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The National Alliance ( ) was a Dutchmarker nationalist political party. The party was disbanded in 2007.

The party was formed on 12 November 2003, by Jan Teijn and Virginia Kapic. Teijn kicked off his nationalist career in the Centrum Democraten in Rotterdam and then went over to CP'86, where he was one of the local council members in Rotterdam of a national socialist faction and, in the end, got himself elected for the NNP in the city's council in the Feijenoord district, a seat which he held but later on, in the name of the NA. They lost the seat in 2006.


The NA's ideology is based on nationalism and socialism. The party wants to protect Dutch culture, is in favour of animal rights and against battery farming, unnecessary animaltesting, fur and leather for which animals have to be slaughtered separately, against the bio-industry in general, and wants tougher sentences for criminals, seeks the withdrawal of the Netherlands from NATOmarker and the EU and is strongly anticapitalistic. The party also rejects other sexual preferences than heterosexuality. The party displays itself as a "social and democratic nationalistic political party". Although the party is non-sectarian, they nurture the Christian standards and values as a part of their national heritage. In April 2005 the party organized a lecture about 'the Aryan roots of Christianity'. In preservation of their cultural heritage, the party celebrates Yule every year, a festivity on the Germanic calendar.

The NA's ideology, although more extreme, is often compared with the New Right of Alain de Benoist.

Organizational structure

The general members conference is the highest institution in the Nationale Alliantie. At this conference, practical and political decisions are made. Members are invited through the party magazine (Weerstand) and the website to participate in this conference. The general conference is organised once a year: as a rule in November. It is also possible to have a members consultation about a subject.

The Nationale Alliantie is run by the board of directors, which exists of a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary for the organisation, chosen by the general members conference. The meetings of the board of directors are attended with an advisory vote by the chairman of the youth organisation (Dietsland Jeugd). The members of the board of directors are chosen by thegeneral conference for the period of three years and are eligible for re-election once. The members of the board of directors have a mutual set of tasks. As of 2007, the board of directors included Jan Teijn (chairman), Mari Kostense (secretary) and Ronald Bredijk (treasurer).

The youth organisation Dietsland Jeugd (Dietsland Youth) is an officially to the Nationale Alliantie linked independent political youth organisation.


The NA is among other things strongly Islamophobic and have organized a petition to force Islam out of Europe [278732]. They announced its first demonstration, at the beginning of February 2004, in support of a demand for the release of the Cees Gardien, who was in jail awaiting his trial for killing Yapcup Yuruyucu, a Turkish immigrant that robbed the garage firm owned by Gardien who is wheelchair-bound and an invalid. In June 2004 the NA demonstrated in Utrecht against Turkeymarker in the EU. On 11 June 2005 the NA held a demonstration against the construction of a Surinam mosque and in November 2004 against Muslim violence after the murder on Theo van Gogh, Dutch writer and film producer who was killed by an extremist.

The party demonstrated repeatedly against paedophiliac association MARTIJN, and agitates against paedophilia. The newspaper Trouw reported on September 19 2006 that the NA informed the neighbours of a minister from Rotterdam, Hans Visser, about the "paedophiliac nature of the minister". The party disapproves of the support of Visser to junks (instead of that the party refers to the organisation Victory Outreach) and illegals and has as a point of view that all paedophiles should be imprisoned for life. Visser, a member of the paedophiliac association MARTIJN considers reporting to the police because of slander. In June 2006, the party launches a petition. With this, the Nationale Alliantie wants to realize a ban on organisations that either glorify paedophilia, incite or have the goal to legalise adult-child sex. In November 2005 the NA started an offensive against a Dutch company called Scarlet, which offers telephony and broadband internet. This was because of a commercial in which a small girl in lingerie was used. A group of which the NA says it has no connections with started spray-painting the advertisement boards of Scarlet. A few days later, Scarlet announced that they would continue with an amended version of their commercial, because of all the complaints.

