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'Nowgawan Sadat' is a town and a nagar panchayat in Jyotiba Phule Nagar district in the Indianmarker state of Uttar Pradeshmarker.


 India census, Nowgawan Sadat had a population of 27,075. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Nowgawan Sadat has an average literacy rate of 44%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 51%, and female literacy is 37%. In Nowgawan Sadat, 18% of the population is under 6 years of age. Almost 90% of the population here constitute of Shia Muslims of which mosly are Syed and they are Abdi, Zaid, Naqvi etc. It is 13 Km from City/Distt. Amroha and 150 km from Delhi. It is connected by railway station at Amroha and State Road from Amroha to Bijnore.The people are mainly Urdu speaking.
The main occupations of Syeds are farming, Mango Cultivation. Besides most people are in private sector service in all over India and Gulf. Many of the families of Nawgavan Sadat have migrated to different part of the world like Pakistan, US, UK, Germany etc.

SHAJRA and history

Naugawan is inhabitated mostly by Syeds. They are from the generation of fourth Imam Zainul Abedin (as) i.e Abdi. Others are Zaidi, Naqvi etc. They have the Shajra (Family Tree) from the generation of Mohammad's daughter. That is why it is known as Sadat. The Shajra or the Genealogy of Sadat people, compiled by Maulana Ansar Husain Sajid Sahab in 1964 A.D. The Shajra has now been updated and recompiled by Syed Shoeb Raza Abdi s/o Tahir Raza in Bandra, Bombay (India) (+919833100673/+919322187098, with the help of the same author and collection of the latest data by Syed Tanveerul Hasan Abdi. Compilation of Shajrah in Urdu is nearly completed with the verifications of the people in Naugawan Sadat. Those who have not given their names may send it now.

Shajra in short is as follow:

Maulana Fakhruddin s/o Maulana Syed Mohd Imam (Delhi) s/o Khwaja Maulana Syed Badrudin Ishaq (Delhi & Pakpattan, son in law of Baba Farid Ganj Shikar) s/o Syed Ali Peer Baba s/o Syed Ali Ishaq s/o Syed Ali-ul-Haq (Minhajudin & Moinuddin, Nwasa of King of Tabristan) s/o Syed Ahmed Abul Qasim Ahmed Nasir s/o Syed Mahmood Abu Mohd Hasan s/o Mohd Aqeel Abu Jafar Abul Hasan Ahmed s/o Syed Wajeeudin Abu Mohd Hasan Nasir Sagheer (Uhud) s/o Ahmed Fatehulla Abul Husain Ahmed Sahebe Jaish s/o Jalaluddin Abu Mohd Hasan Nasirul Haq Nasir Kabir (Atrosh) s/o Sadrudin Abul Hasan Ali Al Askari s/o Qutubudin Abu Mohd Hasan s/o Syed Zakaria (Ali Asghar Muhaddis) s/o Hazrat Umar Ashraf s/o Hazrat Imam Zainul Abedin (the 4th Imam of Shia Muslims)

Hazrat Umar Ashraf had only son Ali Asghar Muhaddis who had 3 sons Qutbuddin, Abu Ali Qasim, Umar Shajari. From the generation of Abu Ali Qasim was Nasir Kabir, the King of Tabristan whose daughter married to Syed Ahmed Nasir from whom born Syed Ali-ul-Haq.After the Ali Asghar Muhaddis was martyred by Abbasi Caliph he left Madina and went to Tabristan via Mashad, Nishapur, Tirmiz in Iran and died there. His son Syed Sadruddin also died in Tabristan.Syed Ali-ul-Haq succeeded the throne of Tabristan after Nasirul Haq. But after 4 year she was defeated by Alp Arsalan Saljuqi and he was fled to Ghazni and became the Etemaul Mulk of Sultan of Ghazi Ibrahim bin Masood. He again became the Governor of Tabristan by the help of Sultan of Ghazni. He attack India by the order of Sultan of Ghazni with 40 thousand army and defeated may Maharajas of India. But hewas martyred in Namaz-e-Tahajjud by Hindus. His son Ali Ishaq became the Governor and he was also martyred in Namaz-e-Tahajjud in the morning by Hindus in India. In his place came his brother Kamalul Haq. Syed Ali Peer Baba s/o Aliul Ishaq ruled with bravery. After Shabudin Ghori of Ghazni Iltamus came to power and ruled Delhi. Syed Ali Peer Baba was the son in law of Iltamus. His saon was Khwaja Badruddin Ishaq, a great Sufi, Sajjad Nashin & Student of Baba Farid Ganj Shikar of Pakpattan (Punjab). He was not interested in the rulership and handed it over to his brothers. His son Mohammad Imam was uplifted by Hazrat Nizamuddin who was Murid & Student of Baba Farid Ganj Shikar. Maulana Mohd Imam and his brother Musa was son in law of Sultan Mohd Tughlaq s/o Ghayasuddin. Hence 82 or 83 villages were given to Mohd Imam as Dowry including this Naugavan Khurd.syed syed aqeel meerza s\o syed adeel meerza s\o syed mehdi ali meerza s\o syed qaiser sheqo meerza s\o syed mohammad wajid ali shah s\o syed amjad ali shah s\o syed mohammad ali shah s\o syed sadaat ali shah

Naugawan Sadat:

Naugawan Khurd came into existance in 948 A.H. (according to Abjad its total no. is same)(1541 AD) by Maulana syed Fakhruddin s/o Maulana Mohammad Imam buried in Delhi, the Sajjad Nashin of Hazrat Nizamudin Aulia. According to Qari Sahab it came into existance in 820 A.H. (1417 AD) as Naugawan Kalan. To the north of it was Vazirabad (Present Name: Amroha).Maulana Fakhrudin & Maulana Jalaludin, the two sons of Maulana Mohd Imam, came here as a preacher of Islam and were successful in it. Their sons inhabited here and spread in thousands till date. Many of them migrate to different parts of the world.

