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Niobium-titanium (NbTi) is an alloy of niobium and titanium, used industrially as a type II superconductor wire for superconducting magnets . Normally as Nb-Ti fibres in an aluminium or copper matrix.

Its critical temperature is 10 kelvins and can remain superconductive until about 15 teslas.

It cannot withstand as high magnetic field intensity as the more expensive (and harder to use) niobium-tin, but for most applications it is sufficient.

Specific uses

A bubble chamber at Argonne National Laboratory has a 4.8 meter diameter Nb-Ti magnet producing a magnetic field of 1.8 teslas.

In the Large Hadron Collidermarker particle accelerator the magnets are cooled to 1.9 K to allow safe operation at fields of up to 8.3 T.

Niobium-titanium superconducting magnet coils (liquid helium cooled) will be used in the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer mission to be flown on the international space station.

Nb-Ti wires coming out of an LHC dipole magnet


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