On Monday the 21 March 2005, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, the N.A. held a demonstration against "leftist fascism" in Rotterdam. On 22 October 2005 the NA invited Tim Mudde, chief-editor of Vooraan! to hold a lecture about the extreme-left and antifascists for NA/Dietschland Jeugd members. Pictures of antifascists taken on demonstrations are being posted on the NA forum, in which they offer a cash reward for information leading them to the persons.

In March 2006 the NA participated local elections in Rotterdammarker and the Feyenoord neighbourhood in Rotterdam. Activists started the electoral campaign by distributing flyers in the centre of Rotterdam, dressed in an orange burqa. The party didn't gain any seats in the local elections.

On 11 June 2005 the NA held a demonstration in Rotterdam against the construction of a Surinamesemarker mosque. The demonstration proceeded peacefully, but the NA was the focus of media attention in June 2005 following an arson attack on their old mosque. Although the NA declared that it had nothing to do with it, an NA sympathizer was considered the main suspect. Following his arrest, several moderate NA members left the party, while a number of prominent party leaders also canceled their membership but continue to exercise influence behind the scenes.In September 2006 the NA again became the focus of media attention after 17 members (including 11 soldiers) of Flemish neo-Nazi group Bloed, Bodem, Eer en Trouw (BBET; "Blood, Soil, Honour and Loyalty") were arrested. According to the press, the leading suspect, B.T., was organizing the trafficking of weapons, and was developing international links, in particular with the Nationale Alliantie. The Dutch justice department conducted research, at the request of the Belgian authorities, into the Dutch participants, including one of the NA's founders, Kapic and a former chairman of the NA's youth organisation, Niek Ros, in the Leopoldsburgmarker shooting practices. In March last year, twenty Dutch Nazis, including Kapic, took part in a paramilitary training exercise near Spa, organised by Blood & Honour Flanders. They camped in ten tents and had seven military vehicles at their disposal. The Nazis patrolled the area, intimidating passers-by who then informed the police. A search later uncovered stiletto knives and Nazi propaganda. The NA claimed this wasn't true and that the BBET group has only held a lecture (about Zionism and activism) on 29 January 2005 for their youth organization.Their youth organization, however, held a lecture in cooperation with BBET before on 28 May 2005 about 'Race and reality – to the extinction of the white race?'. The NA calls on white Dutch people to increase their birthrate and demanding a halt to the building of mosques and the closure of The Netherlands' borders to all migrants and refugees. In 2006 the suspect from the mosque arson was released by higher court, after the detention of 14 months. He was innocent.

In February 2005 the NA organized a lecture about "disunion of rightwing parties". Their guestspeaker was fascist old-timer Joop Glimmerveen, the former face and leader of the Dutch People-Union (NVU) since the beginning of the 1970s and party ideologist until the end of the 1990s, now one of the biggest critics of the NVU's current leader.


The party was associated with the European National Front. In October 2004, the NA was present in Warsawmarker, Polandmarker, at the first conference of the ENF. On 2 December 2006, a delegation of the NA visited the Corneliu Codreanu Memorial March in Bucarestmarker, Romaniamarker, at invitation of Noua Dreapta and the NPD in Germanymarker in February 2007.

The NA is furthermore every year present in Flanders at the annual IJzerwake ("Wake of the Yser). On 11 September 2004 the NA took part in a demonstration against terrorism which was held in Antwerpenmarker (Flanders) in corporation with other Flemish nationalist organisations like Groen Rechts and BBET.On 8 December 2004 the N.A. joined a demonstration against the invasion of Chinamarker in Tibet and the violating of human rights of the Tibetan people at the Haguemarker.

On the occasion of the first national congress of the NA held in Rotterdam in 2005, the American national socialist Harold Covington sent a letter in the name of the 'white nationalist movement' in the United Statesmarker and Canadamarker and extend greetings from all white nationalists in North America. Covington's books are being promoted on the NA forum.


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