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Nebraska Highway 91 is a highway in central and eastern Nebraskamarker. Its western terminus is at an intersection with Nebraska Highway 2 north of Dunningmarker. Its eastern terminus is at an intersection with U.S. Highway 30 and U.S. Highway 75 in Blairmarker.

Route description

Nebraska Highway 91 begins at an intersection with NE 2 just north of Dunningmarker. It heads in a northeasterly direction, where it will have an intersection with NE 7 south of Brewstermarker. The highway will continue to the east and southeast, heading into Taylormarker. In Taylor, NE 91 will meet US 183 and will run concurrently southward with it for about a mile. NE 91 will then split off and head eastward, where it will intersect with NE 11 south of Burwellmarker. NE 91 and NE 11 will run concurrently northward for a couple of miles as it passes through Burwell, before splitting off to head east again. West of Ericsonmarker, the highway will intersect NE 70, where it will then run concurrently for about .

Further east, NE 91/NE 70 will intersect with US 281, which is where NE 70 ends. NE 91 will then run concurrently southward. NE 91 will then split off and head eastward some more, passing through Spaldingmarker. After leaving Spalding, the highway will pass NE 52. To the east, it will enter Albionmarker where it will intersect with NE 14 and NE 39. Further east, it will pass NE 45 before entering Lindsaymarker. NE 91 will intersect US 81 northeast of Humphreymarker. The highway will continue to the east, where it will pass NE 57 north of Leighmarker, as well as NE 15 southeast of Clarksonmarker.

In Snydermarker, NE 91 will pass by NE 79 before continuing eastward. East of Snyder, it will meet and run concurrently southeastward with US 275. After passing through Scribnermarker and bypassing Hoopermarker, NE 91/US 275 will meet with US 77 and run concurrently southward along it as well. North of Fremontmarker, NE 91 will split off to the east yet again. It will continue eastward into Blairmarker, where it will terminate at an intersection with US 30 and US 75.


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