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Arroyo Napostá is located in the region of Bahía Blancamarker, Buenos Aires Provincemarker, Argentinamarker

is a stream whose watershed is located in Sierra de la Ventanamarker, about 120 km north east to Bahía Blancamarker. It was essential during the early history of the city of Bahia Blanca as a source of water and also as a natural defense against aborigine. Later on it was useful as a water supply for agriculture.

It drains to the Atlantic Oceanmarker reaching the Estuary of Bahia Blanca. It forms meanders before and as it enters the city in the area of Club de Golf Palihue, then Parque de Mayo, where a weir (small dam) has been built at a natural split, to avoid flooding after heavy rains in Ventana mountain range. If flow increases enough and the level of the stream surpasses the weir, water flows also to the alternative branch reaching the estuary by Maldonado stream.From there downstream (at this natural split at Parque de Mayo) it flows naturally through the city although it has been piped shortly thereafter to create a greenspace named "Paseo de las Esculturas", which became quite popular in the last years, and a very interesting urban area by which properties increased substantially their price since then. Unfortunately Napostá is heavily contaminated distally, even before reaching the city, probably due to techniques of fertilization carried out in the areas which form its watershed, mainly close to the city [353764]
Arroyo Naposta reaches the Atlantic in the area of Estuary of Bahía Blanca


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