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New York State Route 25A is a New York State highway and the main East-West route for most of the North Shore of Long Islandmarker, running from the Queens Midtown Tunnelmarker in the New York Citymarker borough of Queensmarker at its western terminus to Calvertonmarker in Suffolk Countymarker at its eastern end.

Known for its scenic route through decidedly lesser-developed areas such as Brookvillemarker, Fort Salongamarker, Centerportmarker, and the Roslynmarker Viaduct, 25A begins as 21st Street in Long Island City. As you go farther through 25A, it is then known as Jackson Avenue for a short period and is variously named Northern Boulevard east of Queens Plaza (New York State Route 25), North Hempstead Turnpike, Main Street, Fort Salonga Road, and North Country Road. It merges with New York State Route 25 for approximately in Smithtownmarker.

Route description

NY Route 25A begins at its western terminus at Exit 13 (which is the first exit) off Interstate 495 (the Long Island Expressway) at Long Island City in the New York Citymarker borough of Queensmarker. Route 25A is known in this area as 21st Street. As you follow 25A, it becomes Jackson Avenue and is a 4-lane road (and remains a 4-lane road well into Nassau Countymarker). Just past the intersection with Queens Boulevardmarker (State Route 25), at the foot of the Queensboro Bridgemarker, 25A becomes Northern Boulevard.

New York City: Borough of Queens

Route 25A carries the Northern Boulevard name through Woodsidemarker, Jackson Heights, Coronamarker, Flushing, Baysidemarker, Douglastonmarker and Little Neck.

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (Interstate 278) intersects with Northern Boulevard at the Woodside/Jackson Heights border. 25A intersects with the Grand Central Parkway at the Corona/Flushing border, where it becomes a limited-access roadway. This was a former segment of the Belt Parkway system, that was intended to be part of the formerly proposed Astoria Expressway.

As the roadway continues east, past Citi Fieldmarker in Flushing Meadows-Corona Parkmarker, it intersects with Interstate 678. Northern Boulevard continues through Flushing towards Bayside. In Flushing, Northern Boulevard was formerly known as Broadway. In Bayside, Northern Boulevard intersects with the Clearview Expressway (Interstate 295). Further east toward, it crosses over the Cross Island Parkway at Alley Pond Parkmarker, then goes through Douglaston and Little Neck, and crosses the city line into Nassau Countymarker.


25A, still carrying the Northern Boulevard name, crosses into Nassau County at the Great Neckmarker hamlet known as University Gardensmarker. It winds its way around a steep curve in the Great Neck area and descends into Manhassetmarker and the "Miracle Mile" shopping area. It intersects with New York State Route 101 just south of Port Washingtonmarker and then splits. Old Northern Boulevard (which once carried the 25A designation) is the old route which passes through the village of Roslynmarker. Northern Boulevard itself bypasses the village and carries 25A over the Roslyn Viaduct into Greenvale and then to Brookvillemarker, where the route passes the New York Institute of Technologymarker and the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island Universitymarker before intersecting with New York State Route 107.

After Route 107, 25A intersects with New York State Route 106 and quickly loses 2 lanes and becomes a simple 2-lane country road. Just past Cold Spring Road, it returns to a 4-lane road and then crosses the Suffolk County line and intersects with New York State Route 108.

Northern Boulevard, or North Hempstead Turnpike

At its intersection with State Route 106, some feel Northern Boulevard becomes North Hempstead Turnpike (and there are in fact one or two North Hempstead Turnpike signs along the route east of Route 106.) However, there are signs as far east as Cove Road in Oyster Bay Covemarker that show the designation is still Northern Boulevard. The last sign for Northern Boulevard is just before Cold Spring Road, near the Nassau/Suffolkmarker line, so a case can be made that Northern Boulevard extends from Queens, all the way across Nassau, and on to the Suffolk line.

Suffolk County

25A makes a sharp left turn just at its intersection with New York State Route 108. It travels through Cold Spring Harbormarker before turing somewhat south and into downtown Huntingtonmarker, where it regains 4-lane status through the village and is known as Main Street. At the intersection of County Road 35 on the east side of Huntington, 25A (designated as East Main Street) becomes a 2-lane road and heads toward Centerportmarker, where it becomes Fort Salonga Road through Centerport, Northportmarker and Fort Salongamarker. 25A intersects with its first limited-access highway since the Cross Island Parkway back in Queens when it encounters the Sunken Meadow State Parkway. It also changes names from Fort Salonga Road to Main Street as it enters Kings Parkmarker, home to the now-closed Kings Park Psychiatric Centermarker.

25A makes a right turn at an intersection in San Remo (just east of Kings Park) and becomes St. Johnland Road. It heads further south towards Smithtownmarker, where it intersects with New York State Route 25 (Jericho Turnpike), State Route 25 and 25A run concurrently through the village of Smithtown. Just past Edgewood Avenue in Smithtown, 25/25A loses the Jericho Turnpike name and the road is known as Main Street. On the east end of the village, at the intersection of 25/25A and New York State Route 111, the roads split. Route 111 heads to the South Shore of Long Island, 25 continues east and 25A heads on a north east path towards St. Jamesmarker and Stony Brookmarker.

