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National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES or FAST-NU) is a University in Pakistanmarker with headquarters at Islamabadmarker and campuses at Karachimarker, Lahoremarker, Islamabadmarker and Peshawarmarker. The university offers Undergraduate, Graduate and PhD level degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Business Administration, and Mathematics.

It is honoured as the first multi-campus national university in Pakistan. Its history dates back to 1985 when the Foundation for Advancement of Science and Technology put together an effort for developing sciences in Pakistan and to fulfill their aim they set up institutes for computer science in the two major cities of Pakistan: Karachimarker and Lahoremarker. Later on they expanded it to the capital city of Pakistanmarker, Islamabadmarker and to Peshawarmarker also. NUCES is recognized as one of the top engineering university by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan as well as Pakistan engineering council ([PEC]).

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences received its charter in 2000 in the Federal Area (capital). It became the first multi-campus university of Pakistan with campuses in Islamabadmarker, Karachimarker, Peshawarmarker and Lahoremarker.


Headquarters of FAST-NU, Islamabad
The university has four departments in each of its campuses. These are:
  • Department of Computer Science
Islamabad campus head: Prof. Dr. Anwar M. Mirza
Karachi campus head: Mr. Zafar Nasir
Lahore campus head: Dr. Sarmad Hussain
Peshawar campus head: Dr. Farooq Ahmad
  • Department of Humanities & Sciences
Islamabad campus head: Mr. Sher Afzal Khan
Karachi campus head: Mr Saud Khan Awan
Lahore campus head: Dr. S. M. Husnine
Peshawar campus head: Prof. Chand Rehman
  • Department of Management Sciences
Islamabad campus head: Mr. Mobashar Sadik
Karachi campus head: Dr. Nadeem Syed
Lahore campus head: Dr. Zafar Iqbal
Peshawar campus head: Dr. Sahibzada Ghiasul Haq
  • Department of Telecom & Computer Engineering
Islamabad campus head: Dr. Waseem Ikram
Karachi campus head: Dr. Imran Tasadduq
Lahore campus head: Dr. Anjum Ali
Peshawar campus head: Dr. S. Amjad Hussain Shah

Campuses of NUCES

The University has campuses at Islamabadmarker, Karachimarker, Lahoremarker and Peshawarmarker.

Islamabad Campus

NU-FAST Islamabad Campus
The Islamabad Campus was shifted in phases from its previous location at G-9/4, to a newly built campus in the sector H-11/4 covering of land. The architecture of the building is reminiscent of the traditional Mughal design. The campus includes five computer laboratories (1. Graduate lab, 2. Research lab, 3. Final Year Project lab, 4. Common lab-I, 5. Common lab-II) all equipped with Intel Core 2 and Pentium 4 computers, a number of telecom laboratories, a library and a cafetaria. Various sports facilities, that include Cricket , Football , Volleyball, Badminton, and Table-tennis, are also available on this campus. Recently the Government of Pakistan has also allotted another of land in H-11/4. The university intends to build a new facility at this location.

The Islamabad Campus offers the following degree programs: All the engineering programs offered are PEC recognized.
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Electrical Engineering with specialization in Telecommunication (new Program from 2009)
    • Computer Science
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Master of Science
    • Computer Science
    • Electrical Engineering
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • PhD
    • Computer Science

NU-FAST is also well-known for its colourful functions and seasonal events. Example of this is the recent even that took place, where students of batch of 2006 gave a welcome reception to the fresh batch of 2007 in the Islamabad campus.

