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A national sport is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation. In American English the term national pastime is often used. Some sports are de facto national sports, while others are defined by law.

National sports defined by law

Country Sport Year defined as

national sport
Argentinamarker pato 1953
Bahamasmarker sloop sailing 1993
Bangladeshmarker ("national game") kabaddi 1972
Brazilmarker capoeira 1972
Canadamarker ("national winter sport") hockey 1994
Canadamarker ("national summer sport") lacrosse 1859; 1994
Chilemarker Chilean rodeo 1962
Colombiamarker tejo 2000
Mexicomarker Charrería 1933
Koreamarker (Rep.marker) Taekwondo 1971
Pakistanmarker ("national game") field hockey 1972
Puerto Rico ("autochthonous sport") paso fino 1966
Sri Lankamarker volleyball 1991
Uruguaymarker destrezas criollas

("creole [i.e. gaucho] skills")

De facto national sports

Country Sport
Afghanistanmarker buzkashi
Anguillamarker yacht racing
Antigua and Barbudamarker cricket
Barbadosmarker cricket
Bermudamarker cricket
Bhutanmarker archery
Chinamarker (PRCmarker) table tennis
Colombiamarker Association football
Cubamarker baseball
Dominican Republicmarker baseball
Finlandmarker pesäpallo
Grenadamarker cricket
Guyanamarker cricket
Indiamarker Cricket
Irelandmarker ("national games") gaelic games
Jamaicamarker cricket
Latviamarker (summer sport) basketball
Latviamarker (winter sport) ice hockey
Lithuaniamarker basketball
New Zealandmarker rugby union
Norwaymarker cross-country skiing
Papua New Guineamarker rugby league
Perumarker Paleta Frontón
South Africa rugby union
United Statesmarker ("national pastime") baseball
Walesmarker rugby union

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