From Smithtown to Stony Brook, 25A is known as North Country Road. It passes the old Stony Brook village before making a right to head due east towards SUNY Stony Brookmarker. It intersects with County Road 97 (Nicoll's Road) and then passes through Setauketmarker and into Port Jeffersonmarker (where it is known as West Broadway). Once 25A reaches the harbor, it makes a right turn and passes through the village of Port Jefferson (known again as Main Street.) Further south, at the intersection with New York State Route 112, 25A makes a sharp left turn and heads along Hallock Avenue towards its intersection with New York State Route 347 (Nesconset Highway). 25A almost literally "takes over" 347 at this point, becoming a wide highway (wider than at any other point) before intersecting with County Road 83 (Patchogue-Mount Sinai Road) and passing through Mount Sinaimarker before splitting again and bypassing Rocky Pointmarker (as it did back in Roslyn.) The old section (without state designation) passes through the village while 25A continues towards Shorehammarker and intersecting with County Road 46 (William Floyd Parkway) before coming to a fork. 25A veers right and heads southeast, while Sound Avenue, the other end of the fork, heads due east towards the North Fork of Long Island. It is not long after this split (about 1.5 miles) that 25A ends at Route 25, in Calvertonmarker, just west of Riverheadmarker.


Former sections

The route was originally an east-west Indian trail used to get from the current North Hempstead Township to Flushing. There are segments of local streets that were part of the original Route 25A. These streets consist of local village downtown blocks and even residential streets. Segments like the Roslyn Viaduct, for example allow traffic to flow more freely over Hempstead Harbor, while the historic community belowmarker is preserved intact. The towns listed below contain the following former Route 25A segments.

  • Roslynmarker:
  • Huntingtonmarker - Cold Spring Harbormarker:
    • Lawrence Hill Road between Harbor Road (New York State Routes 25A & 108), & North Hempstead Turnpike (Route 25A) to West Main Street (New York State Route 25A) & Hillside Avenue.
  • Huntingtonmarker:
    • Old Northport Road between Woodruff Court & Huntington Crescent Club.
  • Centerportmarker:
    • Between Little Neck Road (former Suffolk CR 86) & Centershore Road.
  • Northportmarker:
    • Main Street from Fort Salonga Road to Woodbine Avenue & Bayview Avenue.
    • Woodbine Avenue from Fort Salonga Road to Main Street & Bayview Avenue.
  • Fort Salongamarker:
    • Between Tanyard Place & east of Sunken Meadow Road. Just east of the intersection of Route 25A & Sunken Meadow Road is a side street that parallels 25A for approximately 1/4 mile named Old 25A.
  • Kings Parkmarker:
    • Unknown, however according to some old maps, Main Street between Pulaski Road and St. Johnsland Road is called "New Highway." More research is needed.
  • Smithtownmarker - Saint Jamesmarker:
    • Edgewood Avenue (former Suffolk CR 87).
  • Setauketmarker:
    • Ridgeway Avenue, from North Country Road & Main Street, to current Route 25A.
    • North Country Road from Bennet's Road to Ridgeway Avenue & Main Street.
    • Main Street, from Ridgeway Avenue & North Country Road to Old Town Road & current Route 25A.
  • Port Jeffersonmarker:
    • East Broadway from Main Street & West Broadway to East Main Street.
    • East Main Street, between Main Street & East Broadway.
  • Port-Jefferson Stationmarker-Sound Beachmarker:
    • North Country Road (Suffolk CR 20), from Main Street & Sheep Pasture Road to a baseball field west of Westchester Avenue, on current Route 25A.
  • Shorehammarker - Wading Rivermarker:
    • North Country Road.
  • Wading Rivermarker - Mattituckmarker:


Besides the Roslyn Viaduct and the Rocky Point Bypass, other attempts to realign Route 25A were planned by the New York State Department of Transportationmarker. However public opposition thwarted these projects, out of fear that they would lower property values, and bring more traffic jams and rampant development. The proposed bypasses include:

  • North Shore Expressway (Lloyd Harbor-Kings Park): From Syosset-Cold Spring Road to Main Street running mostly along Pulaski Road (Suffolk CR 11).

  • Smithtown Bypass North (San Remo-Saint James): Beginning at East Main Street, St. Johnland Road, and Rose Street, and ending somewhere in the vicinity of Edgewood Avenue (eastern intersection). Upon completion of this segment, NY 111 would have been extended to Saint James.

  • Nugent Drive Extension: Beginning at the intersection of NY 25A & Sound Avenue, it would have veered right before Hulse Landing Road (Suffolk CR 54) then turned south crossing New York State Route 25 east of the current terminus finally reaching Edwards Avenue in Calverton north of the former railroad station. From there it would have replaced Edwards Avenue and connected with the existing section southeast of Exit 71 at the Long Island Expressway. Like the existing section of Nugent Drive, it was to be designated Suffolk CR 94, and would have been concurrent with NY 25A from Wading River to Suffolk CR 94A (Center Drive Spur) terminating at Main Street(NY 25) in Riverhead, as well as NY 24.

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