio spend numerous hours together, discovering an underground passageway to a neighbor's basement, which is rented by Leshing (Marshall Bell), the groundskeeper to the Draycott estate.

One afternoon, a tearful Jane arrives on Nancy's doorstep and announces that her daughter has been taken away from her on false charges of child endangerment. She reveals that after Nancy's initial visit, a man showed up on her doorstep to threaten her. Nancy demands that her father take up Jane's case; he agrees, and Jane stays with them. While watching a Dehlia Draycott movie, Nancy realizes that Draycott must have hidden her revised will in a prop from one of her movies. She tracks the will to a Chinese antique shop, but just after retrieving it, Nancy is chloroformed into unconsciousness and kidnapped by the villain's henchmen. Naturally, Nancy escapes, but gets into a car crash and must go to the emergency room. Her father, along with Biedermeyer, arrives and demands to know what is going on. She admits to her secret sleuthing and explains about Draycott's hidden will. Biedermeyer offers them a ride home so he can sign a business deal with Mr. Drew. Nancy discovers that Biedermeyer is the one who was disinherited by Dehlia's will (signing his papers with a large "Z"), concludes that he is Dehlia Draycott's supposed love, and jumps out of the moving car. Nancy manages to make it all the way home and is caught by Biedermeyer, who threatens to "squeeze it out of her." Nancy asks him why he killed Dehlia, and he replies that Dehlia went a bit crazy after her reappearance, that Jane is not his daughter, but Leshing's, and demands the will. Nancy kicks Biedermyer in the shin and escapes, but is once again cornered by Biedermeyer and his henchmen. Leshing arrives via the secret passageway and knocks the henchmen unconscious. The will is restored to its rightful owner. Jane is able to get back her daughter and converts the Draycott mansion into a home for single mothers, and the Drews return to River Heights.

As Nancy watches a video sent by Jane and her new Draycott Home for Single Mothers she is a bit sad that the mystery is over. She goes outside to see Ned repairing her car. They talk and they both lean in for a kiss. Right after she gets a phone call for a new mystery in Scotland. And she is just as cheerful as ever.

Background and production

Filming was done in 2006. At this point in time, Emma Roberts did not have her driver's license and was unable to drive the roadster for the car chase scenes herself. The movie was filmed in several California cities, including South Pasadenamarker, Los Angeles, Santa Claritamarker, Long Beachmarker, and Burbankmarker.

Nancy's car in the film is a blue Nash Metropolitan convertible.


Main Characters

Minor Roles


The film was not received very well by the critics, and it received a 49% rating at Rotten Tomatoes and a 54% at Metacritic. Plugged In said that "the film has all of the oversimplifications of a teen mystery novel with a little - but not enough - humorous self-awareness tossed in to make the story satisfying for adults". The film grossed $6,832,318 on its opening weekend and has since grossed $25,612,520 in the US and $5,054,410 overseas for a total $30,666,930 worldwide.


  1. "Come To California" (Matthew Sweet)
  2. "Perfect Misfit" (Liz Phair)
  3. "Kids in America" (The Donnas)
  4. "Pretty Much Amazing" (Joanna)
  5. "Looking For Clues" (Katie Melua)
  6. "Hey Nancy Drew" (Chris Price)
  7. "Like A Star" (Corinne Bailey Rae)
  8. "Nice Day" (Persephone's Bees)
  9. "Blue Monday" (Flunk)
  10. "We Came To Party" (J-Kwon)
  11. "All I Need" (Cupid)
  12. "Party Tonight" (Bizarre)
  13. "When Did Your Heart Go Missing? (Rooney)

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