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Nicholas Paul "Nick" Tilsley (previously Platt) is a fictional character from the British soap opera Coronation Streetmarker originally played by Warren Jackson from 1981 to 1996, and then Adam Rickitt starting 1997 and ending in 2004. And will be played by Ben Price starting in 2009.


Early life

Nick Tilsley was the first-born child and only son of Brian and Gail Tilsley. He was born on New Year's Eve 1980, and was known as "Nicky". After his father's murder in 1989, Gail married Martin Platt two years later and Nicky changed his surname.

Although he got on with Martin initially, he slowly began to regard Brian as the saint his grandmother Ivy Brennan painted him to be, resulting in friction between the pair. Nicky began to rebel, taking up smoking and demanding to be called 'Nick'. When Ivy died in 1995, her will stipulated that Nick must revert to his original surname Tilsley in order to inherit her house. This he did, and the family became embroiled in a row over the property which was still occupied by Ivy's widower Don. Don eventually bought the house from Nick for £12,000.

Nick continued to cause problems for the Platts and in 1996, he went to stay with his uncle Stephen for a year. Upon his return, he had developed a newfound maturity and called a truce with Martin.

Relationship and marriage to Leanne Battersby

He upset his mother immediately when he began dating Leanne Battersby, eloping and marrying her in January 1998. The couple moved into Number 4 with Ashley Peacock but their marriage was fraught with difficulties, notably when Nick began nude modelling for an art class and Leanne accused him of sleeping with the tutor.

When Nick learned that his father's killer Darren Whateley was due to be released from prison, he was incensed and used Leanne to help have him put away for a second sentence. Leanne was upset at the dangerous situation in which Nick had placed her and the cracks in their marriage deepened.

In 1999, Leanne fell pregnant but Nick, terrified of the responsibility of parenthood, persuaded her to have a termination and pretend she had miscarried. Leanne was ashamed of herself for agreeing to the plan and their relationship disintegrated, prompting Nick to return to his uncle in Canada.

Brief return (2002)

Nick returned for his mother's wedding to Richard Hillman in 2002 and had a relationship with Maria Sutherland. Maria went back to Canada with him, but returned disillusioned.

Return (2003)

Nick's next visit was in September 2003, when he turned up during a dispute between Gail and his sister Sarah. He stayed to help smooth things over and befriended Sarah's fiance, Todd Grimshaw. He was horrified when Todd - confused about his sexuality - tried to kiss him and immediately told Sarah. Nick was disgusted when she forgave Todd and became pregnant.

Nick took a job as Mike Baldwin's assistant at the Underworld factory and caused trouble for Janice Battersby, when she made fun of him in front of the workers. He planted alcohol in her bag and sacked her but was forced to reinstate her when cleaner Harry Flagg told him that he had witnessed Nick planting the alcohol. In 2004, Janice accidentally started a fire in the factory and Nick was proclaimed a hero when he rescued her from the blaze.

Relationship with Maria and departure

Having resumed his relationship with Maria, Nick was perturbed by Leanne's reappearance. She still resented Nick and hated Maria for sleeping with her stepsister Toyah's boyfriend, making it her business to come between the couple.

Maria moved in with Nick and his family at Number 8 but she and Gail did not get along. Nick was offered a job in Nottingham and Maria agreed to move there with him. However, Leanne tricked Nick into meeting her at her flat and sent an incriminating photo to Maria, who ended the relationship so Nick went alone. He did not return for Sarah's wedding on 31 October 2007.

Recast and return (2009)

Nick will return, played by Ben Price, on 21 December 2009.



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