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Nanded ( ), is the second largest city in Marathwada region of Maharashtramarker state of India. Nanded is also district headquarter of Nanded District in Marathwada region or Nanded revenue division. It is known as an important holy place for the Sikh faith.


Nanded is one of the historical places in Marathwada region of Maharashtramarker State. It is situated on north bank of Godavari river. It is famous for Sikh Gurudwaras. Nanded is a town of great antiquity. It is said that during the Puranic days, Pandavas travelled through Nanded district. Nandas ruled over Nanded through generations.

Nanded also formed part of the Mauryan Empire during the reign of emperor Ashoka the great (272 to 231 BCE). The mention of Nanded is found in the Lilacharitra, a treatise written about 700 years ago by Mhaimbhatta. It gives the description of the idol of Narasimha in the town. Nanded was formerly known as Nanditat ( ) which is confirmed by the copper plate found at Vasim. Nanded District and the adjoining areas were ruled over by the Andhrabhrtyas or Satvahanas during the First Century A.D. During the fourth century A.D. Kandhar was the capital of the King Sogadev and at Nanded was ruled by the king Nanddeva of the Chalukya Dynasty. That the Rashtrakutas were ruling at Kandhar is established by the inscription at Krishnadev alias Khandardev found at Khandar. Another inscription at Arahapur shows that some dynasty of the Rashtrakutas was also ruling over Degloormarker. Hottal, a place in Nanded District was the capital of the Chalukyas, Kakatiyas followed by the Yadavas of Devgiri were the last the Hindu dynasties to have ruled of this part. During the very first invasion by the Muslims this territory subjugated to them and after a few years it became a part of the fief of Malik kafur, the general of Alauddin Khilji.

With the advent of the Bahamanis, the southern country or the Deccan was divided into four parts or the subhas and Nanded was included in the Subha of Telangana. The famous Vazir or the Prime Minister of the Bahamanis Mahmud Gavan divided the Kingdom into subhas with Nanded forming part of Mahur Balaghat. Resided at Nanded and Kandhar for many days and the Vazirabad part of Nanded town was established by him.

Nanded was the capital of the district of Telangana. When Aurangzeb was appointed the Subhedar of the Deccan. Bidarmarker was the Headquarters of the Subha and named as Ahmadabad. The Subha of Bidar was divided into six sarkars and 76 mahals and Nanded was one of the Sarkars of that subha.

In 1708, the year following the death of Aurangzeb, Guru Gobind Singh the tenth spiritual leader of the Sikhs came over to Nanded, his permanent abode. He proclaimed himself the last living Guru and established the Guru Granth Sahib as the eternal Guru of the Sikhs. This elevates the reverence of Granth to that of a living Guru. A monument has been constructed at place where he breathed his last. Maharaja Ranjit Singh's endowment saw the construction of a beautiful Gurudwara at Nanded around 1835 AD. The Gurudwara features an imposing golden dome with intricate carvings and a breathtakingly beautiful artwork. It is known as Shri Huzur Abchalnagar Sachkhand Gurudwara.

Nanded became the part of the Hyderabad State in 1725 when the Nizam permanently opted for the Deccan and continued to be part of Nizam's dominions until 1948. With India getting freedom in 1947 and the consequent police action against the Hyderabad State and invasion by the Indian Armed Forces, the district forming part of the Marathwada region of the Hyderabad state became part of the bilingual Bombay State. Consequently upon the creation of Maharashtramarker in 1956, the district continues to form part of the state of Maharashtramarker.


  • Area of Nanded is 1006.81 km²
  • Longitude 77.7 to 78.15. East
  • Latitude is 18.15 to 19.55. North
  • Borders : The state of Andhra Pradesh lies to the east and Karnataka state to the south.

Municipal Corporation

Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation (NWCMC) was established on 26 March 1997, by merging Nanded Municipal Council and adjoining Waghala Municipal Council. The Corporation is constituted under the provisions of Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act, 1949 and is also governed by the provisions of 74th Constitutional Amendments Act 1992(CAA). In addition to the Waghala Municipal Council, Vasarni Village, Kautha Village, Asarjan Village, Fatehjangpur Village, Asadwan Village, and CIDCO and HUDCO colonies areas were merged with the NWCMC. The total area under the NWCMC jurisdiction is 51.76 km2, (5,176.66 Ha). Nanded City is divided in two parts i.e. Old Nanded (20.62 km2) north of the Godavari river (on the left bank) and New Nanded (31.14 km2) comprising of Waghala and six other newly merged villages and CIDCO area, south of the Godavari river (on the right bank). Also the Taroda village will be merged into NWMC soon.

The Nanded Waghala City Municipal Corporation recently updated and reopned Visawa Garden (AKA Mata Gujriji Garden) as the Jurassic Park on 22nd Sepetmber, 2008 by the hands of Maharashtra's Chief Minister Mr. Ashokrao Chavan. Nanded has a very powerful political background,The former Union Home Minister Late. Mr.Shankarrao Chavan From Nanded & his son Mr.Ashokrao Chavan is Maharashtra's chief Minister is also from Nanded.