Spirituals of Naugawan Sadat

There are many great spirituals in Naugawan Sadat they are doing work in the field of spirituality and trying to explain the spirit of Islam and comparative study of religions. Late Maulana Sibtay Nabi, who was the dean of theology faculty in A.M.U., Late Maulana Firoz Haider world famous zakir, Late Maulana Muzaffar, Maulana Mohammad Hussain Mahzar,Late Maulana Salaman Hyder,Late Maulana Mohammad Mujtaba, Maulana Sibtey Mohammad, was great Muslim scholars.Maulana Naeem Abbas is a famous speaker and principal of Jamiatul Muntazar. Allama Syed Habeeb Hyder Abidi is the son of Late Maulana Syed firoz Haider and is a learned Scholar and Orator.Maulana Firoz Hyder was the famous orator, reciter of Majlis. He gave speeches in every part of the world.He has his huge supporters in USA,UAE,India,Pakistan,Canada,Arab,Africa,Europe,England and many more.He is known to be the one of the best speakers of urdu language in Indian history of Oratory.He was very much educated and his speaches are full of knowledge. He did many social works for example he established Fatema girls inter college in Naugawan Sadat specially for girls and Sakina Public School.He died in 2002 while coming to India from Germany.

Late Maulana Jawad Asghar 'Natiq' was the renounned scholar of the era. He was the great Aalim, faqih, teacher of Babul Ilm Inter College, Shahfreed. He was the great poet and ustadus Shu'ra (teacher of many poets). His said sher (poems) in Urdu, Arabic & persians. He said many Nauhas, Qaseeda, Naat-o-Manqabat. He died at the age of 85.

Religious Institutions

In Naugawan Sadat there are three religious institutions . These institutions are busy in the service of Islam and nation. In these institutions hundreds of students are living and try to know about the spirit of Islam. (1) Jamia Babul Ilm (Founder: Late Maulana Syed Sibtey Nabi, at Mohalla: Shahfreed (2) Jamia Alia Jafaria (Founder: Late Maulana Mohammad Mujtaba which was earlier at Mohalla Bangla then shifted to Karbala Road and is now at Budh Bazar (Abu Talib Nagar)(3) Jamiatul Muntazar (Founder: Late Maulana Syed Salman Hyder, at Karbala road), Molana Naim Abbas and Molana Quratul-Ain Mujtaba managing all activities.


Sir Syed Junior High School,Fatema Girls College,Sakina Public school,Nehru Public School,New Public School,Kaniya junior high School,Syed Abu Mohammad Inter College.Shohrat ITI,

And many more school in every mohalla's of Naugawan Sadat


There are four main Matami Anjumans in Naugawan Sadat. They are (1) Anjuman-e-Yadgare Husain (2) Anjuman-e-Hyderi, Its Nauha Khwan: Syed Dilawar Abbas (Chand Suraj)(3) Anjuman-e-Abdiya (4) Anjuman-e-Sogwar. Syed Shoeb Raza, Syed Taqi, Syed Ayaz Nauha Khwan of Anjuman-e-Yadgar is most noted and famous.


There are many famous Shu'ra (Poets)stays in Nowgavan Sadat. They are Syed Riyaz Hashim 'Riyaz student of Syed Jawwad Asghar 'Natiq, Maulana Ansar Husain 'Sajid' Student of same. Muharram Ali 'Shohrat', Gauhar Nawgavi, Qaisar Aqeel, Taqi, Shoeb Raza, Tahir Raza, Qamar, Raqim, Nihal, Musavvvir, abid, Akhtar,wazeer abbbs,shah alam abidi,khurram zaidi, asghar abbas zaidi


There are many talented professionals in different fields from Nowgawan Sadat. As Malike Ashter who is a noted journalist,he is doing work as journalist in Radio Tehran, Ms. Shahba Khatoon is also a well known media personality, she is joint with a leading newspaper.

Nowgawan Online

Some of the sites describing nowgawan sadat are:

Learning Centres

There are three colleges in Naugawan Sadat.Shohrat Inter College & ITI (Class 6 to class 12, Noumber of students:above one thousands, Location:Amroha Bijnore Road Naugawan Sadat, Founder:Haji Moharram Ali Shohrat, Principil:Abbas Haider Raqim Sb.)SAM Inter College (Class 6 to 12,Number of students:nearly one thousand, Location: Budh Bazar (Abu Talib Nagar), Founder: Sadaat's Committee, Principil:S.R. abidi)Fatima Girls Inter College(Class:1 to 12, number of students:above 1500,location: Mangal Bazar,founder: Late Maulana Syed Firoz Hyder Sahab, principil:Najmus Sahar,Manager:Syed Khateeb Haider)sir syed junior high school principil syed masood asgher

Information by Syed Shoeb Raza s/o Tahir Raza, Bandra, Bombay.


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