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Route 10 is a multi-state north-south state highway in the New Englandmarker region of the United Statesmarker, running from New Haven, Connecticutmarker through Massachusettsmarker to the village of Woodsvillemarker in Haverhill, New Hampshiremarker. Its number dates from 1922, when it was a New England Interstate Route, also known as the Central New England Route.

Route 10 is often called the College Highway because it links Yale Universitymarker, Trinity Collegemarker, Mount Holyoke Collegemarker, Smith Collegemarker, Amherst Collegemarker, the University of Massachusetts and Dartmouth Collegemarker. Yale and Dartmouth are in the Ivy League and Smith and Mount Holyoke are in the Seven Sisters group of exclusive women's colleges.


Map of Connecticut showing the original 1920s route in green and the modern route in blue
Route 10 originally followed a different route south of Granby, Connecticutmarker, starting in the town of Old Saybrookmarker instead of at its current New Haven terminus. It moved to its current alignment along the Connecticut section of the College Highway in 1932, with the former alignment becoming the original Route 9marker. The original routing is now Routes 154, 99, and 189. During the 1960s Connecticut planned on building an expressway along the Route 10 corridor, but the only part of this plan actually constructed was Route 40 in the Mount Carmel area of Hamdenmarker, as well as several exit ramps connecting Route 10 to I-84 southwest of Hartford.

New England Route 10 also originally ended in Littleton, New Hampshiremarker (at Route 18) but was subsequently truncated to end at its current northern terminus at US 302 in Woodsvillemarker. However, signage is still shown for Route 10 up to the junction with Interstate 93. The rest of the route has had only very minor changes and basically still follows its original alignment.

Route description


Route 10 begins at I-95 as Ella T. Grasso Boulevard in the city of New Havenmarker. It then passes by the Southern Connecticut State Universitymarker before entering the town of Hamdenmarker along Dixwell Avenue. Route 10 continues north through the towns of Cheshiremarker, Southingtonmarker, Plainvillemarker, Farmingtonmarker, Avonmarker (where a lengthy concurrency with US 202 begins), and Simsburymarker. The Southington section of Route 10 was dedicated on Aug. 6, 1960 (and rededicated on Oct. 6, 2007) as the Louis G. Tolles Memorial Highway in honor of the late Southington native and leader of the Connecticut State Grange (1885–1956).

Town Milepost Junction Notes
New Havenmarker 0.1 I-95
1.3 US 1
1.9-2.2 Route 34
3.4 Route 63
Hamdenmarker 7.0 Route 15marker
10.1 Route 40
10.3 Route 22marker
Cheshiremarker 15.8 Route 42
16.9-17.1 Route 68/Route 70
21.0 I-691
Southingtonmarker 21.5 Route 322 Grade separated
24.2 Route 120
26.7 I-84
Plainvillemarker 28.1 Route 177
29.8 Route 372 To Route 72
Farmingtonmarker 32.2 US 6 One-way eastbound connector
33.8 Route 4marker
Avonmarker 39.4-40.2 US 44
US 202 (South)
Begin US 202 overlap
Simsburymarker 43.0 Route 185
44.8 Route 167
46.8 Route 315
Granbymarker 50.8 Route 189 Begin 189 overlap
Old Route 10 continues south on Route 189
50.9 Route 20marker
Route 189
End 189 overlap


Massachusetts section of Route 10
Route 10 crosses the border from Granby, Connecticut into Southwick, Massachusettsmarker, overlapped with US 202. It runs north through the Pioneer Valley towns of Southwickmarker, Westfieldmarker, Southamptonmarker, Easthamptonmarker, Northamptonmarker, Hatfieldmarker, Whatelymarker, Deerfieldmarker, Greenfieldmarker, Bernardstonmarker, Gillmarker, and Northfieldmarker. Route 10 has a long concurrency with U.S. Route 5 for about from Northampton to Bernardston, where it was sometimes called the "5 & 10 Highway". It crosses the Connecticut River in Northfield before entering New Hampshire.

An odd sight greeted motorists in Easthampton in July, 2005: standard issue Alabama state highway signs with the number 10 in a map of that state, instead of the standard Massachusetts square. This odd "Alabama 10" signage came about when a contractor mistakenly applied the sample from a federal manual. [224523], [224524]

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Route 10 begins at the Massachusetts state line in Winchester, New Hampshiremarker. The road continues into Keenemarker (where it has a short concurrency with NH-9). From Keene, NH-10 travels north via Newportmarker until Granthammarker. It then runs along I-89 from Grantham to Lebanonmarker. After exiting I-89 and running briefly on US 4, NH-10 then travels along the east bank of the Connecticut River from Lebanon up to its northern terminus at US 302 in Woodsvillemarker.

In Hanovermarker, NH Route 10 has what is essentially a short spur to Vermontmarker, NH-10A.

Town Milepost Junction Notes
Winchestermarker 4.4 NH 119
NH 78
Begin overlap NH 119
4.9 NH 119 End overlap NH 119
Keenemarker 16.7 NH 12 South Begin overlap with NH 12
17.2 NH 9 West Begin overlap NH 9
  NH 12 North End overlap NH 12
21.2 NH 9 East End overlap NH 9
Marlowmarker 32.6 NH 123 Begin overlap
33.6 NH 123 End overlap
38.0 NH 123A
Goshenmarker 47.6 NH 31
Newportmarker 52.9 NH 11/NH 103 West Begin overlap
53.1 NH 11/NH 103 East End overlap
Granthammarker 63.3 NH 114
Grantham/Enfieldmarker 64.0 I-89 South NH 10 joins I-89 at Exit 13
Lebanonmarker 79.2 I-89 North
US 4 East
NH-10 leaves I-89 at Exit 19
Begin overlap US 4
81.3 US 4 West End overlap US 4
Hanovermarker 85.6 NH 120
NH 10A
Orfordmarker 102.7 NH 25A Begin overlap
103.1 NH 25A End overlap
Piermontmarker 108.9 NH 25 West
NH 25C
Begin overlap NH 25
Haverhillmarker 114.2 NH 25 East End overlap NH 25
118.1 NH 116
121.3 NH 135
122.2 US 302 Northern terminus of NH 10


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