Nanded is one of the renowned educational center in Maharashtra. As per the ancient transcripts, Nanded was known as the center for learning Sanskrit. Students from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh district of NIzamabad and Adilabad come to Nanded for Education.

The Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University was established at Nanded by bifurcating the Marathwada University at Aurangabad on 17 September 1994. The University has been named after Swami Ramanand Teerth the Doyen of the Hyderabad Liberation Struggle and also a renowned educationalist and social activist. The University caters for southern part of Marathwada Region of Maharashtra State, specifically to the districts of Nanded, Latur, Parbhani and Hingoli.

Nanded City has several educational institutes:

. Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded

. Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Memorial Hospital & Government Medical College, Nanded

. Government Ayurvedic College & Hospital, Nanded

. Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded

. M.G.M's College of Engineering & Technology, Nanded

. Institute of Technology and Management, Nanded. Government Polytechnic College, Nanded

. Gramin Polytechnic College, Nanded

. Dr. Hansraj Vaidya Homeopathic College, Nanded

. N.C. Law College, Nanded

. S.P. Law College, Nanded

. S.N. Law College, Nanded

. Shivaji Law College, Nanded

. Government College of Education, Nanded

. Government ITI, Nanded

. Government Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya, Nanded

. Science College, Nanded

. Peoples College, Nanded

. Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya, Nanded

. Pratibha Niketan College, Nanded

. Sana Urdu High School and Junior College, Chaitanya Nagar, Nanded

. N.S.B College, Nanded

. Darul-o-loom chistiya nooria />. Vasantrao Naik Mahavidyalaya, Nanded

. Model Urdu School, Workshop Corner, Nanded

Nanded also has various other private reputed institutes such as ICFAI University, Hyderabad's INC learning centre and few reputed aviation course providing institutions.


Nanded is connected with rest of India mainly by Roads and Railways.

Railways : Direct trains are available to Nanded from Mumbaimarker, Aurangabadmarker, Hyderabadmarker, Bangaloremarker, Nagpurmarker, Patnamarker, Delhimarker, Punemarker, Sriganganagarmarker and Amritsarmarker. Nanded is one of the Divisional Headquarters of South Central Railway. Soon Nanded will be a railways junction as a new rail line from Nanded-Yawatmal-Wardha connecting further to Nagpur has been announced and the work starts from February, 2009.

Nanded(NED) is the Divisional Headquarters of Nanded Division of South Central Railway (SCR).The entire Nanded Division was a part of Hyderabad Division. In 2003, Nanded Division was carved from Hyderabad Division for administrative reasons.

The jurisdiction of Nanded Railway Division is as follows:Mudkhed-Manmad (excl)Parbhani-Parli Vaijnath (excl)Purna-Akola-Khandwa (excl)Mudkhed-Pimpalkutti (excl)

The traffic between Nanded and Hyderabad is huge as Nanded was a part of the Erstwhile Nizam state of Hyderabad. Keeping this in view, the South Central Railway (SCR), Hyderabad Division extended the erstwhile Kachiguda-Basar Meter Gauge Express to Nanded after Gauge Conversion.

Roads : Nanded is 650 kilometre east of Mumbaimarker by road and about six-hour drive from Aurangabadmarker and Hyderabadmarker and 11-hour drive from Punemarker.Several passenger bus services operate from Nanded providing easy overnight connectivity with almost every major city in Maharashtra. These buses are reasonably priced and fairly punctual. The comfort level differs greatly from operator to operator.

Airport : Nanded is connected with three flights in a week for Mumbai. The nearest international airport is Hyderabadmarker(284 kilometre). Nanded has the distinction of having Marathwada regions first airport. But due to negligence, it was not developed. Now it has been renovated and named as 'Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji Airport'. It was inaugurated on 4 October 2008 by Union Aviation Minister Praful Patel and Maharashtramarker the then Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. The Kingfisher Airlines has started the first commercial flight from Nanded airport operating between Mumbai-Nanded-Latur. The flight operates thrice a week viz Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The airport has been upgraded at a cost of Rs. 940 million and the facilities available include a huge terminal building to handle 300 passengers and a runway to handle big aircraft like Boeing 737s and Airbus 319-320. It also now has three parking bays for large aircraft, six check-in counters, plush passenger terminals, fuelling stations and all other passenger and flight operations facilities, including night operations.

Due to the celebrations held in Oct 2008 to mark 300th death anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh and consecration of Guru Granth Sahib as the last guru of Sikh community by him, Nanded has received massive investment in infrastructure development. Roads are being upgraded. A new railway platform is constructed. Also a new Railway Station (Suburb) at Maltekdi has been constructed and started functioning.


Nanded has a cosmopolitan culture as five major communities (Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain) have resident in the city, it reflects the real culture of the India where people live together with great happiness though they are from different culture, state, language, community, etc. The great example of this is a recent function held at Nanded on the occasion of “GURU TA GADDI”. Where everybody was involved and working together even they are from different religions to make it a great success and it has been proven also.

Nanded has a great cultural heritage. It is the place of birth of the Saint poets like Vishnupant Sesa and Raguhunath Sesa and Vaman Pandit besides being a Centre for learning Sanskrit.

