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Nivram were a Shadows tribute band from Spainmarker, who were active in the 1980s. The group's formation in July 1980, shortly after the earliest performances of The Bootleg Beatles who claim to be the world's first tribute band, makes Nivram one of the earliest tribute bands in existence.

Unusual both in that they hailed from Spain, and that they modelled themselves entirely on another band, Nivram took their name from the instrumental track by The Shadows, itself derived from a reversal of 'Marvin', surname of that band's lead guitarist Hank.

Nivram was formed by Jesús Mourelo and José Luis Pastor, along with Santiago López (bass) and Pastor's cousin Pedro Capdevilo (drums). The latter two members were soon replaced by Daniel Sierra and Carles Marine, who had known each other previously. With the exception of Pastor, each had been active for many years on the national music scene, occasionally playing in the same groups.

Shadow Packet

Nivram recorded one album together, Shadow Packet (AKA Shadow's Packet), in 1985. This album consisted of six faithful covers of Shadows tunes, and six self-penned originals much in the same style. The cover featured the band members in a shamelessly accurate reconstruction of the cover of The Shadows' debut album.

  • Side 1
  1. "Guitar Boogie" (Marvin/Welch/Harris/Meehan) - 2:16
  2. "Cada Día" (Mourelo) - 3:40
  3. "Find Me a Golden Street" (Petty) - 2:33
  4. "Duda" (Mourelo) - 2:10
  5. "Sleep Walk" (Farina/Farina/Farina/Wolf) - 2:45
  6. "Shadow Packet" (Mourelo/Pastor) - 2:10

  • Side 2
  1. "Theme for Young Lovers" (Welch) - 2:22
  2. "Te Veo En Mis Sueños" (Sierra) - 2:55
  3. "Tales of an Raggy Tramline" (Harris/Bennett) - 2:12
  4. "Bala" (Mourelo) - 2:44
  5. "The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt" (Welch/Marvin/Rostill/Bennett) - 2:37
  6. "Plastic" (Mourelo) - 1:56


  • Produced by Nivram
  • Engineered by Joan Pladevall
  • Recorded at Trial Studios, Sabadell

  • Released on Dial Discos / Alligator Records 56.0201 in the "Historia de la Música Española" series (No.201), 1985.
  • Released in Spain, only as a vinyl LP.


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