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State Highway 2 is one of New Zealandmarker's eight national highways. With the exception of State Highway 1, which runs the length of both of the country's main islands, SH 2 is the longest national highway in the North Islandmarker. The highway runs north-south via the country's east coast, connecting Auckland and Wellington via the Hawkes Baymarker cities of Napiermarker and Hastingsmarker, Gisbornemarker and the Bay of Plentymarker including Taurangamarker.

For most of its length SH 2 is a two-lane single carriageway, with at-grade intersections and property accesses, both in rural and urban areas.


This is the route that SH 2 takes in 2008.

The highway deviates from SH 1 just north of Pokenomarker, some 49 km south of central Aucklandmarker. It initially heads east, crossing the Hauraki Plainsmarker before running the length of the Karangahake Gorgemarker, a break in the hills between the Coromandel Peninsulamarker and Kaimai Rangesmarker. From the mining town of Waihimarker it runs southeast, skirting the edge of Taurangamarker Harbour, which it crosses after travelling through the city of Tauranga. The highway continues to follow the coast for a further 80 km, until it reaches the town of Whakatanemarker.

From Whakatane the highway briefly loops south then back north to briefly return to the coast near Opotikimarker. After Opotiki the highway turns inland, ascending southeast along the valley of the Waioeka Rivermarker, and from there winding up to the 725-metre Traffords Hill Summit. From here it descends into the watershed of the Waipaoa Rivermarker following that river's valley from Te Karakamarker to Makaraka, just outside Gisbornemarker, to which it is connected by a short stretch of SH 35.

From this point the highway turns south , passing the Wharerata Forest and the isthmus of the Mahia Peninsulamarker, before turning west to follow the coast of Hawke Baymarker. Close to the mouth of the Waihua Rivermarker the highway heads briefly inland, passing the Mohaka Forest and Lake Tutiramarker before rejoining the coast not far from the junction with SH 5 at Bay Viewmarker. The highway continues south to the twin bay cities, crossing Napiermarker and turning inland to enter Hastingsmarker. From central Hastings, the highway briefly loses its national highway status for seven kilometres, regaining that status at Pakipaki.

The highway continues to head inland from Pakipaki, initially southwest to Waipukuraumarker, then briefly west to follow tributaries of the Tukituki Rivermarker upstream. Close to Norsewoodmarker the highway again turns southwest, a direction it maintains for much of the remainder of its journey, crossing undulating country that forms the upper catchment of the Manawatu Rivermarker. In Woodvillemarker, the highway meets SH 3, which links SH 2 with the city of Palmerston Northmarker via the Manawatu Gorge. SH2 continues south into the Wairarapa, travelling through the town of Eketahunamarker and into the town of Mastertonmarker.

The last 100 kilometres of highway takes it through several small Wairarapa towns (Cartertonmarker, Greytownmarker, and Featherstonmarker), and then via a winding and steep section over the Rimutaka Rangemarker (summit 555 metres) into the Hutt Valley. The highway travels along the edge of Upper Huttmarker, Lower Huttmarker and Petonemarker before skirting the upper part of Wellington Harbourmarker before terminating at the junction with SH 1 at the Ngauranga Interchangemarker, five kilometres of central Wellington.

Although the Ngauranga Interchange is the official end of State Highway 2, it is signed northbound as far back as the Mount Victoria Tunnel, 8 km before it begins.

Spur sections

State Highway 2 has two short spurs: State Highway 2A and State Highway 2B. State Highway 2A runs for 4.6 km from SH2 at Tauranga to the Tauranga Harbour Bridge. State Highway 2B runs for 4.1 km from SH 2 at Napier Airportmarker to SH 50 at Taradalemarker. This forms the northern part of the Hawke's Bay Expressway.


State Highway 2 used to run between Hastings and Pakipaki, but recently has been revoked.

State Highway 2 once followed Fergusson Drive through the centre of Upper Hutt. This section was bypassed by River Road in the 1980s.

State Highway 2's southern terminus has also changed. It used to form the southern part of the Wellington Urban Motorway when State Highway 1 finished at the Aotea Quay off-ramp. In 1996, State Highway 1 replaced this section.

At Mangatawhiri the section of State Highway 2 had a poor crash record. A seven-kilometre Mangatawhiri Deviation was built to improve safety by bypassing a section. East and west bound passing lanes provide safe passing opportunities. Grade separated intersections improved safety for traffic wanting to cross or join the highway in December 2008.


Currently there are several projects to improve stafety of State Highway 2.

They include:

• Kopuku Realignment - this section of highway is under investigation to improve to 4 lane highway between the Mangatawhiri and Maramarua Deviations. The project is primarily a realignment project aimed at improving road safety and providing passing opportunities.

• Maramarua Deviation - a bypass of Maramarua township on SH2, east of the SH1/2 Pokeno turnoff, to improve road safety, provide passing opportunities and reduce holiday peak congestion in Maramarua township. Expected completion of the project detail design will be completed by end 2008/ start of 2009.

• Katikati Bypass - an investigation is currently being unertaken into the long-standing designation for the bypass to ensure that it will meet the future needs of Katikati, and is consistent with Transit's overall strategy for long-term management of SH2.

Tauranga Eastern Motorway - a proposed Motorway in the Bay of Plenty region. It will replace a section of State Highway 2. It will cover almost 23 km from Te Maunga junction to Paengaroa, and will improve access from the east (Te Puke, Whakatane, Opotiki, Gisborne) and south from Rotorua and Taupo - is the main route for trucks heading to the Port of Tauranga from Rotorua and the eastern Bay of Plenty, and connects the economically important central plateau forestry industry with the port for export.

