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Nandyal is a town, division of the Indianmarker state of Andhra Pradeshmarker. Nandyal is major center for education, agriculture, wildlife, pilgrimage and is the most fertile land.


Nandyal is located at and has an average elevation of 203 metres (666 feet). Nandyal lies in the western part of Andhra Pradesh. This region is bounded by thick Nallamala forests. A canal from the Telugu Ganga project and SRBC canal flow near Nandyal making the land fertile.

Big lake constructed during the time of the Vijayanagara Empire which serves the water needs of the town.

City view from behind banana plantations


Nandyal has a population of less than 200,000.Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Nandyal has an average literacy rate of 63%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 72%, and female literacy is 55%. In Nandyal, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.


Nandyal, has centuries of rich history. Nandyal was under the rule of Sri Krishna Devaraya as a part of Vijayanagar empire for centuries.Nandyal was the native place of Pingali Suranna who was a well known poet in the court of the Vijayanagar Emperor Krishnadevaraya of the Tuluva Dynasty.Under the rule of Nandana Chakravarthi, it has been center of governance of the area. According to history the name Nandyal is derived from the word "NANDI ALAYAM" (As it is the home for 9 Nandi temples). There is also another story....Before the British entered Nandyal, it is called "NANDI HELA" (which mean a large festival for the holy Nandi, which is held in Nandyal). After that it became NANDYAL. During the British rule, many Buildings were constructed. Nandyal became a municipality in 1900. Many popular National leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi visited Nandyal. Many meetings and conferences were held in Nandyal during the freedom struggle. Nivarthi Venkatasubbiah, a prominent freedom fightermember, undivided Madras province assembly and Chairman AP Legislative Council hails from this town.The town has a unique place in India since it is the only Parliamentary constituency which produced a President, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy and a Prime Minister, P. V. Narasimha Rao. Narasimha Rao got elected from Nandyal with the highest majority of votes in independent India and also in the world.


Mahanandi temple@Nandyal
Mahanandi temple with Pushkarini
Pure water spring at Mahanandi, Nandyal


Nandyal is surrounded by nine temples of Lord Shiva (called Nava Nandi). Nine Temples includes Mahanandi, Shivanandi, Vishnunandi, Somanandi, PradhamaNandi, Garudanandi, Suryanandi,Krishnanandi,Omkaram. A Display Architectural MagnificenceIt is famous for the Mahanandishwara temple, which dates back to the early Chalukyan period. Mahanandishwara temple is dedicated to Sri Mahanandishwara (Lord Shiva).

  • Mahanandi (15 km) - Mahanandi has very interesting historical and legendary associations. Within a radius of about 15-km from Mahanandi lie nine Nandis known as "Navanandis". Mahanandi is one of the Nava Nandis.
  • The Nine Nandis - Surrounding Mahanandi within 15-km diameter range, 8 other temples of Nandi are present namely "Prathama Nandi", "Naga Nandi", "Soma Nandi", "Surya Nandi", "Shiva Nandi", "Vishnu Nandi", "Vinayaka Nandi" and "Garuda Nandi". The suggested visiting order for the Nava Nandis based on practical route is as follows - Prathama Nandi, Naga Nandi, Soma Nandi, Surya Nandi, Siva Nandi, Krishna Nandi, Garuda Nandi, Mahanandi and Vinayaka Nandi. The complete tour can be completed in half a day if one starts at 6.00 AM. Engage a diesel auto (for about INR 600) and make the tour. As the roads leading to Krishna Nandi, Siva Nandi and Surya Nandi are cart tracks, rugged at many places, a small car may not be advisable.

