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Newsarama is an Americanmarker website that publishes news, interviews and essays about the American comic book industry. In addition, the site hosts an Internet forum for comic-book fans.


Newsarama began in Summer 1995 as a series of Internet forum postings on the Prodigy comic-book message boards by fan Mike Doran. In these short messages. Doran shared comic-book news items he had found across the World Wide Web. As these postings became more regularly and widely read, he gave them the title "Prodigy Comic Book Newswire".

In January 1997, Doran began to post a version of the column, titled "The Comics Newswire", on Usenet's various rec.arts.comics communities. The name of the column evolved to "The Newswire" and then "CBI Newsarama" before finally becoming simply "Newsarama" in 1998.

The postings quickly became popular, as the speed of reporting on the Internet meant that Doran could break stories faster than most other comic book news sources, which appeared in printed publications which had to be fully edited weeks before they were released. By the time other online comics journalists came on the scene, "Newsarama" had become an established brand and market leader. Although the column in its earliest forms reported both news and rumors, it later adopted a standard journalistic news approach.

Doran's postings left Usenet in 1998, becoming a "Newsarama" column on such websites as, and (all defunct as of 2007) and before becoming a semi-autonomous site —, hosted by Kevin Smith's network of sites — in August 2002.

Three months later, Doran left Newsarama — by now a webzine — to take a staff position at Marvel Comics. Matt Brady, a writer who had written extensively for the site, took over. Doran later returned to working at Newsarama, with Brady continuing as primary writer. The site left the network and became independent in early April 2006. It was acquired by the Imaginova corporation in October 2007. When Brady stood down in July 2009, Doran and Lucas Siegel stepped up to run the site.

Newsarama has been quoted as a source of comics news by the mainstream media, including The New York Times. In 2006, Entertainment Weekly listed Newsarama as one of its "25 favorite online entertainment sites" and the American Library Association lists it as a research resource in the field of comics. A subsequent Entertainment Weekly update also included Newsarama in their list "100 Greatest Websites".

Newsarama maintains a registered-member forum, talk@Newsarama, with over 25,000 registered users.


Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada's column "Joe Fridays" (renamed "New Joe Fridays" in 2006 as a joke regarding Marvel's penchant for relaunching titles with the prefix "new") appeared weekly until 2008, when the column moved to MySpace. Currently, Joe Quesada hosts "Cup of Joe," the latest version of his column, on Comic Book Resources. DC Comics editor Michael Siglain's contributed the weekly "5.2 About 52", and in 2007, DC executive editor Dan Didio announced he would write a column similar to "New Joe Fridays", focusing on the series Countdown. Presently, Didio participates in the weekly "10 Answers and 1 Question" column for the site.

Other comics professionals and journalists who have contributed to Newsarama include: Eric Adams, Chris Arrant, Christian Beranek, Troy Brownfield, Charles Brownstein, Joe Casey, Albert Ching, Alan David Doane, Sarah Edmunds, Shelby Edmunds, Tracy Edmunds, Steve Ekstrom, Joanna Estep, Steve Fritz, Mike San Giacomo, Brian Hibbs, Paul Jenkins, Geoff Johns, Benjamin Ong Pang Kean, Jim Lee, Dirk Manning, Ryan McLelland, Stuart Moore, Lan Pitts, Rick Remender, Vaneta Rogers, J. Michael Straczynski, Aaron Weisbrod and Brian Wood.

Regular columns include "Animated Shorts" (by Steve Fritz), "Write or Wrong" (by Dirk Manning), "Best Shots" (by reviewers from, "10 Answers and 1 Question with Dan Didio", "Weekly Webbing", "Right to Assemble" (covering Avengers titles by Troy Brownfield), "Column . . . for JUSTICE" (by Brownfield, covering Justice League titles), "Change of Pace" (by Brownfield), and "Friday Flashback" (by Brownfield). Newsarama also runs a series of "Post Game" columns, offering coverage and commentary of popular genre-related television programs on a regular basis; covered shows include "Lost", "Smallville", "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", "Fringe", "FlashForward", and others.


The most persistent criticism of the Newsarama has come from Rich Johnston, a frequent poster in the news and Talk@ sections of the site and a rival comic book industry columnist whose career has developed parallel to that of Newsarama. Johnston, whose own methods have been criticized by Newsarama's Mike Doran in the past has repeatedly used his columns to comment on the site and has suggested in the past that Newsarama has an inappropriately close relationship to some of the major American comic book publishers.

One incident that has been cited by Johnston involved Newsarama's coverage of a Marvel Comics publicity stunt which sought to briefly mislead comic book fans. While publicizing a new series in 2001 Marvel announced that they had uncovered a previously forgotten character, The Sentry, whose adventures the company claimed they originally published in the 1960s. The company released a press release with this information, which quoted writers and artists and contained a false history of the characters 1960s creative origins. Though the character was in actuality a new creation with an entirely manufactured 'history', Newsarama (and other comic book industry news outlets, such as Wizard) reported on the story and quoted from the release without criticizing or challenging its claims, despite the fact that the reporter, Mike Doran, apparently knew that those claims were false.

Johnston then criticized Newsarama and the other news outlets involved for publishing information they knew to be intentionally misleading without comment and this prompted a vigorous defense of Newsarama's coverage from Doran and his colleagues who pointed out that their reporting was technically accurate and insisted that readers did not require their guidance to see through the deception.

In November 2005 The Comics Journal published a study of Internet comic book industry news sources by journalist Michael Dean which evaluated Newsarama's journalistic performance. The study praised the site for the depth of coverage provided in some articles but also criticized its reliance on press releases and the "softness" of the questions asked in its interviews.

Dean also focused on one story in particular "DIAMOND CHANGES THRESHOLDS" by Matt Brady. Though he found that the piece qualified as "journalism," Dean also found that it "contained factual inaccuracies, failed to get multiple points of view and sucked up to its corporate subject" (the Brady story itself was eventually corrected of its factual inaccuracies by its author after Rich Johnston and others pointed out the errors).

In June 2008 the site underwent numerous visual and content related changes, and decreased its traffic compared to the previous months
recently, under Siegel, the site's traffic has risen above that of many close rivals. The new format launched with multiple articles on comic books, television shows, movies and video games. These changes have been questioned by readers in the comment section of some articles Editor Matt Brady defended the recent changes by saying "Also (3) - finding the content is as easy as ever. It's all under the Comics tab. I'm not meaning this in an insulting way, but if you're so frustrated with not finding as much comics news as you'd like when you go to, re-set your bookmark to . That, for all intents and purposes, will still be the "old" Newsarama that you knew and loved, without that pesky movie and television news." Some users have commented that this requirement of filtering content or bookmarking sub-pages to continue receiving comic book related content is indicative of the lack of focus on comic book news.


The site has been the recipient of a number of awards and award nominations, including:


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