• Dowse to Petone Upgrade Project - A grade-separated interchange with raised roundabout over SH2 at Dowse Drive with a connection to Hutt Road and Dowse Drive; an overbridge to replace the traffic lights at Korokoro connecting Petone and Korokoro; upgrading the section of SH2 between Korokoro and the Petone overbridges in the short term by providing a raised central curbed median to separate north and southbound lanes. The expected compelation date is 2010.


The busiest section of State Highway 2 exists just north of the Ngauranga Interchange in Wellington, which was measured at km 977.6 to have an AADT of 67,000 vehicles. The quietest section of road is nead Otoko in the Gisborne District, which was measured at km 389.5 to have an AADT of just 1000 vehicles.

Major intersections

Territorial authority Location km Destinations Notes
Franklin District Pokenomarker 0 SH 1 north
(Waikato Expressway)

SH 2 begins
SH 1 south
(Waikato Expressway)

Waikato District District contains no major junctions
Hauraki District Mangatarata 34 SH 25
Thamesmarker, Coromandel Peninsulamarker
37 SH 27
Matamatamarker, Tiraumarker
Paeroa Waihou River
72 SH 26 north
(Arney Street)
Coromandel Peninsula, Thames

SH 2/SH 26 concurrency begins
73 SH 26 south
(Te Aroha Road)

SH 2/SH 26 concurrency ends
Waihimarker 93 SH 25/Pacific Coast Highway
Whangamatamarker, Tairuamarker
SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency begins
Western Bay of Plenty District District west of Tauranga contains no major junctions
Tauranga Citymarker Cambridge Heights 149 Pacific Coast Highway
Waihi Road

SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency ends
Tauranga South 151 SH 2A
(Takitumu Drive)
City Centre, Mount Maunganuimarker, Tauranga Airportmarker (via Harbour Bridge)

152 Pacific Coast Highway
Cameron Road
City Centre

SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency begins
Maungatapu 156 SH 29
Welcome Bay, Hamiltonmarker
SH 2/SH 29 concurrency begins
Te Maunga 164 SH 29
Mount Maunganuimarker, Tauranga Airportmarker
SH 2/SH 29 concurrency ends
Western Bay of Plenty District Paengaroa 189 SH 33
Whakatane Districtmarker Matata 223 Pacific Coast Highway
(Arawa Street)

Hawkens Junction 232 SH 34
(Awaiti South Road)
Kaweraumarker, Rotoruamarker

SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency ends
Edgecumbemarker Rangitaiki Rivermarker
Awakeri 242 SH 30 west
SH 2/SH 30 concurrency begins
243 SH 30 east
SH 2/SH 30 concurrency ends
Opotiki Districtmarker Kerurutahi 285 Pacific Coast Highway
(Wainui Road)

SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency begins
Opotiki 304 SH 35/Pacific Coast Highway
(St John Street)
Te Kahamarker, Te Araroamarker

SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency ends
Gisborne Districtmarker Makaraka 443 Pacific Coast Highway
(Main Road)
Gisbornemarker, Te Araroa

SH 2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency begins
Matawhero 444 SH 35
(Awapuni Road)

Wairoa Districtmarker North Clyde 533 SH 38
(Mahia Avenue)
Frasertownmarker, Lake Waikaremoanamarker

Hastings Districtmarker District north of Napier contains no major junctions
Napier Citymarker Bay View 638 SH 5/Thermal Explorer Highway
(Eskdale Drive)

Westshore 647 SH 2B
(Hawkes Bay Expressway)

Napier Central 649 SH 50 north
(Hyderabad Road)

SH 2/SH 50 concurrency begins
650 SH 50 south
(Taradale Road)
Taradalemarker, Hastingsmarker, Wellingtonmarker

SH 2/SH 50 concurrency ends
Pacific Coast Highway and SH2/Pacific Coast Highway concurrency ends
Classic New Zealand Wine Trail and SH 2/Classic NZ Wine Trail concurrency begins
Hastings Districtmarker Karamu 669 SH 2 temporarily ends
Pakipaki 678 SH 2 resumes
SH 50A
(Hawkes Bay Expressway)

Central Hawke's Bay District Takapaumarker 743 SH 50
Tikokino, Ongaonga
Tararua District Manawatu Rivermarker
Woodvillemarker 802 SH 3
(Vogel Street)
Palmerston Northmarker

Ngawapurua 808 Manawatu Rivermarker
Masterton Districtmarker District contains no major junctions
Carterton Districtmarker
South Wairarapa District Greytownmarker 909 Classic NZ Wine Trail
(Moroa Plains Road)

SH 2/Classic NZ Wine Trail concurrency ends
Featherstonmarker 921 SH 53/Classic NZ Wine Trail
(Revans Street)

SH 2/Classic NZ Wine Trail concurrency begins
Upper Hutt Citymarker District contains no major junctions
Hutt Citymarker Manor Park 962 SH 58
(Haywards Hill Road)
Pauatahanui, Poriruamarker

Wellington Citymarker Ngauranga 979 SH 1 north/Classic NZ Wine Trail south
(Hutt Road)
Ngauranga, Porirua, Picton Ferry

SH 2/Classic NZ Wine Trail concurrency ends
Traffic for The Interislander ferry to Pictonmarker and the South Islandmarker exits here.
SH 1 south
(Wellington Urban Motorway)
City Centre, Airportmarker

SH 2 ends


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