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The National Missionary Baptist Convention of America is an African-American Baptist convention which combined the efforts of Missionary Baptist churches and organizations throughout the country with the goal of unity for capable and efficient ministry. The NMBCA also seeks to propagate Baptist beliefs, doctrines, practices and distinct moral principles. The convention consists of four boards (education, evangelical, home mission, foreign mission) and 10 auxiliaries (Ministers, Ministers' Wives & Widows, Brotherhood, Brotherhood II, Women's Missionary Union, Women's Missionary Union # 2, Junior Women, Ushers, and Nurses Corp). In addition the Convention has a Benevolence Board and Praise Team.

On November 14-15, 1988, in a meeting held at the People's Missionary Baptist Church, Incorporated, in Dallas, Texasmarker with Dr. S. J. Gilbert, Sr. as the convenor and Dr. S. M. Wright, as the host pastor, several leaders and members from the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. formed the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America (NMBCA). Differences of opinion over the relationship of the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. and National Baptist Publishing Board, now known as the R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation; the National Baptist Sunday School; and Baptist Training Union Congress, brought about the division. The new body gained the support of existing state conventions in Californiamarker, Texas, Arizona, Oklahomamarker and Indianamarker, and has formed others. The NMBCA traces its origins to the formation of the Foreign Mission Baptist Convention in 1880. It considers the 1988 organization a "restoration".

The Rev. S.M. Lockridge of San Diego was elected as the first president of the newly formed convention and served until his retirement in 1994. After Dr. Lockridge's retirement, elections were held. Succeeding Presidents in the NMBCA were: Dr. S. M. Wright of Dallas, Texas, who died shortly after his election prior to his installation; Dr. W. T. Snead, Sr. of Los Angeles, California; and Dr. Melvin Von Wade, Sr., also of Los Angeles.

A party led by Dr. H. J. Johnson of Dallas, Texasmarker withdrew and formed the Institutional Missionary Baptist Conference of America in 1998/1999, following the election between Dr. Johnson and Dr. W.T. Snead, Sr.

The Convention meets three times a year - a Winter Board Meeting, generally held the week after the fourth Sunday in February; the Summer Board Meeting, a one day session held during the week of the National Baptist Sunday Church School and Baptist Training Union Congress, sponsored by the R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation of Nashville, TN. The September five-day meeting is considered the Annual Session, held the week after the first Sunday.

Headquarters are generally considered to travel with the President. Currently it is in Dallas, Texasmarker, which is the home base of the current president, Dr. C.C. Robertson, pastor of the Bexar Street Missionary Baptist Church, who was elected in September 2006. The greatest strength of the convention is in California and Texasmarker. According to the 2007 National Missionary Baptist Convention of America Journal, there were 14 state conventions (Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Northwest - Oregon & Washington, Tennessee, Texas (2), and Washington), 39 district associations, and over 500 churches.

Churches in a geographical area (e.g., southern California) or a political subdivision (e.g., city/county) organize a district-level association as a means of cooperation. Churches within a state may also organize for state-level cooperation. Both the state and district associations relate to and work with the National Convention to carry on related ministries.

Church membership is an estimated 1,000,000.

Current Leadership

  • President - Dr. C.C. Robertson, Dallas, TX
  • Vice President at Large - Dr. Nehemiah Davis, Fort Worth, TX
  • Vice President of Boards - Dr. A. Charles Bowie, Cleveland, OH
  • Vice President of Ecumenical Affairs - Dr. L.C. Firle, Collins, MS
  • Vice President of Auxiliaries - Dr. Bernard Black, Phoenix, AZ
  • Vice President of Financial Affairs - Dr. Ray W. Williams, Oakland, CA
  • President/CEO R.H. Boyd Publishing Corp - Dr. T.B. Boyd, III, Nashville, TN
  • General Secretary - Dr. A. Wayne Johnson, Portland, OR
  • Assistant General Secretary - Dr. Wayne Moore, Indianapolis, IN
  • Corresponding Secretary - Dr. Walter Houston, Houston, TX
  • Treasurer - Dr. William R. Lott, Sr., Chicago, IL
  • Recording Secretary - Dr. T.L. Brown, Dallas, TX
  • Statistician - (Vacant)
  • Historian - Dr. W.T. Burton, Benton Harbor, MI
  • Parliamentarian - Dr. Raymond Wilson, Detroit, MI
  • Vice President of Moderators - Dr. Lovely Haynes, Los Angeles, CA
  • Vice President of State Presidents - (Vacant)

  • Legal Counsel - Attorney Richard Manson, Nashville, TN
  • National Minister of Music - Sis. Ruth Sauls, Austin, TX
  • National Chorister - Sis. Edith McKinney, Austin, TX
  • Musician - Rev. Gregory Troy, Detroit, MI
  • Morning Glory Coordinator - Dr. Denny D. Davis, Arlington, TX
  • Morning Prayer Assembly Leader - Dr. G. Thomas Turner, Columbus, OH

  • Ministers Conference - Dr. Robert Castle, Wichita Falls, TX
  • Ministers' Wives and Widows - Sis. Alma Brasfield, Chicago, IL
  • Senior Women - Sis. Bertha Williams, Cleveland, OH
  • Senior Women II - Sis. Thelma Harkey, Phoenix, AZ
  • Junior Women - Dr. Madeline Washington, Houston, TX
  • Nurses Corp - Sis. Vivian Langford, Indianapolis, IN
  • Ushers - Sis. Joyce Armstead, Houston, TX
  • Brotherhood - Bro. Roosevelt Smith
  • Brotherhood II -
  • Youth - Minister Landis Milam
  • Youth Advisor - Dr. B.W. Noble, Muskogee, OK

  • Evangelical Board Chairman - Dr. S.H. Smith, Houston, TX
  • Foreign Mission Board Chairman - Dr. Paul A. Stoot, Jr., Renton, WA
  • Educational Board Chairman - Dr. S.J. Gilbert, II, Houston, TX
  • Home Mission Board - Dr. Aaron Brasfield, Chicago, IL
  • Benevolent Board - Dr. Isaac Johnson, Phoenix, AZ

  • Convention Coordinator - Bro. Quaford Coleman, Los Angeles, CA
  • President's Personal Secretary - Sis. Barbara Brown, Dallas, TX
  • Presidential Advisor - Dr. A.E. Sharp, I, Dallas, TX
  • Web Designer - Dr. Robert Earl Houston, Sr., Frankfort, KY
  • Site Committee Chairman - Dr. Gerald Dew, Chicago, IL
  • Media Relations - Dr. E. Wayne Gaddis, Los Angeles, CA
  • Annuity Commission Chairman - Dr. Melvin Woodard, Indianapolis, IN
  • Capital Investment Commission - Dr. Jim Holley, Detroit, MI
  • Theme Commission Chairman - Dr. Matthew J. Thornton, Seattle, WA
  • Recruitment Chairman - Dr. Louis Lumzy, Jackson, MS
  • Internal Auditor - Dr. Matthew Alix, Dallas, TX
  • Presidential Advisor - Rev. Preston Jackson, Phoenix, AZ
  • Presidential Advisor - Dr. W.T. Snead, Sr., Los Angeles, CA
  • Presidential Advisor - Dr. G. Thomas Turner, Columbus, OH
  • Information Booth - Sis. Janice Ross, Dallas, TX
  • Information Booth - Sis. Alfreda Johnson, Dallas, TX

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  • Baptists Around the World, by Albert W. Wardin, Jr.
  • Handbook of Denominations, 11th Edition, by Frank S. Mead, Samuel S. Hill, & Craig D. Atwood ISBN 0-687-06983-1

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