Image:prathamanandi-temple.JPG|Prathamanandi temple exteriorImage:naganandianjaneyatemple.JPG|Anjaneya temple inside which the naganandi is locatedImage:naganandi-lingam-nandi.JPG|NaganandiImage:somanandi.jpg|SomanandiImage:suryananditemple.jpg|Surya Nandi Temple Exterior viewImage:suryanandi.jpg|SuryanandiImage:Shivanandi-temple3.JPG|The Chalukya style Shivanandi TempleImage:krishnanandi-temple tank3.jpg|The beautiful temple of Vishnunandi or Krishnanandi in a peaceful locationImage:krishnandi-lingam.jpg|KrishnanandiImage:garudanandi-ext.jpg|Garudanandi temple located near Mahanandi TempleImage:garudanandi-lingam.jpg|GarudanandiImage:mahanandi-pushkarini4.JPG|Mahanandi Temple and Pushkarini
  1. Prathama Nandi: This Nandi is situated upon a high soil base very nearer to Nandyal railway station
  2. Naga Nandi: Naga Nandi is inside Anjaneya temple, which is located very near the Nandyal bus stand
  3. Soma Nandi: Soma Nandi is towards east of Nandyal (almost inside Nandyal town), very near the upcoming Jagajanani temple
  4. Surya Nandi: Surya Nandi is located on the road to Mahanandi. After about 4 miles from Nandyal look out for a sign called U.Bollavaram village and take the immediate right (identified by a arch erected on two large metal poles) and go for a kilometer to reach this temple
  5. Shiva Nandi: Approximately 13 km away from Nandyal on the road to Mahanandi look out for Thimmavaram village and take a left after this. The small road is also a bus route and twists and turns to lead you to Shiva Nandi. A beautiful, but neglected temple constructed on the Chalukya Architecture lines. Kadamala Kaluva(canal)is a landmark. the temple is in Kadamala village
  6. Vishnu(Krishna) Nandi: located on the road to Mahanandi, 2 miles before Mahanandi, take a left just adjacent to the Telugu ganga scheme canal and follow on the banks for about 4 km of rugged mud road to reach this beautifully serene temple. (proceeding further ahead and taking a left, ask for directions, one can reach Shiva nandi temple also)
  7. Garuda Nandi: When you go from Nandyal it is located just before the Mahanandi Temple after you cross the Big Nandi Statue
  8. Mahanandi Temple: beautiful temple with natural springs (pushkarini) where one should have a holy dip before entering the temple, but it is suggested to avoid holidays and festival days as the crowd is too much.
  9. Vinayaka Nandi: Vinayaka Nandi is situated towards northwest of Mahanandi Temple. It is a small temple located to left of the exit Gopuram as you come out.

- The main shrine of Mahanandiswara is unique in many aspects. The shrine as well as other temples exhibits architectural splendour. The festival of Mahanandiswara is celebrated for over seven days commencing from 'Magha Bhula Chaturdasi' (February-March) and the Hindus from different parts of the country, particularly from Andhra Pradesh, Mysore and Maharashtra states, visit this place, the daily congregation being about 20,000.

  • Rudragundam: One of the remarkable features of the Mahanadishwara temple is the crystal clear water, which flows through out the year from the perennial springs. It is flushed out continuously from the Pushkarani through two exits. The Pushkarani is constructed to maintain 5ft of flowing water inside it, which facilitates a secured holy both, after which pilgrims can pay their obeisance to the Almighty. It is believed that by taking holy bath in this 'Pushkarani' all the sins of pilgrims are gone.

Yaganti Temple Near Nandyal
Fantastic View of Yaganti

  • Ahobilammarker (40 km) - The temple at Ahobilammarker is dedicated to Narasimha and is well-known in the region. It is situated in a scenic forest which is a two hour drive from Nandyal. A Siva Temple is situated at Yagantimarker near Nandyal.

  • Yagantimarker (45 km) - Temple of Lord Shiva. A beautiful place surrounded by large Rocky hills and thick forests. A must visit place in the heart of splendid nature. It will be amazing to see the temples built in the caves. This is the place, where the Legendary Veera Brahmendra Swamy wrote "THE KALAGNANAM"(The holy book with accurate future predictions and Prophecy). A large Nandi statue is present here, which is growing year by year.