Karachi Campus

NU-FAST Karachi Main Campus
The Karachi Campus is further divided into two campuses: The Main Campus and the City Campus.f. The Karachi Main campus is spread over a site. It is located in Shah Latif Town on National Highway, 10 km east of Karachi airport. The staff and students commute to the campus in transport arranged by a private contractor, and this is the most expensive transport service in Karachi, they charge 10,000/- per semester for each student.
  • Current director: Dr. Zubair Shaikh
Earlier these people have served as the director

Dr Hilal Qureshi (1991-2004)

Prof. Javed Ashraf (1987-91)The Karachi campus offers the following degree programs:
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Electrical engineering with specialization in Telecommunication, Electronics and Computer (new Program from 2009)
    • Computer science
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Master of Science
    • Computer science
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Software project management
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Lahore Campus

The Lahore campus is is spread over of land in Faisal Town. There is also a library, cafeteria and separate common rooms for boys and girls. Another three storey building is completed. Facilities are available on campus for leisure activities such as Cricket, Football, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Facilities for swimming, rowing and athletics are arranged off-campus for those interested.
  • Current Director: Dr. Arshad Hussain
Earlier these people have served as the director

Dr Syed Husnine (2005-06)

Dr Qaiser Durrani (2001-04)

Dr Ayub Alvi (2000)

Dr Khaver Zia (1996-99)

Dr Ayub Alvi (1989-96)

Dr Chintoo Kazmi (1987-1996)

The Lahore campus offers the following degree programs:
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Electrical engineering with specialization in Telecommunication, Electronics and Computer (new Program from 2009)
    • Computer science
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Master of Science
    • Computer science
    • Software project management
    • Mathematics
    • Electrical engineering
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • PhD
    • Computer science
    • Mathematics
    • Electrical engineering

Peshawar Campus

The Peshawar Campus is located in Industrial Estate, Jamrud Road, not very far from the historic Khyber Pass. It is situated on plot. The Campus has a library and computer laboratory facilities. On campus sports facilities include Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Cricket.
  • Current Director: Dr. Amjad Hussain
Earlier these people have served as the director

Dr Farooq Ahmad (2004-06)

Dr M. Abid (2001-04)

The Peshawar campus offers the following degree programs:
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Electrical engineering with specialization in Telecommunication (new Program from 2009)
    • Computer Science
    • Telecom Engineering
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Master of Science
    • Computer science
    • Mathematics
    • Electrical engineering
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)

PEC Accreditation

Electrical Engineering programs of Lahore & Islamabad Campuses are 'accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council'For further details visit

HEC Ranking

Higher Education of Pakistan has ranked this university at 7th place in its characterization of engineering universities.For further details visit

Research Centers

Research at Islamabad Campus

Centre for Agro-Informatics Research (C@IR)

C@IR is a research center dedicated to development of indigenous IT solutions to serve the Agriculture sector. Currently a 26 month long Rs. 30+ millions Agricultural Decision Support System (ADDS) project is underway with a 30+ strong team, the ADSS is accessible via The ADSS project aims at developing (i) an Agriculture Data Warehouse (ii) a web based OLAP tool (iii) fast data mining tool and (iii) a yield loss forecasting system.

Machine Intelligence Group (MInG)

This group is conducting research on theoretical aspects and practical applications in various fields of computational and machine intelligence (neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, etc.). It is focused on bringing together the expertise from the fields of machine learning, computational intelligence, image processing, data mining, and multi-agents to design and develop practical intelligent systems. Priority is given to applications related and suited to Pakistani environment. The group is supervising several PhD and MS theses and undergraduate projects.The group is headed by Prof. Dr. A. Rauf Baig.

Software Engineering Research Center (SERC)

The objectives of this centre are to carry out research and development in software engineering and allied application areas. The centre promotes theoretical research in the software engineering area, resolve problems faced by the software industry, and helps establish software engineering practices in the industry. Through SERC, the University seeks to help and support the local software industry in establishing and improving their processes and practices through continuous feedback and training. SERC aims to achieve these objectives by collecting the industry data to understand productivity, cost, and quality parameters. This will also help in developing more suitable process and lifecycle models for different types of projects being undertaken by our local industry in the offshore and distributed environment. Software Architecture, Software Project Management, Software Quality and Process Improvement are main areas of research.

