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Nieuwpoort is a municipality located in Flandersmarker, one of the three regions of Belgiummarker, and in the Flemish province of West Flandersmarker. The municipality comprises the city of Nieuwpoort proper and the towns of Ramskapellemarker and Sint-Joris. On January 1, 2008 Nieuwpoort had a total population of 11,062. The total area is 31.00 km² which gives a population density of 350 inhabitants per km².

In Nieuwpoort, the Ysermarker flows into the North Seamarker.

A view of the beach and the pier at Nieuwpoort.


Nieuwpoort taken from the air
It obtained city rights in 1163 from Count Philip of Flanders.The Battle of Nieuwpoortmarker, between the Dutch and the Spanish, happened here in 1600.

The city was occupied by French forces for six years between 1757 and 1763, as part of the conditions of the Second Treaty of Versailles between France and Austria.

During the Battle of the Yser, part of the First Battle of Ypresmarker in World War I, Karel Cogge opened the sluice gates on the mouth of the river Ysermarker twice to flood the lower lying land, thus halting the German advance.


The old city centre of Nieuwpoort is located about three kilometers from the current coastline. Close to the sea, a new tourist centre has developed. Both parts form one contiguous built up area, connected by buildings along the Albert I Laan street and the fishing port. Besides Nieuwpoort proper, two small villages in the Flemish Polders are part of the municipality, Sint-Joris and Ramskapelle, Nieuwpoort.

# Name Area Population

I Nieuwpoort 10,18 9.437
II Sint-Joris 5,54 259
III Ramskapellemarker 15,28 555
Nieuwpoort is located by the sea, between the municipalities Koksijdemarker and Middelkerkemarker (or its towns Oostduinkerkemarker and Lombardsijdemarker to be precise). Because the territory of the town of Ramskapelle expands far inland, Nieuwpoort borders a large number of villages::


Nieuwpoort, towns and neighbouring towns.
The yellow areas are urban areas.

N.58, "Pascin" leaving his home port

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