  • Belum Caves (80 km) - Belum Caves is the second largest cave in Indian sub-continent and the longest caves in plains of Indian Subcontinent. Belum Caves derives its name from "Bilum" Sanskrit word for caves. In Telugu language, it is called Belum Guhalu. Belum Caves has a length of 3229 meters, making it the second largest natural caves in Indian Subcontinent. Belum Caves have long passages, spacious chambers, fresh water galleries and siphons. The caves reach its deepest point (120 feet from entrance level) at the point known as Patalganaga. Belum caves was formed due to erosion in limestone deposit in the area by Chitravati River, millions of years ago. This limestone caves was formed due to action of carbonic acid — or weakly acidic groundwater formed due to reaction between limestone and water. The carbonic acid dissolved minerals in the limestone rocks in the area. The presence of river Chitravati in area for a long period of time enable a vast labyrinth of underground cave to form. Now Chitravati River flows almost 30 km south of Belum. Belum Caves are located on a flat agricultural field in Belum Village. There are 3 well like cavities in plain agricultural fields. The central cavity is the main entrance to the caves. However, the locals report hundreds of cavities in the area. The walls of the cave are very smooth as result of erosion by river. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation took over the task of beautifying and maintaining the caves. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) has developed the pathways in around 2 km of the length of the caves, provided soft illumination and has created fresh-air-shafts in the caves. At many places inside the cave, APTDC has installed bridges, staircase, etc. for easy movement inside tha cave. There is a giant Buddha Statue near a hillock near the Belum Caves. The area of cave known as "Meditation hall" was used by Buddhist Monks. The relics of Buddhist period were found here.
  • The Historical Church, presently is called as The Holy Cross Cathedral has celebrated its Centinary and the Gothic Strecture and the Church is the beautiful one in this District.
  • Sri Kamaeswari Devi Temple: Sri Kameshwari Devi is wife of Lord Mahanadeeshwara, and the temple of Sri Kameshwari Devi is situated south of Nandeeshwara temple. Pilgrims after finishing the holy bath at 'Rudragundam' can have the blessings of Lord Shiva and Kameswari Devi. It is believed that 'Devashilpi' (architects of 'Devas') constructed the temple of Lord Shiva. King Nandana and his ancestors performed Pujas to Lord Shiva. Sri Kameswari Devi Alayam was reconstructed in 1939. Also present in the premises is marble carved Sri Kodanda Ramalayam built in 1953. The temple has Sri Rama, Sita, Lashkmana Idols, whose beauty seems to increase when watched. One never gets satisfied, even of watching these Idols for long time.
  • Anjaneya Swamy Temple: A very old temple constructed centuries ago. Located at the North Eastern part of the City and at a walkable distance from the Main Bus station. Main Idol is about 25 feet tall and is growing year by year. God here is very powerful and famous in the region. Also there are temples of Lord Rama, Navagrahas and Lord Raghavendra swamy located with in the temple.
  • Sai Baba Temple: A Large temple located in the center of the city in the N.K Road. Built with Marble and planned perfectly,it is one of the beautiful temples in the state.
  • Jagajjanani Temple: It is the second only temple in the whole world, first one being located deep in the Himalayasmarker.It is in construction and located in the southern part of the city.
  • Boats club: Located in the outskirts of the city. A small park is constructed on the banks of the lake.


Nearby Cities



  • Gelivi Nursing Home, 155/3, Byrmal Street
  • Madhumani Nursing Home
  • Sirisha Nursing Home
  • Government Hospital
  • Vijaya Nursing Home
  • Smile dental clinic
  • Purna Nursing Home, Nadi Gadda, Near 1 town police station
  • Rafi dental Hospital Byrmal street
  • Medicare superspeciality hospital, Sanjiv Nagar gate
  • Medinova diagonistic centre
  • Nani Children Hospital
  • Sanjeevani hospital
  • N.R.S.Murthy hospital
  • Aditya nursing home
  • Guptha hospital
  • Lotus nursing home
  • O.Lalitha clinic
  • Tirumala Puneeth
  • Swami Netralayam
  • Shanti Raja dental hospital
  • Rehan Hospital (Opening Soon)
  • Sri Chakra Physiotherapy clinic. Sanjeevanagar.
  • Sree durga nursing home, bypass road
  • Neelima clinic 'Dr.Balaraju, Sanjeevanagar


Today Nandyal is the major educational hub in the State with the schools and colleges getting the top ranks in examsRajeev Gandhi engineering college was established during the time of P. V. Narasimha Rao. Now there is a medical college that grants a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree and three other engineering colleges.

  • Batchpan (a Play school)
  • Good Shepherd English Medium School
  • Keshava Reddy Public School
  • Leaders Model High School Nandyal
  • Morning Star Public School
  • Nandyala Public School
  • National English Medium School
  • Pratibha Concepr School
  • Ravi Kindergarten English Medium School
  • Ravindra High School (Bala Academy) English Medium School
  • S. P. G. High School
  • S. P. Y. Reddy Public School
  • Santhinikethen English medium school
  • Sree Saila Public School
  • Sri Guru Raja E.M School
  • Sri Kanyakaparameshwari Vidya Nilayam
  • Sri Lakshmi English medium school
  • Sri Rama Krishna Vidyalayam (SRKV High School)
  • Sri Sai Public School Nandyal
  • Srisaila Public School
  • St. Joseph's E. M. School
  • Vijayavani Group of Schools

Junior Colleges
  • Bala Junior College
  • Bharathi College of Education
  • Nagarjuna Junior College
  • National Junior College
  • PMR Junior College
  • Raos Junior College
  • S. P. Y. Reddy Jr. College for Girls
  • S. P. Y. Reddy Jr. College for Women
  • Sri Sri Venkateswara Junior College
  • THE NANDAYALA JUNIOR COLLEGE---(Shanti Ram sir founder of RGM Institutions)

Degree Colleges
  • National degree college
  • PMR Degree College
  • PSC&KVSC Govt.Degree College
  • RamaKrishna Degree and PG Center.

