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The New England Thruway is a portion of the U.S.marker Interstate highway system and of the New York State Thruway, within and operated by the New York State Thruway Authority, linking New York Citymarker with New Englandmarker, specifically with southwestern Connecticutmarker. This 15.3-mile (24.6 km) stretch of highway was built in the 1950s and connects with the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike formerly known as the Connecticut Turnpike.

The thruway was first recommended by Robert Moses in 1940. Construction began in 1951, but not until 1956-1957 did major work progress. By 1950, the New York State Thruway Authority assumed control of the construction and made the New England Thruway a part of the Thruway toll system. In 1956, the New England Thruway was designated I-95.Construction lasted until 1961.

Rehabilitation work was done in the 1980s, involving new roadways, bridges and renumbering of exits. The last work done was completed in 1999.

The southern end of this stretch of road is the northern end on Interstate 95 of the Bruckner Expressway (visible as a change of signage but not of route or construction) in the Pelham Bay area in the eastern Bronxmarker. It proceeds from the Bronx through the Westchester Countymarker municipalities of Pelham Manormarker, Pelham, New Rochellemarker, Larchmontmarker, Mamaroneckmarker, Harrisonmarker, Ryemarker, and Port Chestermarker, to its northern end at the Connecticutmarker state line.

It is also known as the New Englandmarker section of the New York State Thruway (Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway).

Exit list

The New England Thruway begins at milepost 8.49 of Interstate 95 in New York. The eastern terminus at the Connecticutmarker state line is located at milepost 23.50 where the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike (Connecticut Turnpike) begins.
County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
New Old
Bronxmarker Pelham Bay Parkmarker 0.00 I-95 continues south as the Bruckner Expressway and then as the Cross Bronx Expressway.
0.23 8B Orchard Beachmarker/City Islandmarker Eastern extension of the Pelham Parkway.
8C 1 Pelham Parkway west
Baychestermarker 0.55 9 2 Hutchinson Parkway north Southbound: exit only.
0.65 10 2 Gun Hill Road Northbound: exit only. Southbound: entrance only.
1.11 11 3 Bartow Avenue/Co-op City Boulevard
Co-op Citymarker 1.61 12 4 Baychester Avenue Northbound: exit only. Southbound: entrance only.
Eastchester 2.37 13 5 Conner Street/Baychester Avenue To NY 22.
Pelham Bay Parkmarker 2.96 14 6 Hutchinson Parkway south - Whitestone Bridgemarker Southbound: exit only. Northbound: entrance only.
Westchestermarker New Rochellemarker 4.63 15 7 US 1 - New Rochellemarker/The Pelhams
6.04 16 8 North Avenue/Cedar Street - New Rochellemarker
6.94 New Rochelle Toll Barrier (northbound only) ($1.75 cash, $1.66 EZPass)
7.24 17 9 Chatsworth Avenue - Larchmontmarker Northbound: exit only. Southbound: entrance only.
Mamaroneckmarker 10.04 18A-B 10 Fenimore Avenue/Mamaroneck Road - Mamaroneckmarker, White Plainsmarker
Ryemarker 12.48 19 11 Playland Parkway - Ryemarker, Harrisonmarker
13.71 20 12 US 1 south - Ryemarker Northbound: exit only. Southbound: entrance only.
21 12 west/ US 1 north - White Plainsmarker, Tappan Zee Bridgemarker
14.11 22 13 Midland Avenue - Port Chestermarker, Ryemarker Southbound: exit is part of exit 21.
Port Chestermarker 15.01 Connecticutmarker state line at the Byram River.

I-95 continues into Connecticut as the Connecticut Turnpike.

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