Next Generation Intelligent Networks Research Center (NeXGIN RC)

NeXGIN RC is established at the Islamabad campus to conduct research in different domains of Next Generation Networks (NGn): Security, Quality of Service (QoS), Convergence of the fixed and mobile networks with a special focus on IMS and 3 GPP. Application of wireless sensor networks in Tele-medicine and secure Mobiles OS. Our academia-industry collaborative research efforts have culminated in three research projects worth more than PKR 34 million funded by ICT R&D fund.--M A K 17:43, 24 May 2009 (UTC). For further details, visit

Research at Karachi Campus

Centre for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC)

Center for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC) was formed in March 2006. Ubiquitous Computing (computing everywhere for everyone) promotes the idea of integrating computation into the environment, rather than having computers in daily life. At CRUC the research focuses on several topics:
  • Pattern Recognition & Multi-Lingual Interfaces
  • Multi Agent Systems
  • Wireless Networks & Grid Computing
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Knowledge Engineering & Information Retrieval
  • Robotics & Sensor based Communication
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Algorithms

Research at Lahore Campus

Centre for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP)

Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) (مرکز تحقیقات اردو) was formed in 2001 with a vision to develop computing in local languages of Pakistan. CRULP has been involved in research into languages spoken in Pakistan, developing computing standards and also developing speech, script and language processing applications for the end-users. Now the scope of research has increased to other Asian languages as well. CRULP has a Speech Processing Lab, Script Processing Lab and Language Processing Lab. Facilities also include a R&D centre to seat 40 full-time research staff working on funded research. CRULP participates in national and international bodies, including PTCL R&D Fund, Urdu Computing Standardization Committee of National Language Authority, Editorial Board of Localization Focus published by Localization Research Centre at University of Limerick in Ireland, and Unicode’s Bidirectional Committee List.

Software Engineering Research Centre (SERC)

Software Research Engineering Centre is dedicated to conducting research and development in software engineering. The centre has been established to promote theoretical research in the software engineering area, resolve problems faced by the software industry, and help establish software engineering practices in the industry. Through the establishment of the SERC, the University seeks to help and support the local software industry in establishing and improving their processes and practices through continuous feedback and training.

Center for English Language Communication (CELC)

The Centre provides support to students in improving their English language communication skills. To realize the individual needs of a student, the Centre facilitates through individual tutorials, by providing self-study material, by conducting workshops and intensive English classes, and through faculty outreach programs. By taking a variety of support initiatives effort is made to enable a student to improve grasp, make progress, and even excel in the language. The main thrust is on capacity-building for learning and expressing. The idea is that students who are otherwise capable of doing well but for the weak communication skills should not suffer because of their previous insufficient training. The Centre aims at improving proficiency in communicative English, written as well as spoken. This activity has a spill over effect of improving the student’s work in other subjects. The idea is to develop communication skills of students and also to help them become good professionals. The Centre purports to carry research activity on issues related to language teaching and learning.

Centre for Information Visualization and Intelligent Computing (Civic)

Centre for Information Visualization and Intelligent Computing (CIVIC) has been established at the Lahore campus with the aim of conducting research in various areas of Intelligent Computing, Knowledge Engineering, Image Processing and Computer Graphics. Many groups are actively participating in research and development under the umbrella of CIVIC.

Financial Mathematics Research Centre (FMRC)

Financial Mathematics Research Centre (FMRC) is the platform where the students of mathematics and computing, with strong ardency for mathematical study learn about one of the most indulging areas of mathematics and statistics. Financial mathematics is the base of all the progress in the various areas of economics and finance; in which an emphasis is being placed in the progressive countries for finding affable solutions to cases of contention and competition for all competitors and predicting the outcomes of various financial scenarios.

Multi-Media Lab (MML)

Multimedia covers text, graphics, audio, pictures, and streaming video. The objective of research in multimedia is to enable better communication in the future, especially in the internet connected world. MML is investigating both the processing and transmission of different types of information on medium such as Local Network Area LAN and telephone lines. Limited bandwidth of the transmission medium and consumer demand for good quality of service is high, which poses interesting challenges for the researchers.