PG Colleges
  • National PG College
  • Prabhath group of Institutions Prabhath Institute of Pharmacy (B PHARMACY), Computer Science, Business Management, B.Ed., COLLEGES
  • P. M. R. PG College
  • PSC&KVSC Govt. P.G. College
  • Sri Ramakrishna PG College

Engineering Colleges
  • E.S.C. Govt. Polytechnic
  • Little Flower Engineering College
  • Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering and Technology
  • Shanthiram Engineering College

Medical Colleges
  • Shantiram Medical College

Coaching Centers and others
  • Sri Guru Raghavendra Banking Coaching Centre

Movie Theaters

Nandyal has a beautiful theatres (The Total Rayalaseema Best Theatres) suited to the urbanisation in the area. The theatres are supported with well developed infrastructures. Many theatres in the city feature recently released movies in Telugu, Hindi and English. Theatres are provided with wonderful internal designs and world class arts and architectures. the recently built abhirama theatre shows the inclination of this classical town to metros

Prathap complex
  • 1.Prathap A.C Dts
  • 2.Mini Prathap A.C Dts
Ramnath complex
  • 3.Ramanath AC Dts
  • 4.Abhiram A.C Dts
  • 5.Nidhi A.C Dts
Sri Rama triplex
  • 6.Raghuram A.C Dts
  • 7.A.R.A.C dts
  • 8.Sri rama A.C Dts
Venkateshwara cine complex
(a trend setter for the inclusion of AC and DTS ; a best one in the town)- by Shri D.Yella Reddy (a well known business man)
  • 9.Mini Venkateshwara A.C Dts
  • 10.Venkateswara A.C Dts
Individual theatres
  • 11.Raj A.C Dts (owner NMD Farooq Ex Minister AP)
  • 12.Sangeeth A.C Dts
  • 13.Khaleel (owner NMD Farooq Ex Minister AP)
  • 14.Mallikarjuna
  • 15.Sandhya
  • 16.Rani


  • Global Broad Band (PVT)


Today, the city is being industrialized day by day, as many companies are showing interest to establish here. Nandi group of Industries is famous in Asia. Nandi Pipes is the largest PVC Pipe manufacturing industry in Asia. Panyam Cements is one of the largest cement factories in the state. Also Jindal is going to establish a Large cement factory in the Gadivemula road in the city outskirts. A large sugar factory is located in Ayalur in the city. Numerous oil and paddy mills are located with in the city. Nandyal's agriculturalIndustry is one of the famous industries in the world. The world famous sona masoori rice has been invented here in Nandyal. Also the world Famous Banginapalli Mangoes are exported to all parts of the world from this area. Nandyal is also famous for the Banana cultivation and they are exported to many states in India.Nandyal is the agricultural hub of Rayalaseema with the most fertile lands surrounding it. Nandyal has agricultural research centre with around 50 famous scientists working in it


silent and greenish Nandyal city outskirts
Average temperature is around 28°C and the city has plenty of water resources even in the hot summers as it is surrounded by water on four sides. The average rainfall is about 3 to 4 cm in the rainy season. Summers are hot and winters are colder than expected forecasts.

Parliamentary and Assembly Constituency

The Nandyal is an Assembly and Lok Sabha constituency.

List of Elected members of Loksabha members with Honorable posotions

  • P V Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister of India (1991- 1996)
  • Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy ,President of India and Lok sabha Speaker
  • Venkata Subbayya Pendekanti, MP,Home Minister of India

List of Elected members of Legislative Assembly:
  • 2009 - Silpa Mohan Reddy (Cabinet Minster)
  • 2004 - Silpa Mohan Reddy
  • 1985, 1994 and 1999 - Nasyam Mohammed Farooq
  • 1989 - V. Ramanath Reddy
  • 1983 - M.Sanjeeva Reddy
  • 1978 - Bojja Venkata Reddy

List of Elected members of Loksabha: M.P. Parliament of India are
  • 2009 -S. P. Y. Reddy,
  • 2004 -S. P. Y. Reddy, (founder of famous Nandi pipes)
  • 1998 Bhooma NagiReddy
  • 1996 Bhooma NagiReddy
  • 1996 P.V.Narasimha Rao (Resigned As Elected From Two Constituencies)
  • 1991 P.V.Narasimha Rao (with Gunniss Book Record Mejority)
  • 1991 Gangula Prathapa Reddy (Resigned For Pv Narasimha Rao's Election)
  • 1989 Bojja Venkata Reddy
  • 1984 Maddur Subba Reddy M
  • 1980 Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah
  • 1977 Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy (First President of India represent from Andhra Pradesh state)
  • 1971 Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah
  • 1967 Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah
  • 1962 Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah From Adoni, M.P.
List of persons in bureaeucracy/senior governmental positions
  • Dr.B.V.Prasad Reddy, IRS, Addl. Commissioner of Income tax, Hyderabad


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