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Nico Perrone (born April 27, 1935) is an Italian essayist, historian and journalist. He firstly discovered papers on the plot for killing Enrico Mattei, the Italian state tycoon for oil in the 1950s.

He is the author of twenty books, and some fifty shorter essays published in Italy, Denmark and the USA. He is the author also of a thousand leading articles and other contributions to Italian and Swiss newspapers.


Born Nicola Carlo Perrone in Barimarker, the only son of Raffaele and Luisa Tortorella. His father was an Arditi volunteer during World War I and then a mass leader. Other parents had strong national sentiments. In his family heritage a Garibaldi's volunteer and a Jacobin priest executed after participated in 1799 revolution.

After World War II, due to a crisis of public schools Perrone attended for two years a Jesuit priests school, standing on the laical position of his parents but appreciating that severe and sophisticated method of teaching. Then graduated in Diplomatic History, and held scholarships for the University College Dublinmarker (Ireland) and Sofiyski Universitet (Sofia Universitymarker, Bulgaria).

Charged to study foreign labour laws for ENI, the Italian state oil holding (1961), in Rome. ENI president, Enrico Mattei, charged him as an expert in the Italian Ministry for the Public Administration Reform; later he worked with a publisher in Barimarker. Invited in USA with the International Visitor Leadership Program, he received the honorary citizenship of the State of Nebraskamarker (1986).

He is co-editor for the Italian monthlies Storia in Rete (since 2005), and Giano (2003-2007).

Associate Professor of Contemporary History and American History at the University of Bari; he was director of the Institute of Modern and Contemporary History (1988-90, 1991-94), professor for the EU European Module in Social and Economic History of European Integration (1994-97).

He was visiting Professor in Denmark (Roskilde Universitymarker, since 1991 - Copenhagen Business Schoolmarker, 1992, 1993 - University of Copenhagenmarker, 2003), in Switzerland (Roskilde University master at Luganomarker, 1998, 2000), in Albania (Universiteti Zoja e Këshillit Të Mirë, Tiranamarker, 2008), and in USA (Foreign Policy Research Institute, 1983). In 1981 and 1989 he was host professor at the University of Padua, Italy (1981, 1999).

Perrone has been a founder member, vice president (1995-96), member of the board (1991-98) for the EU European Education Programme on Society-Science & Technology, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (master Society, Science & Technology in Europe). He is also member of the Advisory Board for the Federico Caffè Center at Roskilde Universitymarker. Bari University Rector's delegate for Denmark (2002-2006), and Bari University Silver medal (2006).

Starting from 1982, Perrone is a contributor for RAImarker, the Italian state broadcasting company. He also works for several newspapers in Italy and Switzerland (since 1971), and is a contributor for the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Cologne, Germany, 2001) and the Italian ed. of Monthly Review.

Selected works

  • 1989. Mattei il nemico italiano. Politica e morte del presidente dell'ENI attraverso i documenti segreti (Mattei, the Italian Enemy. Death and Policy of ENI's President through Secret Papers), Milan, Leonardo Mondadori ISBN 9788835500339

  • 1991. Il dissesto programmato. Le partecipazioni statali (The Planned Bankruptcy. The State Owned Industries in the Christian Democratic Consent System), Bari, Dedalo Libri ISBN 8-82206-115-2

  • 1992. European and American Patterns in a Conflictive Development, Roskilde, RUC ISBN 87-7349-217-5

  • 1992. Fjernt fra Maastrichtmarker (Far from Maastricht), Roskilde, RUC ISSN 0907-872-X

  • 1993. La morte necessaria di Enrico Mattei (The Necessary Death of Enrico Mattei), Viterbo, Millelire Stampa Alternativa ISBN 88-7226-141-4

  • 1993. The Strategic Stakes in Mattei's Flight, in EIR, Vol. 20, No. 23, Washington, DC, June 11, 1993 ISSN 0273-6314

  • 1995. De Gasperi e l'America (America and De Gasperi. Under an Uncontrolled and Full Domination), Palermo, Sellerio ISBN 8-83891-110-X)

  • 1995. Obiettivo Mattei. Petrolio, Stati Uniti e politica dell'ENI (Target Mattei. Oil, United States and ENI Policy), Roma, Gamberetti ISBN 8-87990-010-2

  • 1996. James Monroe. Il manifesto dell'imperialismo americano (James Monroe: The Manifesto of American Imperialism), Rome, Manifestolibri ISBN 88-7285-110-6

  • 1997. John F. Kennedy. La nuova frontiera (James Monroe: The Manifest of American Imperialism), Rome, Manifestolibri ISBN 88-7285-120-3

  • 1999. Giallo Mattei. I discorsi del fondatore dell'ENI che sfidò gli USAmarker, la NATOmarker e le Sette Sorelle (Mattei's Thriller. The Speaches of the Founder of ENI Who Challenged the USA, NATO, and the Seven Sisters), Rome, Stampa Alternativa Nuovi Equilibri ISBN 88-7226-508-8

  • 2000. Il truglio. Infami, delatori e pentiti nel Regno di Napoli (The Muddle. Infamous, Delator, and Repentant People in the Kingdom of Naples), Palermo, Sellerio ISBN 8-83891-623-3

  • 2001. Enrico Mattei, Bologna, Il Mulino, 2001 ISBN 8-81507-913-0

  • 2002. Il segno della DC. L’Italia dalla sconfitta al G7 (The DC Sign. Italy from Its Defeat to G-7), Bari, Dedalo Libri ISBN 88-220-6253-1

  • 2002. Economia pubblica rimossa (The Public Economy Removed. The Italian State Participations from the Theory of Improper Burdens to the Privatization), in Studi in onore di Luca Buttaro, Milano, Giuffrè ISBN 88-14-10088-8

  • 2003. The International Economy from a Political to an Authoritative Drive, in Globalisation and Welfare, Roskilde, Roskilde University Press ISBN 87-7867-272-4

  • 2006. La Loggia della Philantropia (The Philantropia Lodge. A Danish Priest to Naples before the Revolution. With Masonic Papers and Other Documents), Palermo, Sellerio ISBN 8-83892-141-5

  • 2006. Perché uccisero Enrico Mattei. Petrolio e guerra fredda nel primo grande delitto italiano (Why They Have Killed Enrico Mattei. Oil and Cold War in the First Great Italian Crime), Rome, L'Unità Libri ISSN 773417 002658

  • 2009. L’inventore del trasformismo. Liborio Romano, strumento di Cavour per la conquista di Napoli (The Inventor of Political Shiting. Liborio Romano, Cavour's Instrument for the Conquest of Naples), Soveria Mannelli, Rubbettino ISBN 978-88-498-2496-4


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