Digitaleyez (Karachi)

An all Pakistan Inter-University Photography, Media and Design competition, Digital eyez is a Photography centric event that was held at FAST, Karachi in 2008. It was attended by photographers from all the top universities of the country. The event also held competitions in animation, web designing, on spot layout and quiz.

SOFTEC (Lahore)

SOFTEC (SOFTware Exhibition and Competition) is one of the most important and commendable software competitions in Pakistanmarker. SOFTEC ( is organized every year at the Lahore campus of NUCES. It is the largest information technology event of Pakistan with contests and exhibitions of software from all over the country and the neighboring countries of South Asia. It mainly comprises Software Competition, Dynamic Programming Contest with the collaboration of ACM's NUCES Chapter, Kids Corner (where students from Grade School display their ideas), G3n. X (Generation Xtreme) Gaming Competition and book festival.

The 12th SOFTEC (third International) was held on 05-6 May 2007.The 4th International & 13th National SOFTEC was held on 30-31 August,2008 and even budget goes up to Rs.5 million.

ProCom (Karachi)

ProCom is the software Programming Competition that is organized every year at the Karachi campus. ProCom comprises two main competitions, Programming and Software competition. Students from all over the country are invited to take part in these competitions.

In 2005, the scope of ProCom was extended to include Hardware and Gaming competitions. ProCom '05 received recognition and appreciation from the offices of the President and the Prime Minister. The event received wide accolades from the industry, the participant institutes and the media.

In April 2006, the 7th annual ProCom event was held. The 8th ProCom was subsequently held in April 2007.

The past eight ProCom events have been highly successful at the Student Level, Information Technology events in Pakistan, particularly Karachimarker. Since its inception, ProCom has been one of the most popular Information Technology events in Pakistanmarker.

Presidents of Procom
Year Name

2007 Ahsan Qamar
2007 Abdul Basit (VP)
2006 Haider Zamin
2005 Wajih-ur-rehman
2003 Zubair Mughal
2001 Adnan Shaukat
1999 Faraz Siddiqui
1998 Kamran Shaheen

NaSCon (Islamabad)

The Islamabad campus holds a software exhibition every year by the name of NaSCon. In the year 2005, NaSCon included the Software Exhibition and Competition, Speed Programming Contest, Poster Design and Quiz Competition, two day Gaming Competition alongside Pakistan's very first Multimedia competition which included music videos.

In the year 2006 event (held April 30 and May 1, 2006), included, in addition to the Software and Engineering Projects, Quiz Competition, activities like Speed Programming, Engineering Problem Solving Competition, Gaming, Movies/Song videos Competition, and Creative Poster Competition for different age groups. Seminars by eminent professionals on the current trends in Engineering and Information Technology were also held.

The NaSCon 2009 expanded its scope with the addition of many new competitions including the Marketing Plan, Instant Theater, Technological Insight, Four different Robotics Competitions, and the Declamation Competition. To increase the interest of the non-technical visitors of Nascon, a giant Dragon Ship and Ferris Wheel were set up at the grounds of the university which proved to be immensely successful.

Marketing Mavericks (Islamabad)

A marketing extravaganza held biannually at the Islamabad Campus, "Marketing Mavericks", is a competition where the students present their marketing plans to a carefully selected panel of professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians. The event provides a solid platform to the business students, professionals, entrepreneurs and academicians to come together as a part of one knowledge cluster and debate on the emerging marketing issues, trends and opportunities in Pakistan. The winning group of the event lifts the prestigious trophy, "The Jolly Marketer" and the best performer of the event is awarded with "The Green Jacket" and "Marketing Mavericks Medal of Honour". The event is supported annually by a large number of corporations, both local and multinational. In a short span of time, the event has evolved into one of the largest events at FAST National University and has received very high acclaim from the corporate sector.

