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The Nanticoke Generating Station is the largest coal-fired power plant in North America, delivering up to 3964 MW of power into the southern Ontariomarker power grid from its base in Nanticokemarker, Ontariomarker, Canadamarker. Nanticoke Generating Station is owned by Ontario Power Generation—formerly Ontario Hydro—which, in turn, is 100% owned by the Government of Ontario. It was scheduled for decommission in early 2009 as part of the Ontario commitment to eliminate coal power, but this has been repeatedly delayed and is currently unlikely to occur before 2014, assuming new nuclear power plants are available at that time. Stelco's Lake Erie Works is located nearby.

Environment Canada lists the Nanticoke station as the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution anywhere in Canada.


Construction of the site began in the late 1960s. The 8 identical units were completed from 1972–1978. The boilers and coal pulverizers were built by Babcock & Wilcox and the turbine-generators were built by the UK firm Parsons (now Siemens). The plant is connected to the power grid by numerous 230,000 and 500,000 volt transmission lines.

Power generation

Nanticoke is the largest coal-fired power plant in North America and one of the ten largest in the world . The station's annual production is in the range of 20 to 24 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), enough electricity to run nearly 2.5 million households. When demand for electricity is high, all eight units are put into service and it produces approximately 15% of Ontario's electricity needs by itself. Nanticoke's staff of about 600 includes engineers, technicians, mechanical and electrical maintenance tradespeople, plant and equipment operators, environmental technicians, managers and administrators.

Decommissioning plans

According to a backgrounder released by the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Ontario there are plans to keep it open until early 2009. Closure of the plant at that date, however, seems rather unlikely as viable energy options for the growing Ontario economy are becoming scarce. Nuclear, clean coal, and natural-gas-powered options as well as alternative energy sources are being considered to replace the massive energy output of the Nanticoke plant; currently OPG is looking into replacing coal as a fuel source with bio mass.

Nanticoke Generating Station, representing 3,938 megawatts, will have units closed through 2008 with the last unit to close in early 2009. In addition to new generation capacity, transmission upgrades in southwestern Ontario are necessary for the closure of Nanticoke. It is highly unlikely that any units at OPG Nanticoke will be shut down for at least several more years.

- The Toronto Star reported on August 6, 2009, "A U.S. power developer is forging ahead with plans to build a massive natural gas plant next to the Nanticoke coal-fired generating station, betting that the government will desperately need the project as a way to meet its 2014 deadline for phasing out coal power."[280920]

- The Toronto Star reported on October 31, 2008 that George Smitherman of the Ontario Government will not support a new Nuclear power plant proposed by Bruce Power in Nanticoke.

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