Nanded has been home to several well known Marathi Cultural figures. Mr. Wa. Ra. Kant, a well known Marathi Poet calls Nanded his home. The late Mr. Narhar Kurundkar is another well recognized literary figure.

Nanded has ben a venue of several literary and artistic meets such as Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Marathi Natya Samellan. Late Mr. Tryambak Vasekar from Nanded is also a recognized figure in the area of paintings.

Marathi newspapers such as Sakal, Loksatta, Lokmat, Kesari, Maharashtra Times have their establishments in the city. English dailies such as The Times of India, Indian Express and Sakaal Times (formerly the Maharashtra Herald) have editions based in Pune, with additional local supplements.

Nanded has FM Radio services as well running AIR FM (101.MHz),a central government owned radio station and a private radio channel Radio City(91.10).

Recently the Adlabs Cinemas under their flagship brand BIG Cinemas has renovated the Jyoti Chitramandir as Jyoti Chitra Mandir BIG Cinemas, a two screen multiplex theatre in the city. Also Nanded is all set to get its first shopping mall by the December 2008. EWDPL, a Indore based real estate company is setting up Treasure Bazaar, a neighbourhood mall format that will provide shopping and entertainment experience in a world-class ambience. The mall will host a three screen multiples, a three star business hotel and large retail formats such as Big Bazaar and Globus. Cinemax will open a three screen multiplex soon in the mall. Nanded doesn’t have a single organized retail activity or a mall, no centralized family entertainment option, few multi-brand retail outlets run by local players.


Nanded is a typical mid sized city in Maharashtra. However due in part to its location and history, it is more diverse than its peers. Majority of the people 55% speak Marathi. About 35% of its population is Muslim and speaks a Deccan version of Urdu. Another 5 to 10% is Punjabi/Hindi speaking Sikhs. Also there is substantial amount of Telugu speakers.

Nanded is home to various communities migrated from all over India. Most of the businesses are run by Marwari (Rajasthani) community. In addition it has Gujrati (Hindu and Bohra-Muslim), Sindhi, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada and South Indian Christian minorities. As a result of this microcosm, Nandedites tend to speak a peculiar version of Marathi/Hyderabadi influenced version of Urdu on street in addition to its main language Marathi

Nanded has several educational institutes (Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Liberal Arts, Science). Thus it has a significant student population. This population gives Nanded’s social scene another dimension. Nanded has three decent daily newspapers among them Marathi daily “Prajawani” is the most circulated daily in Nanded and adjecent cities such as Hingoli and Parbhani.


Despite being the home to a number of institutes of higher learning; very little industrial activity goes on in the city. Only a few small and medium scale industries are located here, serving the local needs (foundries, rice mills, construction, Farm machinery manufacturing). As a result of this disparity Nanded’s chief export is its human capital. Every year hundreds of Technology and Professional graduates leave Nanded to seek better opportunities in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Hyderabad and some even farther abroad.Nanded has had very influential politicians for the past forty years. They have held the posts of the Cabinet Ministers in the Indian Federal government and many important portfolios in the State Assembly (including the chief minister) but that influence has helped this city very little.

Nanded city's MIDC having number of solvent plants in which DOC is produced and some of these solvent plants exports it to some foreign companies. These solvent plants also play a vital role in economy of Nanded. Nanded district also has more importance in the agricultural sector due to the large production of bananas. In Nanded Banana research centre is located. Nanded also seems to have lacked any entrepreneurial visionaries that would have utilized this educated labor pool and turned it in a center of Industrial and commercial activity.

Tata Chemical in support with the Pune based ethenol maker Praj Industries is setting up a state of the art ethenol plant at the Krushnoor MIDC near Nanded. The plant will be operational by the Jan 2009. Parsvnath SEZ (PSL), a subsidiary of Parsvnath Developers, is developing a pharmaceutical special economic zone (SEZ) at Nanded by way of a special purpose vehicle in a joint venture (JV) with Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) over in the Krushnoor Industrial Area of Nanded. PSL will hold 74% stake in the JV with MIDC holding the balance 26%. This SEZ will provide world class infrastructure to revive the interest amongst many players from the pharmaceutical sector and will serve as a big boon for the Nanded's economic growth.


In nanded Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janta Party are the two major political parties .Besides the two national parties there are a number of other political parties in the district, such as Shivsena, Nationalist Congress Party, Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajwadi Party and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena.

Notable residents of Nanded

  • Ashok Chavan, The Current Chief Minister Of Maharashtra
  • Late Shankarrao Chavan, politician who served twice as Chief Minister of Maharashtra (father to Ashok Chavan)
  • Tryambak Vasekar, famous painter
  • Narhar Ambadas Kurundkar, Famous Marathi Writer/Novelist
  • (Madhukar Gopalrao Dharmapurikar), Famous Marathi Story writer and critics of cartooning art.


Hot Weather in April and May. Heavy rains in August and September, whereas frost in December-January. It experiences all three extreme weathers.


In Nanded the out-door games like cricket, tennis, football are famous ; while in-door games chess and Carrom are famous.



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