Student Organizations

ACM Student Chapter

NUCES-ACM Student Chapter was established on the 12th of April, 2001. Since then, the chapter has been working hard to advance the science & art of information processing and providing services for the professional development of students and polishing their technical and administrative skills. The chapter has always served as a training ground for members who wish to become acquainted with those technological trends that are not taught in academics. It also provides opportunities to its members to get involved in the management of the Association. ACM Chapter has become an essential part of all kinds of programming, software, gaming and quiz competitions organized in the university.

NUCES-ACM Student Chapter has a rich legacy of organizing and hosting international, national and local competitions in the fields of software project, software quiz, programming and gaming. In doing so, it has received participants from most countries in the region, and from all major educational institutions in Pakistan. The successful holding and completion of these events has only added to the growing fame of NUCES-ACM as being the premier ACM Chapter in the country.

NUCES-ACM frequently organizes various programming, software, quiz and gaming competitions, short courses, workshops and seminars for the students of the university throughout the year. Furthermore, the Chapter is also responsible for sponsoring and organizing all student trips to other educational institutions in the country and abroad, making it very popular amongst the faculty and students. The Chapter has the distinction of having the largest membership base for any society in the university. At present, there are a total of 200 registered members of the society.

IEEE Student Branch

The IEEE Student Branch is a IEEE student entity, under which the university can organize Seminars, Conferences, Congresses, Lectures and invited talks of Professionals, Acamadecians and Researchers. Three independent IEEE Student Branches are existed in its 3 campuses - Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. IEEE NUCES-Karachi organized IEEE PSC 2007 on July 6-7, 2007, ProCom.Net 2009 on May 02, 2009 and number of seminars and workshops. They also participated in IEEE PSC 2008 on August 16-17, 2008, IEEE KSSC 2008 on December 26, 2008 and now going to participate in IEEE PSC 2009 at IEEE NSEECS, NUST, Islamabad during May 29-31, 2009.

The Webmasters

The Webmasters is a student organization of FAST-NU Karachi.

The main function of the team is the continual development and maintenance of the Karachi campus portal with features including Courses Forum, Student Blog, Career Centre, Campus News and our Graduate Profile among an ever expanding list of information services.

Their efforts are not limited to the above. The WMs also conduct seminars to increase awareness of the market’s demands, hold events & workshops with the aim to provide motivation and opportunity for students to learn new things, and organize competitions to expose those who have the greatest potential. DIGITALeyez (Media Event) was another marked success that the WMs bagged, in the year 2008.


The Old Students Association of FAST-NU (OSAF) was founded in March 1996 by the alumni of the university (Adil Akif, sahics93 and Qasim Javed, sahics96). Its aim was to help students in academic and financial problems, and increase the student-faculty-industry interaction. Some major activities of OSAF are

1) OSAF Financial Assistance (aka OFA), (every semester)

2) NUCES employees' children school fund (monthly)

3) Homecoming (yearly)

In addition to this, OSAF organizes seminars (Final Year Project ideas, Preparing for job market, Studying abroad etc) on regular basis.

Fuaad Ahmad, is currently serving as the President of OSAF. Adil Iqbal, Salman Qureshi, Umar Suleman and Affan Butt have held this post in last some years.


GOF (Graduates of FAST) is an unofficial, but one of the initial efforts to organize the FAST Alumni (especially those who graduated from Karachi Campus). The GOF is organized through a mailing group ( Efforts are being taken by the Karachi Campus to officially take over GOF.


FASTRising is a group of people (students, faculty members and alumni) from FAST NU, Lahore who believe in the supremacy of law and the rule of meritocracy. They belong to diverse ideological and political backgrounds and have collaborated to form this platform to:

1. Strive for the restoration of the constitution as it was in the early hours of 3rd Nov, 2007

2. Raise the level of political awareness of the FAST-NU family members (students, faculty members and alumni)

FAST Football League

The first season of FAST Football League was conducted in the Karachi campus by a group of students interested in the sport. There were five teams competing for the title namely, Warriors FC, FC Party, Cool Spurs, and Gunners FC were amongst the contenders. Unfortunately the season did not finish and the eventual champion is yet to be determined.


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